Master of International Relations

International Relations is very diverse it's primarily involves international politics particularly the international politics of security and defense of international organizations my name is Andrew Walter I'm a professor of international relations at the University of Melbourne in the school of social and political sciences we have a series of compulsory and core subjects which introduce students to the main elements of international relations as a subject but in addition to that one of the real strengths I think is the enormous range and diversity of elective subjects that students can take I just completed an intensive subject two weeks ago called fieldwork in complex and hostile places it was a part intensive subject and a part practical subject as well so four days at the law school and then four days at the University of Melbourne campus in dookie my name is Ricky Christie I'm studying a master's of international relations in dookie we did practical training about how to compose ourselves in a complex in hostile place so anywhere from a developing country to a failed state if I was to be working there in the future I'd feel really comfortable in my ability to operate as a professional in that environment the course brings together a really diverse group of people people from all different backgrounds of different ages with different previous work experiences I feel like they've filtered through a really interesting group of people who somehow mesh really well and are all very supportive of the thing that we're all striving towards hi my name is Sophie Quinn and I'm studying the master of international relations that I've built really strong relationships with a lot of the teachers that I've had the university provides a lot of key figures to come and speak at public lectures and to even come into class to deliver lectures the teaching staff add to the richness of the student experience by teaching in a different way we use case study analysis roleplay we attempt to use in the diversity of the student cohort and integrate that in our teaching in addition to the to the various subjects which are available within the program the master of international relations offers students the opportunity either to do a minor thesis secondly we offer them the opportunity to undertake an internship to our students for example have gone into the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees they've gone to the tile and human development forum they've done internships in Canberra and what we do try to emphasize is the way in which we try to mesh the academic study of international relations with actual policy practise the degree has provided me with the resources I need to not only prepare me for a career in international relations but also to give me the confidence to know that a career like that is possible the vices of international relations has provided me with a positive world view that I can take anywhere in the world to contribute to a constructive social or policy change I think the really exciting thing about the master of international relations program is it allows people to explore a whole world of opportunities that that really wasn't available to earlier generations it's perfectly aligned with the way the world's moving there are lots of risks and challenges and concerns of course in this area but also a whole wide range of possible opportunities for changing the world

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