Master of Education in History | Westfield State University

Pat and I both went here for our undergraduate. We knew the staff, we knew the school. We’ve both been working for several years as teachers in Springfield. We just really both believed in the message that Westfield State sent us out with and the training that they sent us out with as well really prepared us for what our careers would bring to us. I think that what we’ve really worked on so far in our master’s program is really refining the skills that we really grew in our undergraduate career. Now it’s much more real because we’ve actually done it for several years The professors really care and they’re really there to help you and I’ve been learning a lot. All the professors, including professors online, have always been very responsive, very eager to help. It’s great to be able to go to class a few nights a week to be able to talk with people about what we’re both passionate about. Studying history, especially as in-depth as we have gone by reading books, articles, doing research, it just made us much better citizens. The way I see this program helping is training us to be the best teachers that we can be and the best historians that we can be. I’d say that this program is going to help me just through the sheer amount of knowledge and skills that we’re building on, that we continue building on. The resources that I utilize mostly would be the library, the stacks, inter-library loan has been fantastic. There’s never a problem that you could experience that you can’t go to someone for help. I think that Westfield State is an excellent choice. It’s just really helped me already become a better educator. Westfield State really has become our home away from home. It will never let you down when you’re looking for help. It will never let you down when you’re using those skills in your career or whatever you choose to do with them.

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