Master of Education in Educational Technology at UTRGV – Testimonial – Accelerated Online Program

I received a master’s degree in
educational technology from UT Rio Grande Valley, and it is something that continues to help and support me as I do the work preparing people for space flight here and getting them ready for the next great leap! Hi, my name is Christopher Neiman. I work here at Johnson Space Center, primarily in Space Flight Operations. My whole career here, I had been doing instruction one way or another for 15 or so years. Distance learning, curriculum development and documentation, educational consultation for all the various folks that need to develop and create materials. There wasn’t a systematic “here’s how you philosophically approach instructional development,” and so I felt that there was a gap in my skills in that area. I had
the pieces, but I didn’t have a basis across all those pieces to kind of tie
them all together. So I could see this is something that I know is a gap, and by
taking this UTRGV master’s, I can address some of those gaps that, you know, kind of appeared over the years as I progressed as an instructor here. We give them this
8-week introductory course on what it is to do space flight operations, how
to grow yourself and understand things, like how the International Space Station
works, understand how space flight history has developed over time for manned
space flight. They have to understand that the decisions they make have ultimate
consequences, and UTRGV Educational Technology, that’s where I can start getting some of the grounding and some of the tools, some of the techniques that help develop that type of training. So the UTRGV master’s program in educational technology is an online approach to getting you core
instructional skills that are very useful in today’s economy. They teach you how to do e-learning, which is a growing field. It teaches you how to approach development of instruction in general, so it’s not just this specific niche of “how do you build an online lesson,” but it’s also a grounding in instructional theory, it’s practical application, and it’s just a world view of how you approach education in the modern era

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