Master of Education – Higher Education Testimonial – Jen Gagner

My name is Jen Gagner, and I teach in Cranford,
New Jersey. When I was looking for a Master’s program,
I was teaching at an urban charter school in New York City, and my school day was from
7:00 to 5:30, so I didn’t have a lot of time to commute to a campus. So I was looking for a program that would
offer me a lot of flexibility to learn and work at my own pace and in my own time. The professors at this school are phenomenal. From every step of the way, they truly care
about your personal and professional growth. When I was coming in, I was a little apprehensive
about academic research, writing literature reviews- things I had never done before. But the professors really help to guide you
there and make sure that you’re successful. I really like how the program is structured. For each semester, there are two courses,
and it runs a total of 14 weeks. The first course is the first 7 weeks, and
the second course is the second 7 weeks. So it makes it very manageable to focus and
dig deep into one class, and then once that’s completed you can start in the other. First, the cost was extremely reasonable. I live out on the East Coast so when I was
looking at schools there were a lot of out-of-state tuitions that I would have had to pay, and
that’s not the case with here. Also, my degree is in curriculum and instruction
so I love the fact that I was able to take classes over all the specialist pathways. So I got an introduction to special education,
to the STEAM classes, to literacy classes. If you feel like you’re a little stuck where
you are in teaching, this program will give you the inspiration, the spark that you need,
to rekindle that fire of passion when you first started teaching.

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