Master of Data Science, University of Sydney

Data is the currency of the new digital age. Data is the asset that we all have that’s
growing all the time. The challenge is really how you make good
use of it and that’s data analytics, data science and that’s what this course is about. Other science applies to all industries because
all industries have data and all industries want to understand something in order to generate
value. Data science is everywhere now. Data is collected from anything we do. It’s pervasive in all our lives and there
is a need now to transform these data into information. Australia, and in particular New South Wales,
are leading the way in data science. It’s application in different types of industry,
in its development in areas, particularly the start-up sector and the FinTech sector,
and specifically the University of Sydney takes the lead building on its great research
in these areas and its application of data science. The Master of Data Science at the University
of Sydney is specifically designed to bring in people from various backgrounds. Your background might be linguistics, it might
be sociology, it might be marketing – so what we’ve done is we have a Graduate Certificate
in Data Science that’s a half-year course. It provides a pathway into the Master of Data
Science and will provide you with the core statistical computational skills that you
need, data management skills, to go on and either go into the Master of Data Science
or start to apply data science in your research area right away. We recognize that now data science is a skill
that is needed in almost any discipline. There’s a huge opportunity in data science
because there is a huge shortage and there’s a huge demand. The skills that we need are those that bring
together business inside and scientific training. So the opportunities for data scientists are
endless. Every company now, every industry requires
data scientists. Data presents incredible opportunities to
create smarter cities, healthier people, a better environment for all of us. Data science is the career of the future because
any career in the future will involve data science.

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  1. Hi, I have an offer for this offering. Could you connect me to a recent alumni or an international graduate ?

  2. Very exciting! It's my dream to join in a Master Research in Australia in the field of the technology, especially in Data Science.

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