Master of Cybersecurity Management: overview

The purpose of this degree is to try and
bridge that gap between the technical and between management. Students will
learn aspects of the technology, they'll learn what the technologies can do.
They'll understand the strengths and weaknesses of the technologies.
They'll also understand a lot more about the business side as well, how this
technology can be used to solve the business problems that are that are
there with regards to security. I think that's what is the strength of this
particular course is, I think that's what makes it unique and interesting. It's
important to understand cybersecurity in a business context because every
business is different. Every business will have different security
goals, different things that are important for different businesses. It's important to
understand how the different security technologies can help that business meet
those security goals. The masters has a lot more depth, there's a lot more
material that we cover. Also the masters has a project part to it, it's an opportunity
perhaps, to have a look at your business and try and solve some pertinent
security problems that your organisation may have.

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