Master KickOff an der Leuphana Graduate School

I think the kick-off was really well-organized. After the formal portion, with the professors and the president and their speeches, came the informational portion, with a greeting, then direct contact to the students was established through the student representatives, and we got to see who our contact partners are. It's about figuring out: What do I want? What do I expect? What are my plans? For me, the most important part was to get to talk a little bit with the others. That you get to know the others a little bit too. When you realize from the beginning that the others are all really committed, and when you notice that with every participant, from the people that gave speeches as well as the people serving drinks or bread, I think that's impressive. It makes it fun. Really relaxed atmosphere. First, we did a self-reflection of what our expectations were for our bachelor and what our personal goals are for our master's. We clustered the different areas of life and considered: What can I do? How can others help me so that I reach these goals? To look at all of my goals again and really consider: What do I want to achieve through my studies? Where do I want to go later? What are my priorities? It was really interesting because a lot of people seem to have similar not 'problems,' but the same thoughts as me. You already get to know your classmates. You get to know the campus. And I think that it's all clear and that you can easily settle in here. It was good. We met our classmates. My classmates are really nice, The professors seem demanding, but also really nice. And I am looking forward to doing something and exercise my mind. I think it was great! I only know it from other universities. I only know it as very strict, so to say, and I think it is really relaxed and comfortable here. I recommend it for everybody. I am really looking forward to my master's studies. I am really looking forward to it, yeah. Let's go! Yeah, the kick-off was really nice, and now I am really looking forward to my master's. I think it will be demanding, but I'm excited.

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