Master Investor Show 2019: The Highlights

Oh this is the 17th master investor show we have people from all over the UK and indeed well beyond coming here as retail and professional investors to meet with experts and with amateurs alike the one thing that everybody has in common is that they all have enquiring minds they all want to know more about the world of investment it's a show designed to educate retail investors about the opportunities that are out there so there's about a hundred companies and then there's a lot of speakers about variety of subjects that are relevant to investors today we continue to be sponsors of the master investor show because for us it's a great opportunity to meet real investors to speak to people about their investments what they're concerned about what they're excited about so it's a really great insight for us into the marketplace and it's a great opportunity for investors to come and see us and to find out what we've got to offer and to speak to our relationship managers thing about master investor that's so interesting is that you see people coming from all over the country with various different backgrounds different interests and there's a tremendous sense of energy and focus and excitement about different types of businesses that they can buy into and ask their questions of and of course there are lots of business owners here today as well so you get to speak to the source of the business and to hear about why'd somebody have set something up and how it's doing and what their thoughts are you know the great thing for the stock market there's so many ways to make money the total equal playing field backgrounds are elevators so to come here you get to meet different people who make money in different ways to learn how they do it and why they do it but I think what unifies what is people just have a genuine interest in investing and it's not market this is the best and largest private investor show in the UK and I mean by best is quality of attendees and this year seems particularly successful like basically everyone is here so if you want to know what's going on in the financial waddles and you want in the war boo all the opportunities for flavor investors this is the police that you have to come to but investor ease is an amazing event for like-minded people for open to innovations for willing to transform in the world and this is why we're here because our to is exactly like that the master investor show is a fantastic opportunity for us and other companies to just get our investment opportunities in front of the right people the thousands of attendees here at the event and hopefully you know raise them some fun I believe that this is probably as good as it gets in terms of energy and investment community mostly investor offers opportunities to invest in that investing where our people have some startup companies from venture firms from all manner of different players and the investment world what's so unique about the master investor show is the interaction of investors with experts in particular areas especially emerging trends really a unique events I've never been at an event point like vessel – my motto is curiosity be curious about everything be adaptable and the most important thing is application always hard work is required to be a successful investor and if you come here some of the work is done for you but it's a brilliant day out so I encourage everyone to come next year

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