Master in International Affairs at the Graduate Institute, Geneva

in the fall of 2017 we're going to be introducing an entirely new masters of international affairs a study program where students will be taught to think critically and rigorously about some of the core challenges of global governance during to intensive years of study students will be part of a cosmopolitan community composed of individuals from a variety of different academic and professional backgrounds where they'll be able to acquire an in-depth understanding of the most important actors policies and processes that are shaping contemporary global governance at the beginning of the twenty percent I found the Graduate Institute and I'd heard a lot about its amazing reputation I've got to say the best decision I've ever made there's no better place for what I wanted to do their perspectives here from both faculty and students and you cannot get anywhere else you really get a chance to engage with different perspective it's in the central Geneva where the UN offices are your neighbors master of International Affairs program is a genuinely interdisciplinary program with professors trained at some of the leading universities in the world in each of the Institute's five disciplines as part of the curriculum students will be able to choose from three specialized tracks each which is formed around a core course an interdisciplinary course and a case based teaching course the combination of different teaching methods will provide students with both the theory and the applied knowledge that is expected of future policy practitioners our capstone projects will further enable students to work in close collaboration with our many partner organizations located in Geneva allowing students to address and solve real-world challenges faced by those organizations finally the writing the thesis will ensure that students are able to conduct research on the concrete problem of governance applying the theories concepts and frameworks they've learned throughout the course of their study this unique combination of rigorous theoretical and analytical training the acquisition of applied skills and the fact that the Institute is located at the heart of international you neighbor will prepare students well for pursuing exciting and innovative careers you

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