Master GMAT Critical Reasoning — Time-Saving Strategy

Erika from prep scholar GMAT back with
a strategy to help you master difficult critical reasoning passages there are a
bunch of different types of critical reasoning questions however the vast
majority of them rely on your ability to find a conclusion in the passage now
once you find that conclusion the question might ask you to weaken it
strengthen it find the assumptions behind it evaluate it complete it
whatever but the key thing to recognize is that the most important part of any
argument is its conclusion now because of this it doesn't make much sense to
read straight through a critical reasoning passage giving an equal amount
of focus to every single sentence we should focus specifically on the
conclusion so how do we find the conclusion we do this by skimming for
keywords on the GMAT conclusions are most often signaled with
cause-and-effect keywords things like since because therefore thereby result
due to so etc sometimes we'll see more classic conclusion keywords like
clearly obviously or even the word conclusion itself so when we see a
critical reasoning passage we should start by first skimming for a
cause-and-effect or conclusion keyword second carefully reading the sentence
it's in and then third only fully reading the rest of the argument as
necessary based on the question you'll notice when you do this that the
conclusion is very often the last sentence in the paragraph however it
isn't always which is why this is a useful trick sometimes there are even
multiple conclusions within one paragraph keyword skimming also has a
ton of extra applications such as identifying other elements of critical
reasoning arguments like evidence assumptions paradoxes and counter points
which are signaled by other types of keywords it can also be useful to
determine the structure and key ideas and reading comprehension passages if
you have any questions on what we talked about today or suggestions for future
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  1. Heyy Erica, Hii.. Really nice videos, can you share some of the tricks on the basis of your experience on exactly how to eliminate some directly vague options in CR on the GMAT.

  2. The British approach to training was conditioned until recently by their belief in the principles of 'training by doing' and 'in learning from mistakes'. What is the conclusion keyword is here?

  3. Hello Erika/PrepScholar. Your guidance has been really helpful so far for my GMAT studies. Would you please help me with tips for solving Boldface question types in CR? I'm taking the test later this month so your quick response would be really helpful. Thanks in advance!

  4. You gave us a trick but you didn't use it in application. Therefore, how can one practice this trick without knowing how to practice it correctly?

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