Master Farmer Program

food security is when all members of a household have economic and physical access to nutritious food to permit them to lead healthy lives like many parts of West Africa more than fifty percent of households in Senegal's are food insecure Peace Corps Senegal has made food security a key component of its mission a master farm is a one hectare field where Peace Corps senegal's full repertoire of agriculture and agri-food Street technologies are demonstrated community members can observe and replicate these technologies to increase local food security the master farm is divided into three sections incorporating field crops fruit trees and vegetable gardens with integrated agroforestry technologies with USAID funding Peace Corps partners with master farmers to establish infrastructure provide training and offer technical support you score Senegal does not pay the master farmer instead Master farms are privately owned allowing the master farmers to eat sell and distribute anything produced in a field the master farm model intends to showcase all of Peace Corps senegal's agriculture and agri-food Street technology some of these technologies include live fencing drip irrigation mulching composting alley cropping window breaks grafting improved varieties tree nursery establishment Moringa cultivation integrated pest management and many more volunteers work closely with these farmers to help them develop their demonstration sites and become local extension agents and sources of seed and other planting material food security involves not only increasing agriculture production but also improving nutrition and increasing incomes therefore the master farm program includes aspects from all sectors health community economic development agriculture and agri-food stree the program is continually improving due to its emphasis on monitoring and evaluation and it's focused on adapting the program using feedback for master farmers volunteers and staff through the continued refinement and expansion of the master farm program Peace Corps Senegal will continue to improve the food security of families and communities throughout Senegal for many years to come you you

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