24 thoughts on “Master Chief vs Spartan Locke”

  1. They both have energy shields, this should be like watching two kids fight on a slipNslide with greased feat

  2. This was a really lackluster fight. They were so SLOW. I know that they did a bunch of motion capture for this but come on! They should be moving WAY FASTER than that! It was like they were fighting in jelly! The fight scene with Noble team going down the mountain was better than this!

  3. Master chief- The spartan that literally saved the entire universe
    Locke- some super spy spartan boi

  4. Ok I know there are a lot of fans to Locke and a lot of Chief fans… but hear me out Nethier spartan was actually fully fighting eachother they were both holding back. However when Locke broke Chiefs visor chief went OK ill give you a little taste of what I can do. Were they both actually fighting Chief would have wooped locke's ass…. But there wasn't a real reason for them to kill eachother over this whole thing Locke was ordered to Capture chief not to kill. and Chief never felt the need to kill locke… Just a means of BACK OFF. I fully blame the lies of 343's marketing advertisement to Halo 5's Campaign…. That was so rushed and half assed and I blame them soley for the Marketing of Chief and Locke having this big Im gonna kill you Spartan bullshit when they just do a little push around fight that has no real depth or dramatic feel to it….

  5. I wish they made locke more interesting and at least gave us a reason he could somewhat go toe to toe with MC

  6. I love how slow and comic book like they fight for super soldiers lol. Still, MC is my dude, this other guy shouldn't even be able to stand with john

  7. Chief slaughtered entire armies of covenant, destroyed a super-carrier and even managed to kill a Forerunner. If Locke thought he even remotely stood a minute against Chief at his best, he might as well have killed HIMSELF. Because to challenge the silent warrior with no face is to challenge death itself.

  8. I would love to get all the remastered halos and such but that means I have to back to Xbox. I switched from Xbox ( the first gen) and then jumped to ps3 (brand spanking new) and then ps4 so I missed out on Xbox 360 days and halo 3 and onwards…. such a sad feeling in my heart lmfao cause I grew up on halo 1 and 2 I know the stories by heart

  9. Locke was holding back because his orders were to capture Chief not kill him. Which is why he didn't pull out his pistol till the last minute.
    John doesn't like fighting fellow soldiers as demonstrated in the book The Fall of Reach so he hold back but the problem is that he underestimate Locke's agility.

    So everyone calm down.

  10. For being the super soldiers they are the fight was very uncreative and very poor.. I mean if they move like that how Tha fk would they kill the Covenants…. Although I liked the scene I wish they would have been more creative with the fight scene…

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