Maryssa McGuire, Education and School Psychology Student

My department is special because we have really
great professors who are able to provide us with different opportunities. They really
go out of their way, above and beyond the role of a professor, to help us learn, to
help us grow as professionals, and to really help us expand our horizons in the field of
School Psychology. I was initially nervous at first of where to go, but I chose IUP because,
when I went to the interview, I felt really comfortable here. Everybody was nice, it was
just kind of like a second home that I could kind of take with me from college and put
it into my graduate schools. My department has helped me grow because they’re constantly
pushing us. We learn a lot and, although they are right there with us the whole way, they’re
really pushing us past our limits, really trying to get us to expand what we already
know and just giving us a lot of opportunities to work in the field and have practical experiences.

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