Mary Doodles shares ways to build a business with your educational channel

Hi, Mary, and my channel is Mary Doodles,
where I do time lapse art videos. For my channel YouTube has opened up monetization
routes by allowing me to sell original paintings, work with brand deals and get speaking opportunities. So today I’m going to share with you some
ways that you can make money with your channel and educational brand and help expand the
educational ecosystem by open sourcing your content. Let’s dive in! There are multiple ways you can earn money
straight on the YouTube platform. First, you can run ads on your channel by
applying to join the YouTube Partner Program, as long as it’s available in your country. After you hit 10,000 lifetime views on your
channel, your activity will be reviewed against YouTube policies. You’ve probably noticed that your audience
goes wild when you live stream and your chat window at times can have a constant stream
of comments from your viewers. With SuperChat, viewers can pay a small fee
to send you comments that will stand out against the rest in color and size, so you can more
easily see them and reply. It’s a great way for your most loyal fans
to engage with you and to receive a monetary bonus! A third option is looking into brand collaborations. Currently, more and more brands are looking
for opportunities to partner with YouTube creators. Usually, brand collaborations consist of videos
that promote or mention a certain idea or relevant information about a brand. And working with brands has introduced me
to new audiences. Crowdfunding is another way some educators
use to help their channel thrive. Crowdfunding works best when you have a dedicated
audience who are willing to contribute to your channel. Or, if you have a specific project in mind
that you’d like to fund. There are plenty of crowdfunding platforms
out there Have you thought about merchandise for your
channel? Many creators have found success selling channel-related
merchandise to their audience. Beyond YouTube, think creatively about how
to monetize the educational experience you provide. Speaking engagements like at Vidcon or at
schools around the country have helped me to make revenue and also inspired new content. You can partner with schools, institutions,
and organizations to bring your videos into the classroom. Allowing other creators to reuse your content
is one way to help strengthen the educational ecosystem and share your valuable point of
view with learners around the world. YouTube is already being used in many classrooms
and boardrooms across the world. You can create a curriculum map for your content. You can provide customized resources, like
lesson plans, worksheets, tips and tricks, data tools and interactive elements. All my art lessons on my channel are open
sourced so that everyone has an opportunity to improve their abilities. Let us know in the comments below how are
you using your YouTube presents to build a business? You can check out my work at Don’t forget to subscribe and thanks!

34 thoughts on “Mary Doodles shares ways to build a business with your educational channel”

  1. I have just started to monetize my channel. I found other creators on my niche who sell their courses and I started using afiliate links.
    I haven't gotten any money yet, but I have made some valuable contacts.

  2. ways to build a business with your educational channel
    1- run ads
    2- enable superchat
    3- brand collaborations
    4- crowdfunding
    5- fan merchandise
    6- speaking engagements
    7- partner with school and institutions
    8- open source your content

  3. This is great video
    ..but in order to enable Superchat, a Channel must have 1000 subscribers or more😕 so small Youtubers such as myself would not be able to benefit from this..

  4. #4, ironic since youtube is cracking down on Patreon links. #6, speaking at vidcon – sure that's easy, sign me up for next year's keynote.

  5. Here is a good one Live stream so Youtube demonetize you instantly LOL. sadly for live streaming twiitch still king. and they are starting to accept regular uploads now with a monetize option. Youtube is falling asleep at the wheel for live gaming.

  6. My educational channel is going great ! But I have a question ..can we only start a super chat not live stream to audiences ? No video only live viewers have a lots of question which I can answer in live chat .

  7. Can you make a video explain to us , why Youtube take alot of time ( about me that is third month and still waiting ) to approve about
    Monetization specially after we get 4000 hrs of watch ?

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