Marvel’s Iron Man VR – Behind the Scenes: Learning to Fly | PS VR

RYAN PAYTON: When the team
had this opportunity to work on Marvel's Iron Man VR, we knew
from the very beginning that we had to nail the
sensation of flying in VR. It had to be comfortable.
It had to feel fast. It had feel like you are
Tony Stark in the suit. BLAINE HIGDON: We knew going in
that there are certain iconic things that fans of Iron Man
are going to be looking for. Number one, flight; number two,
the immersive Iron Man HUD; and number three,
various iconic weapons. RYAN DARCEY: The first thing
that people think about when you're envisioning
the Iron Man fantasy is it's all about flying. TROY JOHNSEN: To me the sense
of flying as Iron Man is about freedom, speed, and power. Right off the bat we knew you have to be able
to go wherever you want. RYAN DARCEY: We knew we wanted
this open sandbox experience punctuated by that
freedom you have, that full 360-degree movement. TROY JOHNSEN: We wanted you to
be able to fly really fast but be able to maintain control as you bank through
coroners and through canyons. BLAINE HIGDON: It's different
from a flight simulator or like a cockpit
experience because it's, like, directly controlling
where you go with your body, which only takes a few seconds
to really get the hang of. Of course, you have the first
whoa moment the first time you lift off the ground. RYAN DARCEY: It allows for
your body and mind to make that one-to-one connection
rather than controlling the turn through a stick
or a button press. TROY JOHNSEN: Where power comes
through in the flight is with the acceleration and the
special mechanics such as Boost. You can go from zero
to 200 miles an hour. RYAN DARCEY: You
can come to a stop. You can hover. You can run around a corner.
You can dive down to the floor. You can blast back
up to the ceiling. We just want to make sure that
the player is in full control and that they can take that time to evaluate the
battlefield properly. When people put on that
helmet and the HUD boots up, they feel like Iron Man. TROY JOHNSEN: I want them to
feel like they're in control of the most power that they've
ever felt in their lives. You're not gonna be a
master right off the bat. But over multiple play sessions, I want you to feel like you are
starting to command that power. BLAINE HIGDON: The
HUD, the weapons, the flight, it's all done so
that the player can feel like Iron Man and be a Super Hero. RYAN PAYTON: We'd always go back
to the source material and make sure that we were leveraging
what that ultimate fantasy is of being Iron Man and pairing
that with the strengths of the immersion that VR offers. RYAN DARCEY: Iron Man and VR, they just work
perfectly together. Putting on that helmet,
grabbing those controllers, the HUD booting up, and
the thrusters in your hands, you put them down at your sides,
and you start blasting forward.

34 thoughts on “Marvel’s Iron Man VR – Behind the Scenes: Learning to Fly | PS VR”

  1. Honestly, what is amazing about Iron Man imho is his suit and his ability to take it off/on with amazing mechanical transformations. I mean it would be great if we could just raise our hands and call the gloves, as Tony does in Iron Man 3. Or put on the costume/mask like in Arkham VR, which is a real super-hero playground. But unfortunately I don't think these guys meant to focus on this stuff at all, as far as I understand at least.

  2. i dont want them to spend such a frenchise for a VR game, i can feel like iron man with dualshock. just as i felt when i played spider-man!

  3. "You're not gonna be a master right off the bat, but over multiple play sessions I want you to feel like you are starting to command that power."
    I'm excited for this game I just hope this isn't an excuse if it has crappy controls.

  4. Honestly this looks so promising I actually can’t wait for this

    And is no one gonna talk abt how they just announced free roaming in a sand box like in Malibu and nyc

  5. Please give us a release trailer for Iron Man Vr and another release trailer for space channel 5 vr for psvr

  6. Playstation, I'll be your true walking advertisement if you just let me try that gear on for a spin. Being Iron Man is all I ever wanted

  7. Prance around your living room with a computer screen strapped to your face waving adult intimacy products in the air.

  8. 🤔 I wonder why PlayStation doesn't make the Handheld Move Motion Controllers as a "glove" type unit. Make it where the lighted Motion Ball is positioned on the top of the hand. It just seems like that would facilitate a better VR experience for most of the games I've seen.

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