44 thoughts on “Martin Scorsese on the Importance of Visual Literacy”

  1. Along with Henri Langlois, one of the most important figures in the history and preservation of film.

  2. I know what he means about visual literature. I easier for people who think non verbal in pictures – mostly people who do not read a lot rather like to listen to audio books. It’s btw. A great technic to train imagination and camera 🎥 framing, just listen to a audiobook. Steven Spielberg’s thinks in nonverbal thoughts.

  3. In Metz's essay "Problems of Denotation in Feature Film" he tries to find a new vocabulary for the universal syntagmas of film from a linguistic point of view because human language is just too vague and carries too many double meanings to be suited to discuss film. Scorsese talking about visual literacy just reminded me about this. But I do think he's right. Children, especially today, do need to be taught some sort of media proficiency. I feel the impact of the overwhelming flood of media myself and it can be very dangerous if you don't know how to handle it in a healthy and economical way. If they don't learn about that it could go wrong the same way that not teaching children about consent can go very wrong.

  4. I show this video every summer at the film course I teach. Perfect video to inspire young students with filmmaking. Thank you, Mr. Scorsese

  5. I love the occasional giddy smile he does. You can literally see the passion in his eyes. What an amazing man!

  6. This guy would be the ultimate mentor for an aspiring filmmaker. So much passion and no hint of cynicism for someone at his level is a gift.

  7. He seems to be walking a sort of moral tightrope here: on one the hand, he claims that filmmakers should be responsible and make sure that nothing too awful or immoral be presented in their pictures, so as to ensure that society isn't sent the wrong cultural message; but then he says that he sees nothing wrong with presenting awful things because he saw them as a child and grew up with them. It sounds a little hypocritical, and the fact that he makes sure that the violent characters pay for their sins in the end isn't helping to smooth over the contradiction as much as he thinks it is.

  8. The way film if taught in English class in highschool if enough to nearly put people off movies altogether. Kids learn more about films from Mr Plinkett than an entire course in school and that's atrocious. Marty has a great idea but it should be taught by people who actually know something about film, not done English teacher, forcing you to watch some terrible garbage and making you write out pages of nonsense.

  9. @daniyar seisove wht film is he talking abut 3 guys sitting in a dark room one come from pool old muv whts the name of muv?

  10. for all you no-budget dslr film makers, an 18mm lens on a super 35 camera (1.4 crop factor) is about a 25mm look. that's a 12.5mm on a micro 4/3.

  11. if necessary I would sell my car to spend a day with Mr. Scorsese, so he can educate me personally

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