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well I'm here with the legend I'm on a pilgrimage I'm here to bring uncle-ji to the masses right and this is Grant Cardone I'm here in Miami Florida meeting the one the only thank you for joining me well yeah we know when people say hey the one and only what like like I think that that's partial compliment yeah yeah and the other sig yeah yeah yeah what do you think people mean I've always wanted to ask that question yeah to me it means like the man that I look at for sales training all right and and motivation read all your books 10x is the best one that I like yeah yeah and and I think for me I think it's there's no one else like you that I've seen that could be good but yeah it could be could be the other thing so um when people think about me this is really good for me to get this this input is it just sales they think about or is there some other categories that they would drop me in and say recruit is from what I've heard is sales and what I'm trying to do is I talk to mostly our audience is mostly entrepreneurs high tech execs and when I mention grant they think grant justice sales sales guy yes sales guy and what I'm trying to do by coming down here is bring you to that audience that we have until you grants not just the sales guy he's a motivational guy he's an entrepreneur he's someone that we look at to get ourselves fired up yeah so I you know what I when I look at what we do here I spend probably 80% of my time on marketing and promotion like I hear a lot of people talking right now like do you're like you are killing killing it the market in marketing and promotion and and we I just finished spending three days with a bunch of preneur here in Miami and I was like look I I became aware after doing stages speaking to groups working with businesses the the business cycle is senior to the sales side huh like you have to spend time on the marketing and promotion in order to get the phone to ring but a lot of people spend money on the marketing and then they abandon the phone or abandoned the door-to-door or abandoned the the direct contact or abandoned their e-commerce like I'm in there right now it's late for this meeting because I have 56 people on a particular website right now and I want to communicate with them right now in real time and so what we're doing today really we spend most of our time marketing promotion Facebook Instagram all the changes that are going on there attacking Facebook mm-hmm when they throttle as' and that's the genius that people don't see which is they think about you as a sales guy and my audience a lot of marketers and I come from my build marketing software for a long time and I say when I went to the 10x Grove conf I was like this guy's marketing genius yeah right well um let's funnel this funnel don't end yeah exactly so you know Russell Brunson did 3.3 million dollars there on Iona hour-and-a-half presentation and everybody's like oh my god Russell Brunson did just remember this okay Russell Brunson didn't do 3.3 million dollars of clickfunnels in a click final no he did it on a stage yeah so you got to look back and say how did Cardone get nine thousand three hundred and eighteen people in a room that only fits nine thousand yep we sold ninety three hundred eighteen tickets to an event that only had nine thousand so we oversold the event we oversell every one of our events that's marketing and promotion that's filling up the room that's doing what it takes whether it's rock sticks what do they call what all these big words they used on algorithm algorithm shifting with the rhythms and algorithms again you got to go back to promote market then sell and and and I had it backwards most of my career I focused on the self yeah face to face follow up push your clothes the things that Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins taught for years yeah you know I really admire what those guys did but the game is changing now it's fundamentally changing this is what if you want to build a business now we're live in a world of infinite supply you don't care if you're building planes you're building software services whatever I got infinite choices now so now those prospects on the other side are in control right and so how do we get to them in a way the fastest path that you can you're talking about getting people to your website right by doing all that marketing now you got to convert them on your website that's what we do adrift right that's what we do right a lot of these companies using support chat and all this kind of stuff not built for sales scene when we say the thing that marketing has forgotten it is that know if you have a sales team no sales ever gonna happen until we have a conversation I don't care about Rick's impressions this hits whatever we care about how many conversations are we having because no sales are there yeah yeah I agree with that yeah and so the marketing side is the part I think people don't really get yeah I'm building that brand and you want them I think the thing that I saw with the Russell thing at 10x was he did an amazing job up there he used some good stuff but that audience is primed you already brought that audience in I've already yeah and some are not some need to be tweaked and pushed and prodded and offered and stacked and and but you still have to get him to the room there has to be the engagement and whether that engagements taking place at Amazon yep with a pair of Nikes mm-hmm the conversations been had about Nike for 20 years Amazon's just reaping the rewards and all the work that Nike did yep so you still have to have brand influence in the market people still have to know your obscurity is still the biggest challenge yeah because if I don't know David I don't know grant or I don't know you I'm not going to do business with you yeah and that's the thing that when I heard you say that obscurity is your biggest challenge and I did I saw that an old video I was like this is it yes this is the thing I think about the most right now which is like infinite supply world how do you stand out how do you build a brand right because we disproportionately spend our money in places that make a video familiar yeah and by the way the old shame was people buy from people they like truth is people buy from people they know yeah and where it's convenient so this is three blocks I can walk to it to this joint right here so a lot of you like you ought to be a spokesman for Starbucks no no they were smart put in that office there so when I buy real estate I'm looking for Starbucks why there's a fluent people moving in an alpha that have disposable income maybe they're not affluent but we know they're spending money yeah they're spending stupid one honey and so you want you want to be known you want to keep being known because obscurity can you the second definition of obscurity is I know you but forgot you I recognize you but forgot you IIIi knew you did that I knew you soul cards but when I went to buy my BMW I forgot David was my god mm-hmm so you fell out of obscurity that's why Starbucks spends money on advertising promotion and location Location Location Location so i'm convenient so that you can dispose money with me when did you discover marketing like when did you flip the switch in the day when we were right when I was writing the 10x rule and I realized oh my god man you can't scale if nobody knows you mm-hmm and I was brought up in a poor family me too and it wasn't that we didn't have food we weren't that kind of poor yeah we were this kind of poor we didn't know where new money came from and if you don't know where new money comes from you're scared mm-hmm it's kind of a scared poor yep you have a little bit of money my mom my mom my dad left my mom probably with a hundred grand when she was I guess my mom was my dad was 52 so she must have been 48 yeah when my mother out of money 100 grand yeah but but you got five kids to raise yeah and you don't know how long it's gonna last and they gotta you got to put him in college yep you got to put five kids through college you got to feed five kids got to get five kids cars closed school and then cedra health broken your knees break and things go wrong so my mom I think my mom died when she died at 98 I think she was 98 96 I think she had the same hundred just kept it dude she's just every day she's just keeping it clipping coupons unbelievable she did an unbelievable job but the point is like you can't be scared and go get money mm-hmm you can't do both things right so today by the way my mom lived in an era where she was earning 10 and 12 percent of the bank yeah that's gone today that's a half a percent so it would take a hundred and forty four years if the money was compounded yep to earn the same money that my mom was on it what do you say to people because I hear this all the time now let me just say this because because what happened was because of that mentality I was brought up with when I started my business I'd get money and I'd save it I'd get money not say about get money and I'd save it and I didn't spend money and marketing and branding so when I was writing the 10x rule I'm like dude why am I not bigger than I'm I've been busting my ass can so hard I've been pushing and shoving I have the best products of any anybody in my space I know I have the biggest the biggest platform of products in the best problems why Wyatt why are other guys kicking my ass and I'm like dude you you haven't reinvested the money and marketing and branding right I was not spending money I look at the mattress guy in Boston I look at the car dealer in Boston Herb Chambers outspeed everybody crushes the the mattress cot out spins everybody the might the my pillow guy on him on TV he who knows what he spends he might spend a hundred million dollars a year in advertising to get a billion I'm like oh my god dumb-dumb mm-hmm you didn't mark it and you didn't advertise so this month we'll spend probably a million dollars on advertising on advertising yeah not counting this right because it's not night not counting in the arguing organics I do seven shows a week that that you're right mm-hmm we should actually say hey that was advertising mm-hmm so you just woke me up to something because the organic if I'm spending a million dollars on actual ads I guarantee you what do y'all think I spent in energy sweat equity I'll bet you I'm laying down 150 you know we're doing seven shows every week during the day and probably another four shows at night like I'll do one at seven o'clock tonight completely free to an audience to build audience so and what do you say to people now that look at you because I hear this sometimes grant it's easy for you yes easy for you yeah you you talk to people you know how to talk to people you know I remember when I did my first periscope video a live stream yeah the periscopes not around anymore I mean I guess it is it was meerkat before that yep and I remember when I turned that thing on dude and it was like three people there you know like okay what do I say I remember when I did my first Fox TV interview yeah I remember the first time I was on stage I remember the first time I was in front of a customer trying to sell a jacket mm-hmm terrified all the time yeah it's not easy for me so so none of this is easy for me what I don't do though is I I know one thing does it do anything like it's frequency is back to that tonight yep mm-hmm you're not gonna get graded anything my wife puts on her makeup and she does a deal and she edits it and she fixed it and she fix it again and fix it again fix it again I'm like what are you doing what just didn't look good didn't sound right I'm like it don't matter yeah we live in a planet you brought up abundance yeah we live in a planet where the number of transmissions every second are so massive the anything you do will not be seen what how many times do I say around here guys nobody saw that oh man that video 60,000 people saw it nobody's done even the people that saw it didn't see it what do you mean they didn't see it they saw it but they don't know what it meant okay I can't tell you how many times I bought the same book mm-hmm running through an airport picked up a book what's his name Flynn that writes those blackops books he's not alive anymore not the damn porn dude man know that you know no Clancy oh no the other one people are the Flynn Vince Flynn but he's dead now but but Vince Flynn I'll bet you his third book I bought three times mm-hmm they changed the cover yeah name was the same yeah but but every time I was drawn to the name of the book because because they kept putting it out there I kept buying the book all right and I didn't realize until like the second or third chapter I think I read this the point is people you you know you you forget yeah everybody has a product at their house probably two or three of them mm-hmm you're like man how did I end up with two or three of these I don't need them yeah so people need to repeat and frequency is the way to greatness so most people are out there they're doing something but you don't do enough I learned that the hard way I used to think like I can't put the same message on on the two different channels yeah because I'm saying the same thing probably boring people because a lot of guys went out there a lot of social media experts said don't do it exactly exactly and then you what you figure out is hey those are totally different people and if even if they're the same people they don't even remember they don't remember they saw or they missed it the old the old thing about hey if a tree falls in the forest yeah buddy heard it mhm did you actually fall or did it make noise or whatever yeah if somebody doesn't read my email did I actually send it out mm-hmm right if they hit delete by the way delete is the new unsubscribe yeah there is no unsubscribing yeah just delete matter like we it's easier just to delete right so if you didn't read it did you see it mm-hmm was the communication completed yep so I could send that same transmission again mm-hmm you know or I could post it this same thing multi-purpose the same thing on Facebook as text or I could create a video around that so that's one way that people could start like multiplying their content lines yeah and I had just that realization even about email recently which is I built email software for tens of thousands of businesses my history and then I'm like wait a second all we're tracking is opens and you know whether someone read some you know whether they open the email or not or whether we sent the email yeah I'm like what we're not tracking did they reply to the email I need a reply to do you know I need some interaction with the email I need something yeah right to see that they're engaged because otherwise I'm just tracking hits and clicks like the whole thing doesn't work I need a conversation in order for something to happen for me fail they're like that's good getting that input from you and that's why why these kind of these events that you're doing or so important so people can ask questions about well I'm sending out two emails a week and I'm not getting anything back you know though that's why conferences where people can ask questions yes so vital because first of all the landscapes changing yeah you know the ideas are changing what people said you should do years ago is changing quarterly and and so with that back and forth is important I went to the 10x no comfort was amazing yeah but one of the most valuable things that happened was at the club that night I did some roleplay with Bannen one of your sales guys and another one in sales guys and he was saying how you guys do roleplay every day but that interaction yeah that was priceless unless so I sent our Head of Sales down to your three-day boot camp oh yeah he loved it see so we went from nine thousand three hundred people down to two hundred and fifty people and then we're able to really dig into the processes and training yeah you're gonna see the 10x growth conference is gonna take more of that on oh yeah for the next one yeah and is it gonna be in Vegas again you're not saying well we're going to hit would the goal the goal is is we're gonna do one big event a year yeah but we're gonna probably take 10x growth conference to City so we'll come to Boston yeah yeah Rocha we should do something a smaller version like that but I was telling my guys so we're gonna do the hyper growth conference I'm psyched it's in Boston but I'm like man this is small now we only get in 4500 people grant got nine over 9,000 is that what you're gonna yeah 4500 yeah that's a big audience and then we're doing another yeah 4500 sales you get that many people together you actually have a chance mm-hmm of meeting the right people it doesn't feel like 9,000 like you had no okay there's a big dim between 4500 9,000 people yeah big different you know I've hugged it in that arena this last event that we did there was it so it was so it's so easy to do 250 like literally I could touch every person yeah at that big event that we did in Vegas I mean we had at any given time we had 250 people in the restroom yeah it was crazy yeah if you could recommend one book that's not your book yeah I recommend all of grants books but if one book what would it be one book yeah well I would I would read off I would not read one book I would not read any in any one book oh my god I would I would read an entire author so I would read deep on people think if I'm gonna read Bob I'm gonna read everything Bob's ever done it Bob's written one book I'm not gonna read Bob at all yeah cuz Bob doesn't have anything to offer and or he does but he wants to keep it a secret and that's why you didn't take the time to write it mm-hmm so the other thing is I would just study people more they'll hope their whole life not just a part of their life amen yeah that's what we do and I think right now what we are living in a time where people are studying too many people too many mentors too much conflict yeah too many contradictions if you study me and Dave Ramsey on money you're not you're not gonna do anything you're not gonna know which one paralyzed yeah because Dave's not gonna buy it yet mm-hmm okay and I'm gonna tell you you should get yourself in a position where you can buy jets so you can bring your family so you can homeschool and so you can travel around the world and meet customers and expand your brand because the fuel a buddy of mine asked me say what's the fuel on that plane costs I've never calculated he's like why wouldn't you calculate I said because the planes no good without the fuel it and I can only make so much money in my office I can only I can only expand my brand so much on Facebook yep because when when Facebook throttles me mm-hmm and they win their will okay because I mean mark was in front of the Congress yesterday and he's like if it's free how do you guys make money and he says ads okay and he's like you know we're connecting the world the truth is Facebook does not connect the world they force you you know to spend money to communicate to an audience you build mm-hmm so if you want to communicate to that audience look I've spent a lot of money with Facebook I don't have any heartache with them I understand they got a business to run I got a business to run I don't want to be held Vic I don't want to be victimized by one yep outlet that may or may not be there tomorrow they reach 2 billion people they're probably going to be in business a long time I appreciate what they do but I don't want to be dependent upon that one thing so this little thing right here can get me other places mm-hmm it can get me back to that thing you said yeah so when I fly into Bulgaria and I can actually look somebody in the eye and meet them oh you're just like I see you on on the the live streams that's true that's what well that that's a different conversation something different is happening dan you know they sell me on Facebook so I'm gonna use Facebook until I can make that direct contact with somebody because when I can make that direct contact something happens the other the other thing that we're doing here that that I know I don't know that anybody's ever done is our goal is not to sell somebody a book my goal is to get somebody on my book or program or card on University with the gold that they become an investor with me and my real estate hmm because because I know the people that I send money to every month I have the allegiance when you send somebody a check every month they won't they won't talk you up they won't be like man grants the best they'll fight for you know they'll defend you in public okay so when somebody starts to attacking me and right and I've been sending another guy Johnny money every month Johnny gets money Johnny I don't mean because he works for me I mean cuz he invested in the company right when he gets a check every month he's like hey man don't talk about my man my man GC like that he's sendin check cutting off it you cutting off a line you're challenged in line so we really want to take somebody that's broke get them in a position where they have money didn't get them in a position where they're qualified to be an investor then put them in a position where they can keep paying attention what got him there yeah invest that money and I can send them checks every month out of the real estate that's what I want to do I want to do a master class on grand cartoons funnel because it's an endless funnel yeah right it's like get someone in I went to the grep when I went to the Grove comp and I had already bought the books and I go into Grove comp I sign up and then I'm like wow I just paid to get into the funnel yeah yeah this is amazing right from a marketing standpoint right and to build the relationship it's not just the one it's building the relationship yeah now I want to I want to see Congrats speak out hyper-growth okay birthday on the phone yeah we need to train our sales guys I'll talk to Graham right you know whatever it is I'm gonna be thinking of grant because I started that relationship people don't think about it but they think of like one transaction and yeah yeah and the more products in a person transact with me yeah like it when we study our problems of people don't love us it's the people that are immersed in the product not people that dabble mm-hmm the people that dabble with me are the person people I get the biggest criticisms from yep so like these free shows we do every day I had a guy the other day claiming I'm I'm some bad guy and I don't like Indians because I made a comment about tumeric because I'm using turmeric right now to handle some pain I got in my shoulder in a mine how do we get there bro you know how we got there if he's never spent any money with ya because he's he's a dabbler because he's a consumer he consumes the energy of the organization of the body there is no exchange so he feels that exchange so he looks for a reason to condemn me so the point of that whole thing is like if you want good customers it is not the people that you lower the price no or even the people that you give more service to it is the people that you saturate ya with your content Apple Starbucks Facebook to a degree totally comes a perfect example of this look at all the products at Amazon yeah you know the products business is built right yeah a lot of them he's been able to build because he's had that relationship just like you said they're sending him money every month I sent it on the prime to buying everything some people might condemn Amazon they'll be like hey man you know I you know I spent too much money there but they're like but the problem with that conversation is about Nike I bought adidas about Bloomingdale's I bought Macy's about whatever the boss shirt but you know I went and got all these different things and so I'm not sure I want to blame Amazon because they just made it easier for me just something yeah yeah it and and by the way if I'm gonna say Amazon's the bad guy I'm kind of I'm kind of fighting against my own behavior I'm like I'm kind of condemning my own idiocy yep so so again product immersion service immersion is the ultimate way to customer satisfaction yeah and the old days they used to call this in sales surround the account right around the accounts but now when that's on just surrounding account for the sale that's surrounding the account for the life right of the customer yeah there to serve them over and over more they repeat that behavior the better they're gonna feel about that havior and the people that dabble with you you get a free truck looked like the free trial' thing everybody's tried it mm-hmm fails miserably every time yeah almost every person I ever talk to uses yeah we did the trial it didn't work people still recommend the free trial yeah there's no commitment in that so like the 10x growth conference their reason the conference worked the reason all our we sell every event I've ever done is sold out that we've taken once we took charge of from the promoter because we don't do it for free and your own team does that yeah we we took it in-house okay I've done the other thing I've been in the speaking the seminar business for 30 years first 20 years of my career that's all we did no that was the product yep to go out and speak I had a promotional company do it most of them didn't sell out not even close we took it over we over sold the 10x growth conference we over sold the boot camp oversold the Delano out here just just north of where I am so 2,200 tickets in 277 days everybody said you can't do that in 77 days and number one we don't give the tickets away to the the all events are profitable from the gingo I don't need to put people in a room see why would I want to put people they got something free and then then I'm forced to sell them to try to make it up on the back end and everybody can feel that yeah and the free people usually don't show yeah they don't show like the two-for-one we did two-for-one some guys asked me to do the two from one we did a two-for-one we sold I don't know a thousand tickets thousand but now now we gave a thousand seats away guess what we didn't put in there if you don't redeem this seat with a name then we're this is a big mistake we made yeah we were about 15 days out from our growth conference I said pull up all those free seats and they're like but we got 823 free seats or whatever I might sell them yep and they're like they're sold if they don't have a name dude sound sell them because those people are not going to show up so the free trials don't work then again we can we can spend some time on this in Boston how much time do I have there in Boston yeah I think it's 18 minutes so it's yes yeah I think so really yeah yeah maybe we'll go longer I don't know what are you doing what am i doing there for a demon hey yeah hello no I'll check on that it might be your keynoting so probably longer than that but for the other what people we have them pretty short 18 to 20 minutes ridiculous really so so the point of that is like like how do you get a good audience you don't get a good audience doing anything for free mm-hmm we bought real estate I don't buy section a real estate for a reason I don't I don't want to be in I don't want to be in business with the government I already do too much with the government I don't need to do more with them so look man I can't wait to be in Boston at your event yeah and we can have that hyper-growth thank you for doing this grant and when everyone here listening to go out check out grant he's not only about sales he's about motivation it's about growth yeah I dabble in marketing I dabble in social media dabble in business and I dabble that's what dabbling looks like it's pretty damn good yeah all right thank you

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