Mark Esposito Spanish, English, ASL online classes

Hi, I’m Mark. I’m from the United States of
America. I teach English, Spanish and American Sign Language. If you feel nervous about learning
a second language online, I wanna put your mind at ease. I’ve taught thousands of classes
online to students of all levels. I, myself, have been an absolute beginner of a second
language with four different languages. So, I know what it’s like. I speak slowly in my
class when it’s necessary. And I’ll help you to feel confortable. My students immediately
realize that our class is a safe zone. They feel comfortable to make mistakes, which is
completely natural when you’re learning a second language. Soon they realize that they
love learning online and they can’t imagine learning a language any other way. One of
my favorite activities in class among many is to put a funny image on the screen and
then we talk about it, we learn the vocabulary from the image, we ask each other questions
and try to give answers. It’s a great way to stimulate the memory areas of the brain
and right off the bat you’re speaking the language. So, I’ll see you in class. Hola, yo
soy Mark. Soy de los Estados Unidos de América. Y enseño inglés, español y lenguaje de
señas de los EEUU. Si estás nervioso o ansioso de aprender un segundo idioma en línea, quiero
asegurarte de lo divertido y fácil que es. He enseñado miles de clases en línea a alumnos
de todo nivel. Además, he sido alumno principiante de cuatro idiomas extranjeros. Así que en
mis clases sentirás cómodo y tranquilo y libre a cometer errores y a equivocarte porque
es natural cuando estudias un segundo idioma. De inmediato mis alumnos se dan cuenta que
en mi clase es zona segura. Y sienten libres a equivocarse, no hay problema. Así aprendemos.
Una de mis actividades preferidas entre muchas actividades en la clase, es colocar una imagen
en la pantalla. La cual podemos discutir, conversar, describir y hacernos el uno al
otro preguntas y respuestas. De esta manera aprendemos rápidamente nuevo vocabulario,
pronunciación. Es divertido y dentro de poco tiempo estás hablando el idioma. Y esta actividad
estimula la parte de la memoria del cerebro que ayuda rápidamente a aprender estas palabras
y este vocabulario. Nos vemos en clase. Hi, My name is Mark. I teach English, Spanish
and American Sign Language, ( ASL). Do you feel nervous or afraid to learn on line or
on the internet? Don’t worry. It’s easy and fun. I, myself have been a beginner student
of four languages. I have experience. I will help you to feel comfortable in class. You
will realize the class is a safe zone. And that it’s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes
made during the learning process are natural. Learn new words, signs and hand shapes. It
will be fun. So, are you considering taking a class? What are you waiting for? Come on,
join the class. See you soon!

7 thoughts on “Mark Esposito Spanish, English, ASL online classes”

  1. Hello, might you be related to Mark Esposito? We met in the WCG church many years ago. He knew sign language and spoke fluent Spanish.

    Your Spanish sounds perfecto! 😊👌

  2. Hi there ! I have a question for you not related to this video but another you made about prebiotics…I want to make them with the 5 ingredients you have listed but I can't find a place to order the galacto oligosaccharides…can you help me ? You mentioned a Chinese website…or do you know a place in USA ? I thank you so so much !

  3. Not sure if you will ever read this or respond, but I hope all is well with you! I miss your content, you have a lot of knowledge and you explain things so well. God bless you my brother!

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