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this video is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club click the link down below and stay tuned after the video for more information playing games on your cell phone nowadays is pretty normal but could you imagine trying to do that back in the 90s how would that even work you can't play games on this thing can you no you can't but that didn't stop Nintendo or Bandai with their terribie koto system so what is this thing exactly it just looks like a normal kid's toy that when you first bought music makes Lackey noises well no actually the tarabuco was an interactive toy that you would actually hook up to your TV or VCR there were nine different VHS tapes you could buy and play the game with everything from Hello Kitty to dragon ball to yup even Super Mario Bros every anime was about thirty minutes long staying true to the source material and giving you an educational adventure all while providing a genuinely entertaining show in the process throughout the episode the characters will come across an issue usually involving counting memorization and other miscellaneous young children's show questions the main character will stop the episode and pick up a phone to call you and your toy will actually ring they then proceed to ask you a question it's multiple choice and you need to select the correct answer on your telephone this toy was really ahead of its time actually seeing it ring and light up in accordance with what's happening on TV is awesome but enough jibber-jabber let's dust off the VCR yeah I still have that thing and let's check out Mario to Yoshino Vulcan land or Mario and Yoshi's Adventureland now this specific anime came out in the early to mid 90s and the Mario game that was out and hot at the time was Super Mario World meaning this anime is completely mario world themed with its characters setting and even music this is awesome especially since Super Mario World is probably my favorite 2d Mario game so the show starts off with Mario and Luigi receiving a letter from Princess Peach saying they should come and visit dinosaur Island and since the princess isn't busy being captured Mario and Luigi have nothing else to do I guess so they board a plane and begin their wonderful vacation Mario and Yoshi's adventure land Yoshi's only been shown in a picture so far what about Luigi he's right there oh well I'll let it slide for now considering they're using actual music from the game Mario and Luigi then decide to break the fourth wall saying they feel like they're forgetting something oh yeah us the viewers at home Luigi busts out the tarabuco telephone what he just carrying that on you at all times oh but you can't bother to have a spare fire flower in there would I need it Oh moshi-moshi book Mario hi Mario why are you such a dick to Luigi so that was all just a test to make sure the toys working once the Mario Brothers land they're greeted by Bowser who of course has stolen the princess come on and it's our job to save her hello waffle enterprises so here we have our first question what creature do we think is going to come out of the egg gosh I didn't expect these kind of brain Buster's this early well if you've played Super Mario World you should know what's in that egg it's the Koopa it's the Yoshi you're given about ten seconds to think of your answer and hit the correct button on your toy if you guess the oh she then Congrats you're smart oh god he stalks Yoshi then joins our adventure to rescue the princess we then come across a bridge full of enemies we're okay confession time when I first watched this I was an exactly paying super attention so when this question came up I had no idea what the answer was I started doing this complicated math formula but it turns out all you had to do was count the enemies on screen I really overthought this children's question the correct answer were the Koopas followed by a fun counting session full of violence also Congrats we learned to count in Japanese Yoshi finishes off the rest of the enemies by burning them alive leaving behind another egg this time containing a cute beat-up yellow Yoshi he tells us to continue our journey without him because he's too weak and would only slow us down oh my gosh this is becoming an emotional roller coaster the gang then come across a pool house where we need to answer the question which of these four items will help defeat the booze it's not exactly a Mario specific question I chose the candle which turned out to be correct but there are candles in the Buu house in the game and they don't seem super effective but you whatever I redeem myself from the counting question from earlier that's what matters after removing the booze from purgatory and finally sending them to the eternal afterlife we are greeted with many keyholes Nick una llamada Tomo they all look the same go with your gut when you answer I guess we'll just pick a random one and hope for the best I got it wrong so as it turns out this answer is random what about was that educational that's like if I ask you hey well game is in this case Super Smash Brothers Mario Legend of Zelda or Kirby and then when I open it up it's like I don't know it's empty right now but maybe some maybe next time there'll be something in there you know so our next obstacle comes in the form of this lava pit Kamik turns these blocks invisible and we're presented with three colored switches to turn them solid you know just like in the game why we can't just hit all three though is beyond me but whatever I'll play along don't is a mathematical Authority only now the homeowner knows it's gonna be pong all right so if you figure that out you're smarter than I am I overthought it again and I thought that every block needed to be solid because you know I didn't take into account that the Mario Brothers can jump yeah that thing that they very rarely do you're a idiot I've never struggled so much with a children's educational TV show we also rescue another Yoshi a sassy little red one that wants to join us unfortunately though he's too small and wouldn't be much help but that won't stop red Yoshi because he will oh man I know that's what Yoshi's do and I've probably eaten a ton of enemies while playing a Mario game but something about this is just so unsettling Yoshi's face sums it up perfectly the four are now adventuring together on this educational journey the show then continues with its formula adventure around and ask more questions like which brother will collect the most coins what fruit is this which tree has yellow petals and red fruits it's all fun and entertaining all of this leading up to the Koopa Kids Castle where the brothers and she fall into a spiky deathtrap the ceilings coming down on them and we need to choose which hole the gang can hide in to be safe I like this question because it really feels like a scenario you would find yourself in while playing Super Mario World or any Mario game for that matter oh thank god they're not dead that would have been a terrible time for me to have one of my stupid moments the gang then have a pretty awesome battle with the Koopa Kids including an almost Wendy death it's for the kids Mario grabs the cape spins to win and they rescue a bunch of Yoshi eggs of course it wouldn't be a Super Mario World finale without blowing up the castle of course whoever set up the detonators did a terrible job and needs to be fired so we need to select the correct one follow the line and it's the blue one she got stuck or not or I guess not Mario then sends poor Luigi to go over there and see what's wrong oh come on why is he the errand boy oh yeah oh that's so Luigi I'm on these there what so yeah for the first time ever the Mario Brothers have a fight with Luigi being fed up of being treated like a useless sidekick and leaves Mario and Mario doesn't care one bit saying who needs Luigi I can do this on my own what is this the last thing I expected to be on this children's educational show was brotherly dispute this is probably the most depth the Mario Brothers have ever had read Yoshi eventually convinces Luigi's Alba's brother and Mario comes to the realization that he needs his brother's help and with their powers combined they become the last question has this essentially defeat Bowser we can choose if we'd hit him in the air or on the ground you could select whatever you want here either way ends up with Bowser's demise and the gang rescuing the princess everyone is finally happy and oh please not again don't do this to me my heart literally can't take anymore yeah everything wraps up nicely with Mario calling us one last time saying we should play again soon yeah they never made any more mario ones which is kind of a shame because even as an adult well you know adult I found this anime to be incredibly entertaining it's well animated looks very pretty as a fair amount of action and drama for what's essentially dora the explorer' and it pays a lot of tribute to super mario world this is incredibly well made and a really ambitious project for the time even if you don't have the toy I'd still recommend checking these shows out there a really interesting piece of history and they'll make you less dumb so you don't end up like me using this old cellphone thinking it was a children's toy from the 90s see you later hey Dollar Shave Club I'm proud to be working with these guys because they help keep my face smooth and clean and looking like I'm 13 years old forever as possible but they got much more than just razors with their body wash toothpaste deodorants and bud wipes I mean come on these things feel so good don't judge me their executive razor is so good it makes my face feel just as smooth as a baby's bottom or my bottom after I use the butt wipes why did I say that and if you click and if you click the link down below at slash connor the waffle you can join the club for just $5 and doing that will get you the essential starter pack that comes with trial versions of some of their best products so what are you waiting for I'm proud to be working with Dollar Shave Club and getting the world to look like the most best-looking waffles out there how you doing so thanks again Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring the video and thank you the lovely waffling x' for always being the best

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  1. I love to play as ness in smash bros and 1 reason I love to win as ness is his music because it reminds me of your cool intro.

  2. Boss: Uh next up for educational anime is uh death note?
    Employee: uh sir that’s a violent anime
    Boss: oh it’s not that bad

  3. 9:14 my Wendy is a dumb koopaling who likes to help and explore the world while making friends at the same time the real wendy exist in my world too but she always tries to kill my wendy cuz she dosesn't like her

  4. Hey there’s murderous ghouls that r going to eat my soul if I don’t do something

    Whelp let me pull out my phone and call some rando kid that’s probably gonna get me killed

  5. Was there any connection that Mario was paired with the Green Yoshi and Luigi was paired with the Red Yoshi?

  6. does anyone else get reminded of bonnie from toy story 3 and 4 when ever he shows his face?

    (i love this guys channel i dont mean to offend anyone)

  7. Its funny cause after the bros fight they separate then its Red Yoshi with Luigi,who wears Green and Green Yoshi with Mario who wears Red

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