Marie Kielpinski–FINALIST–2019 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education–Outstanding Support, TA

Marie is just someone that we lean on
each and every day Marie goes out of her way to do things for students
that sometimes we don’t even know about. It’s not a job for her
it’s it’s more like a calling it’s almost like she has a way to light a perfect light
on a student so that every child can shine. To me succeeding might
not be what to other people it looks like but I know if they’ve overcome some
issues and you know maybe didn’t mean that they graduated but they were in
school for the year they were able to get over their anxiety, it’s a great
feeling and I’m rewarded all the time. Marie is always going out in the
community to find resources for kids and get food for them or clothing. Marie
drives kids to appointments, she takes them to work if they’re stuck. There are
kids who would not be coming to school if it wasn’t for Marie, she gives them a
safe space when they need, you know, somewhere to go.

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