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hi I'm Margaret and I'm gonna teach you some Aussie slang blood job okay a blood jaw is like someone who's lazy fair dinkum kind of like far out good on you well good on you mate like that it was a ripper of a party but he's a ripper of a bloke good hard Yakka ikka hard work i've never used the word Deauville a key in my life I have no idea what it means oh so if you crack on to someone you're hitting on them if you kiss too much and like your face is all red you say you've got patch rash what you call a thong we'd call that a g-string orgy banger but thongs to us are your flip-flops he's a crook he's a criminal I'm feeling crook I'm feeling sick Chuck is sticky if you chuck a sticky you're like calling in sick a bottle o is a liquor store tinnie can either be a boat or a Bierko stubby that's a bottle of beer frothing for it you're excited for you froth those you really like those chunder vomit spew throw up Bobby Bobby Q hi Bo's avocado are both afternoon so yeah like this arvo we're gonna go to the bottle o get a couple of tenis Dax are you pants like trousers and so if you'd AK someone you it's like when you run up behind them and you pull their pants down wins so if your whingeing you're complaining like you're whining if you're a dad you're kind of bog is a or poop as you would say in America a ute is a pickup truck jump in the back of the Ute togs your bathing suit put your togs on ratbag my nephews a wrap bag like a little like a cheeky little so-and-so someone who's like kind of misbehaving Fannie Fannie in America I think you guys call Fannie like your bum is your Fanny in Australia your front bum is your fanny if you're go s key I think you call it a cooler a Kappa Kappa take a dunny it's a toilet sitting on the dunny sitting on the toilet diary it's a cigarette and I'm diary have a dog Sheila I think everyone knows that one a woman female snag is a sausage took someone who's having a cry like having a soaked slab slab of beers I think you would say cotton abuse if you're in a room and you say it's ChaCha's in here so you can't move there's so many people it's ChaCha's in here quit yeah we're good like a quick like it's like kind of what you would call the penis if you were young a bogans kind of like white-trash mosey mosquito dogs I I don't know what dogs are I've never said that here toss a your dick head bit of a jerk hooroo I didn't say who brew I feel like that's kind of like an older person thing to say but hooroo I think it means like hello and goodbye Rakoff like piss off Gromit say I'm a young surfer toilet kind of makes sense oh fella like I think I guess fella comes from fellow like so an old man like some old fella prank my car what a wanker that sort of thing great Grundy's I've never heard that in my life I mean if he if you chopped out this part and had it just as undies that's what I call underwear spit the dummy like have a tantrum crazy he's totally off your Uncle Tom Augusta I don't know what that means I think that's enough slang for one day any Aussies watching I'm sorry if I described them incorrectly and for anyone not Aussie I hope you learned something

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  1. “I hope you learned something” ya ya I learned that I’m not as straight as I thought, that’s what I learned watching this video, thank you Margot

  2. Come a gutza = have a stack, crash or mess up. like if you come off your skateboard and scraped something like your knee, you have come a gutza .

  3. She’s one of those few actresses who look gorgeous with and without makeup. And she has a beautiful smile! 😍😍

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