Marcus Rashford 2019 | Future Legend – Insane Skills/Goals/Assists

30 thoughts on “Marcus Rashford 2019 | Future Legend – Insane Skills/Goals/Assists”

  1. Some ignorant fans don't know that this rashford quality is rare 😏
    Am betting on him next season he will be United's top scorer

    He's better in a 9 than wings …. Which (wings) he's been playing for the last 3 years …. But we all know him as a 9 and not a winger…
    He showed part of his quality in that position last season and he'll show all doubters that he's capable of performing probably even beyond what they call "man United levels"
    He'll prove u wrong I believe in him so much and he's still Young . Come-on rashford next season…

  2. Before… Rooney and Ronaldo started winning titles after titles impatient fans also label them not good enough for United

  3. One issue I find with some individual highlights videos is that simple goals, like Rashford's sidefoot against Newcastle in your video, are shown too many times. For such simple goals, don't show it four times – it takes away some value from the video and the player himself. I watch these videos to judge the skill of the players, so seeing Rashford score a simple goal I've scored many times myself FOUR times is frustrating.

  4. He cant dribble past a single player he is easily the second worst forward in our squad and no amount of youtube vidz will make me think otherwise….i watch him 90 mins every game and he is pathetic he's decision making is poor,poor freekicks,poor finishing,he is only hyped just because he is from our academy he is another Welbeck

  5. He’s okay but not good.. United should look for a better striker if they want to win trophies.. rashford is just not good enough even this highlight shows his quality is okay.. he has flashes but so do many other players

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