MapleStory GLORY ALL New Adventurer / Cygnus Link Skills Showcase + Explanation

hey guys like ice doing it is I am back with another video and today we are gonna take a look at maplestory Glory adventurer links Q and also cycnus links q everybody so we have music skills finally but the links this one is still the same is new trouble but well we have new legs go let's take a look at all of the latest I'm gonna showcase all of them and you know that is a student test server right if there's any changes to the numbers all all variables or anything I'll be linking in the description and also the comment section below so do check that out right because it's still test server let's take a look at the first one right I'm gonna showcase all the links to later on or monsters so let me explain on them now first alright so warrior links kill maximum levels that was six because you have three different jobs right for warrior adventure so if you link three of them together each something if you level two that means you get level 6 same as resistance link so at level 2 if your HP is lower than 15% of your max HP this skill basically automatically activates for three seconds and each second even use 23 percent of your max – beat the Quran is for an 80 seconds for level 2 and level 6 if your HP is lower than 15% the skimmer automatically activates say master level 2 1 for 3 seconds and each second will heal you for 35 percent HP basically you get a full full huge PL and at level 6 right this goes actually cool and for me right information is basically uh if you're hit the monsters with the highest or the max HP right you only target the highest level a higher sahb mobs right the max accessory is actually 23 percent level to the man class for 10 seconds it stacks up to 3 times and each stat gives you 1 percent damage and treatment are 1% ie B right so this is for level 2 but for level 6 right if you attack the monsters with the hires inch P you will market the successor is 35 percent is increased right the mat lasts for 10 seconds it stacks up to 3 times each stack gives you 3 percent damage 3 percent by 80 very nice right moving on we have the archer links cue all right actually skill is I know I hope that they add critical damage over there but no and look at it first I level 2 you get 10 percent increase for monster collection rate and four percent critical rate and level 6 you get 30 percent most collection rate and sharp percent critical ring and I experienced about this what do you guys it right so moving on to the next one we have the chief link skill so the chilling skill is basic any kind of debuff against the monster will give you an extra 5 allowed to will be 8 percent damage for 10 seconds quran is 20 seconds but if you are level 6 you get 20% damage for any debuff against monster and Ted Hotel seconds and 20 seconds cooldown is actually really good for 0 because we always have the deeper frame so it's actually really good moving on to the pirate thing skip right the party skill they change it it's not like the cannoneer all righty to buff it right i level to all sets plus 30 HP MP plus 525 and a 7 percent damage absorption right so sentence reduction is damn then at level 6 or steps per 71,000 225 HP and 15% damages option and as you can see is level 2 right now I have another have another pirate over here this is the pyro linked to so if I were to link this up you'll be loud for so yeah if you have more characters you can link it up they'll increase according to the level all right so I have to add this into the video because for adventure of pirate leg there's a special function which allows you to swap strengh and that's right so basically you can double click on the skill for example I'm gonna just take on the item somebody is gonna be so of course like the weapon and so you can see that's my corner with that and look at my strategies three three eight zero and my Dax is 99 – but if I were to click on save right now it will swap all of them to tax right so you can see that you swap all of them – Dax if I don't want that item to swap to text for example I'm just gonna take a look take all this item off then we're gonna stop back to strength right so this is the extra feature that's only for adventurer pirate right so there we go as premier – original right moving on to the next one this lightness link so final thing has been Fujian are we fooling with that but now it's much better at the moment at level 2 you get weapon at MLG attack plus nine stages resistance plus three elemental resistance plus three percent at level ten because you have tella sightings job right at level 10 you're basically gonna get a weapon at time n attack plus twenty five stages resistance plus 15 and mental resistance plus fifteen percent everybody so yeah this is basically for all the new link skills that has been added let's get into the mobs right I do not have any active symbols over here because I want to test out the warrior leg skill right so let's check out the warrior links – first you gotta focus on the whirling skill now so I'm gonna get hit I'm gonna get lowered by I'm gonna get pot law also right if the poem wants to kiss me there we go he's gonna use my yeah there we go it Apollo once it hits me let's test that with the pot lock monster and there we go you see the skill you will be part log every one second you spew so that means he works on anything right so yeah that's basically the skill three seconds to choose your HP over that and you see that to be buff over there for seven basically seven because I have level two links right so even with Paulo you can still hear very nicely so now let's take a look at the deep box the next one for the feet one right is a steep one if anything bump against the monster will give you an additional 20% damage for 10 seconds and max so carne is 8 percent damage so you can see that my range over here will increase it's a little bit hard to see my range increase right now we go number 0 but you see a pop up here let's have to go yeah there we go never gonna ever go that's above that's above level this is above so this is above over here so it will activate according to the debuff against more so since 0 as a log debuff and such as top over here this is even this image is currently debuff so it works perfectly with the mentioning skill which is this one yeah I may see this hopefully very much so the main thing is you can shine up to 3 times you can see the number at the top me check and see that's number one up there the difficulty feeling the one okay that was all I got out the tree of that difficulty okay so Maximus tree so you get a tree book something now – you can see it as – over here and at 3 3 3 there we go that's the tree that's the tree there we go so this is a treaty Bluff so basically keep the mobs you get extra damage and also an extra IEP for for that right that's the debuff and if you are using on a cheap one it will just basically show up here it will show up on on your spin over there so that means your spin as well why my console with it so yep that is basically it for the lazy skilled man I don't really have much Langston's to show right now because these are all in the link skills has been updated in the test server right yeah those are all the links is being updated in the test server right basically right now there is a terrible event which gives you or Tara a terrible event also what mega burning event basically give you 4 mega burning and one terrible in character so during the event I want you guys to farm up on the list because first of all the world is freaking Opie embossing especially in will oh yeah if you guys don't know what Jinjin la or black mentions got to be damn good right because it basically recovers HP and even weave the pot lock you can recover HP oh so I show you just now right it's proven fact right I'm not quite sure it's gonna change it on an official server I'll be writing in the video description if they change it and then for this one the matron basically you're gonna hit up in a boss right and the boss is gonna be the only few HP and highest HP over them so it's a 100% three percent damage and 3% iet right and if you multiply battery that's nine percent damage right and 9% IE d extra just by on our boss itself that what i for this one is nothing my sister's creeping and forty flame although he has a twenty seconds cooldown but since you are having a i mean during posting right since you're having always having a debuff on the boss you basically have almost fifty percent of time right because twenty seconds and tell certain situation or fifty percent of time and pirates things this is nothing much this is just damage absorption that means all nothing is pretty good but no question is good on high levels above but yeah that's basically it and sinus thing company so much it just it's just about right so I think that's about it for this video I will catch you guys in the next video everybody out and you guys get some insights on this link skill or newest things to you that will be coming in the glory update and leave a thumbs up subscribe and stay awesome everybody bye bye you

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    • Warrior: Invincible Belief – Heal a massive amount of HP when HP is extremely low for a short period of time.

    • Mage: Empirical Knowledge – The damage and the IED will increase towards the successfully marked target consecutively for a short period of time.

    Archer: Adventurer Curiosity – Permanently increases chance for monster collection and the critical rate.

    • Thief: Thief Kerning – Debuffs on any monster will increases the damage against it for a short period of time.

    • Pirate: Pirate Bless – Permanently increases all stats, HP/MP and damage reduction.

    • Cygnus: Cygnus Bless – Permanently increases WA/MA, status resistance and elemental resistance.

  2. Hey Steve i realy like ur videos and im watching u for few years and i need ur help because u got some people that maybe can help me
    i got banned for nothing realy for nothing and i got a video that shows that please help me and share this video if u can !
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  3. When we finally get decent link skills for Adventure class and Cygnus knights. As usual, many thanks Aran for giving an awesome coverage.

  4. sad why cant xenon use the swap for the pirate link skill…

    Oh and the warrior link is fucking useful in will and in almost all bosses man.

  5. Steve i sugest you test on Verus Hilla(since you can't clear phase 1 Will that fast), i think Warrior's link won't work since block pot won't lock all healings, but only potions.

  6. Question: If you're already an Adventure class, does the link skill stack on your personal link slot or take 1 of the 12 slots?

  7. I assume damage reduction doesn't work on % hp. Might be nice for those squishy classes! Especially when used together with zero's link skill!

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