Maori kids achieve in Maori-medium education, says Curtis

A new iwi education authority is promising to go further
than previous attempts to improve Maori education. Joining me now
is a supporter of the group, educationist and iwi leader, Toby Curtis of Te Arawa. Tena koe, Toby. What will the authority
do that the govt isn’t already doing to improve Maori achievement? We know that
in Maori-medium education, we have teachers
who are working towards making sure all of our kids pass. You look at mainstream schools and see most of our Maori kids
aren’t achieving. But in Maori-medium schools, it’s easy for them
to achieve their qualifications. So even though iwi and the Minister
are talking a lot, they’re not talking much
about our schools that are supporting
and nurturing our kids. One of the goals of the group is for 85% of all 18-year-olds to
achieve NCEA Level 2 by the end of 2016 –
that’s a big ask, isn’t it? Yes, and so it should be. If we don’t aim that high, then how will our kids achieve
their qualifications? The government and its departments
put out reports saying our kids aren’t strong in
gaining qualifications. Do you have or need Education
Minister Hekia Parata’s support? Yes, and this is what she’s been
saying on TV – this is what she wants. For teachers to improve
in order for our kids to achieve. But you see our kids
in Maori-medium education schools and they have everything there, the language and customs
of our ancestors. Yes, it’s easy for our kids to reach the standards that our
Minister is talking about. Toby Curtis,
thank you for joining us.

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