Manly P. Hall – From Knowledge to Wisdom

well this morning we want to start a little of the meaning of the terms we associate with knowledge so I selected two terms that represent perhaps the polarized opposites of learning they are knowledge and wisdom now knowledge is something we all know about it is conveyed to us through the public school system we live it every day everyone who comes into the world practically is trained into some phase of it even Aboriginal people have their own standards of knowledge and knowledge is very largely concerned with the problem of getting along in this world how to live in the environment which no one really fits into exactly knowledge therefore is the knowledge of the foot it is the thing we all depend upon for a common agreement on the ordinary subjects of daily existence the disc idea of knowledge however is very service as very surface it is not dead it is not wisdom it is not insight it is the communication of the common decisions of people it is the way we have decided to teach our children and what we are going to teach them is the knowledge that we know and the knowledge that we know I might mention is not very good we have a great deal of education but what are we teaching are we teaching the individual to grow or are we trying to train him for a job and in most cases knowledge today is training for a job it is not only training for a job a trained training for a very impermanent job by the time you get the full of train the job isn't there which is of course a little embarrassing we are noticing this particularly in the age of computers many many young people who went into sense demographic schools and learn to run a typewriter find that they are not going to gain very much from that education the very instruments that they were taught upon and now obsolete so much of no so-called knowledge is obsolete it lingers on as long as there is any excuse for it and there are many arts and crafts that have become obsolete in the present century I think the old story of the buggy whip is probably as good as any a man invented the buggy whip it was the finest thing that has ever invented he worked with it built a factory manufactured them and spent 20 years selling Bobby hoods and then the car came along and in a very short time there were only a few luxury families the had carriages and horses anymore he had outlived his own invention he had gradually depended upon something that was passing and knowledge is for the most part passing he does not have any solid foundations in eternity knowledge as a way of looking at something a particular way this way may change any day this also is a great way of approximating our understanding of what is wise and what is not wise knowledge gives us the history of the activities of our people it gives us a certain history of our own nation in our own world but this history deals with situations that no longer exist or if they do exist to become so subordinated that we gain very little from continuing to maintain them so knowledge we have to say is a surface thing it is adapted to the twins of the hour it is adjusted to the needs of the moment and this is what we get where we go to public school we do not get from the schooling any broad depth of understanding concerning human nature we do not learn any high ideals about the destiny of man we are not even allowed to bring any religious practice buffet they will disturb the so called Placid surface of the existing chaos this situation it means that we have knowledge knowledge that will fit only in certain certain situations we send a child of school and they bring home the paper and tell us about their learning this learning they're getting now is not what we got when we were the children we were the children changes have come everything is different the old ways are outgrown or the old facilities are no longer available now as we live today in this environment we realize that we are gradually changing the world in which we live we are changing the surface of the earth we are crowding communities we have gained dangering the basic utilities of life we keep right on going trying to continue a policy that is gradually cutting life out from under us so this is what we have to think about therefore what we commonly call knowledge is simply a story of doing what we always have done as nearly as possible or continuing the way of doing as we do now which is probably not possible but at the particular moment we graduate the young folks from high school they go get a picture of our present condition with all the negative factors overlooked and the positive factors exaggerated so out of this we come to a surface knowledge a kind of superficial effort to estimate our own responsibility in a world which takes no responsibility for anything finding all the odds we find this change constantly taking place and they find the sciences they are not immune religious theories change architecture changes and as we look around us most of these changes appear to people the worst we're not doing as well as we did building is do not look as beautiful as they did in the Renaissance our music is not as good as it was in the lyric 19th century everything seems to be getting brittle disillusioned and more or less discouraged so we build in a discouragement into the educational system we decree that all these things must pass away and we have great publicity over this we have tremendous talk about correcting this and changing that and building something else but it all represents what we would call knowledge knowledge is our aspect to understand thing as it is or to perpetuate through education policies that are almost deficient themselves so this is one very of looking at it and also all knowledge is from the outside we've in our knowledge out of the books we get the our knowledge out of listening we get our knowledge out of looking but everything is as of now it is as of the individual facing the future by estimating the exact circumstances which are in force the day he enters in the future he by the time he's ready to leave the future or rather let's future leave him it may be entirely different so now we have a problem of Education well how are we going to educate people for a world that may not exist by the time they get out of school this doesn't mean the world is going to fall apart but it means that policies are going to change values are going to change and gradually in image materialism is going to slip away and of course knowledge is essentially anchored in materialism it is the way in which we try to understand the kind of a world we have created we had little or nothing to do with the world that it really is it is a world apprised of its beauties of its values of its friendships of its affections and of its two community projects it is a world of rugged individualism moving largely on the basis of profit and determine definitely to perpetuate the conditions as they are now which they can't do so we go around and we study we die we take courses and language because maybe we will want one of them one of these days a second language is a major asset today which in itself is a proof that regardless how we think of what we believe we are moving into a larger one world unity in which one language is not enough we also have arts that are fighting for survival we have that tremendously inconsistent situation in which we are paying two and a half million dollars for a Picasso sketch and at the same time we are paying four million dollars for a genuine Rubens these things are absolutely irresponsible the sketch of the Rubens are not even in the same classification and yet we have put a new value of both money and the same thing is happening all over the country and all over the world the auction galleries are completely swamped with people willing to spend fabulous subs for something they don't even understand and why don't they understand it why don't we understand art in its best sense why don't we understand music and its best sense because isn't taught if you want any of these specialties you have to go to a specialized institution which specializes in them and you then be fortunate if you find one with sufficient idealism to make the period of study worthwhile so we now have knowledge we have knowledge in science but they every time we look at knowledge now we are sort of told that this is the ultimate this is the absolute fulfillment of all these dreams if we get this space platform out it is going to change the course of Ages the most thing is probably going to do is the relative expiry short in the sense of commodities there is no reason to believe that if we put this spaceship out there long enough it's going to solve anything because we're not out there we're here and we're using up the precious resources of here so that we can spend a few weeks out there which isn't particularly valuable we have all kinds of projects that are built upon what we think now our idea of the conquest of space is that we're going to be able to colonize it or find a possible use for it in the form of a garbage pail out there we are believing definitely that space is something we're going to exploit as we've exploited everything else yet all the way along we do not really solve anything we do not understand anything we are born ignorant and we die ignorant and in between we learn to make a living and if you learn to make a fortune and when the whole thing is shaken down where are we the great values do not grow because we do not permit them to grow we have no real reason to believe that we want to improve we really only just want to stay the way we are and have more we want to be able to wealthier we'd like to be a little more famous and we'd like a good solid contract with some studio for a million dollars a year idea of really growing of improving ourselves the question I talk to a young man not long ago I said why don't you try improving yourself well it says you know anyone is doing any better than I am why should I improve myself nobody else does and this is what is happening to a world that has a public school system has all kinds of advantages and is staffed by individuals who are completely devoid of real understanding of what value constitutes where are the philosophers of the 20th century where will be the philosophers of the 21st century are they all going to do what they are doing now keep their nose is so close to the grindstone that they can't see anything beyond the mess they're creating now this all ends in the problem that knowledge is not the end knowledge is not a real end of anything it is simply at becoming aware of the way things are being mishandled at the moment it also has something to do with the idea that if we can make the same mistakes we may be able to be as rich as the people we don't like but then is going to be a little difficult so we have now this word ride world our sciences nation academies Institute's everything you can think of all dedicated to some great program and no great program no actual realization the only thing we have is a great mass movement against which a few thoughtful individuals to brace themselves in an effort to survive the common contagion so we all have to remember that one science says that has a cure for something it will have a different cure next year when we buy something because it is best that then it was never one like it in two years there will be one much better all the way along these things go but when it comes to the value of life over there is the American home and he stronger than it was our young people growing up clean how the various forms of business were involved in are they honorable is the average person building a character that he could live with the rest of his life I'll be fair to the children or the agent or to the sick or the well to the rich or the poor everything goes along carefully covering up the weaknesses of every phase of it and under the general heading of knowledge we place a limitation upon what we can think what we can believe how we should interpret the facts of life so now here and there there is a breaking through into another dimension knowledge B is beginning to mean something that solve something rather than simply perpetuates we know that young people are going to school knowledge now is how to get sufficient insights to get a good job also while this is happening the moral structure of youth is for collapsing and with this fall Falls also most of the older generation we do not recognize that by living on the surface of thinking we are condemning ourselves to the errors of policies of surface living we are not here to live on the surface of the mind we are not here to live only on the pleasures of the bites or the pleasures of the flesh or the pleasures of the heart or the places of luxury we are here as individuals to improve to grow to think and to understand life we are also here if possible to see that we can pass on to another generation a world a little better for our having been here rather than a world falling apart because of a mistaken understanding now on the opposite side of this is wisdom now how should we define wisdom wisdom is no longer a surface wisdom is now an interpretation of value every bit of so-called knowledge is capable of being examined by wisdom there is nothing that we do nothing that we have nothing that we hope that does not in some way tie into the concept of wisdom and wisdom can be such suggested as meaning it is the something that amounts to something it is something that makes an experience more important than 30 days in jail it is something that makes it more important to space over than to try to get sober wisdom begins to use the ideas of the refining knowledge and and soul them if character to them give meaning to them and bestow upon each one of them a dimension of growth all growth has to be included the knowledge has to grow and the moment knowledge grows now it becomes associated with fallacies because of inexperience we are not able now to use knowledge in its dimension of growth actually knowledge comes to us from the outside the interpretation of knowledge comes to us from the inside we are gradually learning that from the inside of ourselves we have to explain the things that are happening in the outside world now this is amazing because the things that are happening on the outside are inconsistent with most of the values that come from the internal life of the person the thing that has made this matter and durable is the fact that the inside the wisdom of the individual has not been developed therefore with the if the fallacies of the moment there is no remarkable intense rebellion from within him is a very individual matter the individuals at enough misery and enough suffering decide to do what he can about it on the other hand many under the same provocation do nothing but one of the problems is that knowledge is valuable only to the degree that it can be and sold that it can be enriched to become meaningful to stand for something that will help to advance the general state of mankind so we look around a little bit to see what we can do if possible to increase the development of wisdom well what shall we say is the best place to look for wisdom well for the most part wisdom belongs to what we call idealism idealism is motivation when an ideal is stated it means that the motivation is constructive a constructive motivation means that it is dedicated to common good that it is dedicated to well-being that it is not going to compromise to allow for the corruption of value so when we begin to think of wisdom we take the home that is broken by knowledge and put it together again by mercy we try to do something to mend with the heart that which has been injured by the mind we do everything that we can to install the knowledge that is hurt us and in so doing we discover that this knowledge can suddenly become a tremendous source of good but it is only good when it is installed there is no good in the fact that it is a general average or adage that real honesty is the best policy it is only transformed into wisdom when the practice event of a monastic proves this and proves it by changing the patterns of life life goes on under knowledge life is changed under wisdom life grows because deeper and fuller meanings are bestowed upon it it challenges the individual to grow it does not leave him to be born and to die in the same misery it does not leave them with a broken home or rebellious children it does not leave it with incurable ailments caused by his own foolishness all the way along wisdom secures heals transforms into a better way of life and yet it has to work with the same factors the individual has to keep the job but having kept the job their wisdom steps in and tries to do something to this job by means of which the person working in it is not only making a living but is making a life a life that is important if any individual could go to work every week every morning nine o'clock for 40 years and come out at the end of that time simply old and tired and yet with the same job and with the same limitations the individual who has a certain genius for growth within himself can transform this by conquering the job by making something out of it that fulfills and getting away from the monotony of worthlessness that is another one of the problems of knowledge knowledge can become worthless because of boredom and exhaustion we are tired of making the same mistake we are tired of sitting at the same desk for a lifetime we are tired of working with the same situations that arise frequently we are tired of the wars and call upon us we are tired of the false peace that come with them we are tired with everything that is falling apart and is failing to grow now we have only limited facilities but there is always something that can be done about this and I've noticed in working with people but become despondent over conditions of life that nearly all of them are despondent because they have been unable in their own minds to accomplish a transmutation of something monotonous objectionable or debilitating yet there is an alchemy that comes with wisdom alchemy is the power to transform base metals into gold it is the power to transform the daily experiences into of life into a meaningful pattern of growth so that the individual will leave this world a better first many people was when he came in today he may be a worse person so we have this problem of what are we going to do about it how are we going to change these things how are we going to transform the monotony of knowledge into the dynamics of wisdom now one thing about that rotten monotony is that as one son told me once he didn't like but not me because it was so monotonous and this is very largely true there is no excitement no thrill no achievement nothing for keeping on and hoping that the job will last longer than we do this is not very much of an inducement so we have to try to find out how we can get some of these circumstances into our present knowledge well one of the things we have to do is to realize that much of this we have to do ourselves we have to recognize the need of becoming involved in the progress we hope to achieve the young family with two or three small children cannot depend upon a public school system to get him out or get these children out of the monotonous comparatively meaningless despondency which comes constantly with knowledge that has no outlet so the problem is that they directly reforms have to begin themselves in the person and Ben Franklin was a great exponent of common sense to him common sense was the most uncommon thing in the world because common sense was the power of the non scholastic to control and direct a life common sense tells us what we could do when we are tired of perpetual failure within ourselves we go and study at the soul born we did here at Heidelberg we do all these things but we're still working with knowledge on the same level we are still trying to get a nod or a science or craft or a trades but we are not trying to become better people we're not trying to grow we're trying to find ways to get rich without too much hard work so these things do not satisfy very well but supposing we recognize the importance the common sense comes on where monotony and so-called knowledge fail not common sense is just natural honesty it is an intuitive grasp of realities and is probably the most powerful educating force that there is yet we don't dare to trust to it because common sense my teachers to get to go in the opposite direction from that in which we look for profit and favor so we have to start with something and those who are out of school and about settle down in life have a great opportunity to begin to experiment with the in soling of facts when a fact then sold becomes a truth and we are in need of more truths we are needing them very definitely people whose vision extends far enough into the future to really understand what rep against but to really know the condition with building for ourselves there's a lot of thought now about the 21st century there's a lot of evidence wandering around that we're already trying to ruin it not because we mean to but because we're taking knowledge instead or wisdom to work with we are not trying to learn how to change that which is obviously we are trying to figure some way to perpetuate that which was never real so we have to think a little bit about getting into line for more wisdom and getting prepared to realize that everything in nature consists of a body and a soul now we can't hard to think of the soul as being associated with logic without me difficulty and imagining the things that are the common parrot usage of mankind have souls is arithmetic has a soul music has a soul art has a soul digging ditches has a soul every profession has a soul and a more exalted one and most of the members of the profession do not live up to it over 2,000 years ago the oldest Hippocrates was given to medicine and we have spent the last century trying to get rid of it we do not want it because it demands idealism it demands integrity and makes the physician first of all the servant of all the gods this is in the spirit of wisdom but we're trying to get it back down again into the spirit of knowledge we know the code we can rewrite it but we can't use it and that's because we are not building into ourselves the common sense the natural virtues and integrity which are bestowed by nature and mutilated by human nature so we're now looking for some way to get into a better condition to face into the future and I think one of the common things that we can do is simply to postulate that anything that we are doing has levels and strata for us to consider when we consider going into business this is also a moral decision not merely an economic one we do not expect to have all things run smoothly but we do expect that everything will teach us something of value and value is not to be determined in terms of wealth or fame value is the unfoldment of the internal potential of the divinely ad out part of man the progress is the individual growing up to himself because within each of us is something that is infinitely wiser and infinitely better than our own daily conduct if there is hardly anyone who could not improve there are very few to who improvement would not be valuable so we begin to think of all the ways in which we can use what we commonly call knowledge to increase wisdom to make it possible first have a better world to live in and to become better people in this world so now let's see what happens when we start in with wisdom now where is wisdom come from the wisdom was developed by the ancients for one purpose alone and that was to learn to understand the meaning of existence now there are various ways in which you can get some idea of this meaning we can start with knowledge and we can read a book on archaeology or on astronomy or engineering or any subjects and learn all the interesting and fantastic things that we are gradually accumulating in the forms of knowledge yet we can go on and do all these things and they become intellectual and we can take an examination and pass and because we have passed the examination we get the good job but with the whole thing there's been absolutely no improvement of anything we are simply perpetuating the blind alley we are going on continually glorifying the way it is instead of working earnestly to establish the way it should be every problem has an answer and the answer means that we have to change our own relationship to that problem we have to add soul the power within ourselves which will give us the right to judge the problem I think one of the problems that we come in now to also is religion in the fact that some very early time the various peoples of the world develop religious codes these codes they did not exterminated themselves probably many of them they did out of it but as far as they knew these codes that come from some deep hidden source within themselves over then the soul of the world and the idea of religion was that all things that exist bear witness to soul bear witness to the remarkable value behind it the individual can spend his whole life studying carrot but you can never said apparently understand how to create a carrot there is the you can use the things that are but he doesn't understand them he only understands their market value he only understands why the dietitian says you should eat them but the great pattern of the purpose of things extending all the way from the infinite of the cosmos to the most menu atom all these things have meaning and until we find our own place in this great chain of circumstances we will never be able to change the world to meet the law we are never going to be able to change the law to meet us and that's one of our difficulties we are constantly reshaping laws we are changing laws that we created ourselves in the first place so we go with them as long as we can stand our own creations and then we do something about that and we put an appendix on it or we put a various cata sauce to it so that we can continue to go along the same general path but the actual answer to the problem is the average person even the average education educated for has very little understanding outstanding of where we came from why we are here over here we are going these are the great realities without which and enduring culture can never be built and we are not even looking for them we are only looking for all the secrets of science particularly those that can be commercialized we are not aware of the drag pattern of a human soul that there is in each one of us a divine life that has come into exile in this world and the reason is in exile is because we have been here before and set up the Exile we come back to the work that we have done ourselves we come back to our own mistakes we come back to the ignorance that we started with that's a little worse and we are not even willing to recognize the fact that we are missing the real purpose of life growth now what do we say when growth well growth is not necessarily has anything to do with that wealth or faith growth is the ability to handle constructively situations that we have previously mishandled if we become new growth wiser than we are we can become better than we are but without confirming wiser we can never become better the wisdom is not intellectual either we think of it as long beard gazing in great stone tablets or something of this nature not at all wisdom is no more remarkable than Benjamin Franklin's Almanac wisdom it breaks down finally to common sense common sense but it's common sense in a universe in which the very structure of that universe is common sense everything about the universe makes sense everything that man does about it is dubious we're not at all sure that you're gaining on it but it is true beyond any question that the simple facts of existence or the basis of wisdom wisdom is not learning another language wisdom is to learn a language so that we can talk to another man all things are for use value and that use is not for profit but for growth so we are constantly working to build new echoes and new sounds and tones to enrich the relationships of life it's about 10 years now we're going to enter a new century at the present moment we are all tremendously excited over the prospects in fact we are not only excited but many people are frightened to death oh well all the way everyone is looking and trying to figure out what we're going to do with the remaining 10 years of this century I'll probably Ben Franklin who is a very forget the 21st century do it right now in the last years of the 20th century and you have nothing to worry about you have nothing to worry about or you start keeping the rules and you don't have to set us that yes I the period many years from now when you're going to start doing that this idea that we have that the the universe is most made up of sections which come into manifestation and in those various sections of the various skills of the various ideals or the Integrity's which are to be developed at that time the truth of the matter is these integrity must be developed in all times and all conditions and in every phase of existence we want to go into xx first century we'd like to be able to hope that we'd be able to stand the drinking water as late as that that we will also find some kind of a way to get the sewage out of our basements we are also hoping to save a forest or to merely to show it be able to show people what a tree looks like all of this type of thing is a little ridiculous I know but the point is very definitely that we have got to do something to change anything and the power to change is the power wisdom now the ancients tried to develop a way to getting wisdom and they came to a conclusion that I think we're going to have to come to again namely that wisdom cannot be forced upon mankind wisdom cannot be stuck down the human throat it cannot be legislated into existence and it cannot be perpetuated by people who don't want it so the ancients decided to devise a group apart they took those who yearned after righteousness and who sought knowledge and who had that dedication to the common good that was necessary for the perpetuation of progress and created the schools of wisdom the Platonic schools the Pythagorean school these various mysteries of Egypt and Greece and all the other countries for the training of people who wanted to know the reality they they needed to know that there was something beyond the commonplace but they tried to tell it to everyone those who didn't care they looted it perverted it destroyed it therefore they created a rule to control the dissemination of a central knowledge they said that the knowledge perhaps to be perpetuated by the right kind of person that they can't just simply toss it on the surface of light and expected to find a safe a life price to hide or to live we have to be able to recognize that the attainment of knowledge is the highest labor of mankind and that the attainment of knowledge is the basis of all philanthropy the basis of all unselfishness the basic of all cooperation and the strengthening of all the constructive emotions of the human being therefore to do this it must be disciplined and all ancient people set aside certain disciplines for those who wanted to know the truth more than anything else are these they're called the mystery schools they were the schools of Egypt and all these different systems Phoenicia Chaldea they were the schools of the island of Como they were even the schools that continued down into the Middle Ages finally became the labor unions it was a case of where there had to be a group of dedicated people to keep alive the forces which protect mankind and this dedicated group had to show by their action and by the consequences of their works that they were the defenders of mankind that they were the most important thing in all the world those who sought to serve the truth now we have this coming into religion and for Christendom the Christ mystery is probably the most important of all these dedications Christianity is actually a real problem of wisdom now it might sound as though wisdom is all intellectual but it is not the greatest of all wisdom is the love of truth the love of reality of the brotherhood of human life but in this time the the development of certain laws of reality and we're going to have to some way get back to some of this we're going to have to have someplace honorable recognized and supported by which those who desire to live better have a chance to do so and where those who have the inside information in certain matters have a chance to express their internal convictions now religion is for a long time provided certain phases of this even today in their 20th century where science has very largely is materialistic it lives in moves and has it's being in the presence of religion in the everyday we are learning in the present world stressed that religion is not something to be discarded that if there is anything exact it is religion not science because the inevitable consequence of the misuse of power is moral punishment and it also is a religion can't prove conclusively that the only way in which the individual can protect himself and his world is by the development of integrity he has to become a better person if expects to make a better world so we are now going to have somewhere along the line the science of redemption we are going to have a gradual rising of peoples who believe that the greatest of all knowledge is a knowledge to live an enlightened life that all other things are decorations or into devil even a trade or a profession or career is incidental to the basic fact that all professions are all careers exist primarily to help the individual to grow no part of our civilization was originally founded on the profit system it is founded on the profits felt as a prophet or sage actually therefore we are working constantly to create a situation and we're watching knowledge we're watching the expansion of knowledge we're beginning to recognize that a lot of knowledge isn't doing anything we're also recognizing that the knowledge is leading in the wrong direction that it is helping to perpetuate that which is doomed to fail therefore we have philosophy coming in and philosophy becomes the basis of a kind of wisdom and out of it comes the final decision which is the proof of wisdom the decision to do that which is according to the integrity of the divine plan the individual who obeys the universal law is wise any wisdom that so-called that does not recognize this fact is not wise and we have already had years and years of corrupted wisdom prevent years of years of pseudo knowledge and we had now very much in need of the real thing we also in recognizing that all the different changes that come in society are constantly convicting us of our own fallacies most of the problems that we have today didn't exist twenty five fifty years ago we were living in a different much more in cohesive way we are no longer in that way we have broken down the walls and barriers which gave us some protection there is no longer any respect for the laws of personal relationships there are no respect for parents or the ages there is no to expect for truth and very little respect for teachers because so many of the teachers are not teaching the facts so overwhelmed is all these things need curing and in this clearing we take the various forms of knowledge and we're here to try to install them we say take the knowledge for example of a mathematical career though there is a great deal to be said for them the average mathematician studies primarily for the purpose of advancing some science or for adding a certain air control to various mathematical problems but actually mathematics is part of the Platonic wisdom potato says God geometries are also chemical Mises but is the father of astronomy that is the power behind every form of knowledge and in its own essence every form of knowledge is correct every form of knowledge is founded upon universal laws and universal realities because we're not much interested in those things we sort of discard them or forget them or let somebody else worry about them while we do things that are different we prefer to think in terms of mathematics in a laboratory where we want to do something like this oh my goodness look what wonderful things Einstein did Einstein just for the footpad the paddocks together and what did he do he discovered something that may be the death of all of us gave us the ball now this is a little story of what we are all doing in the development of great mechanistic civilization a great materialism in a world where materialism can never win but by meant balancing only these factors of physical existence thinking only in terms of our own extensions even though we live but a few years all this goes alone we're not going to get anywhere wisdom true wisdom that use mathematics for a thousand years without ever developing a bomb why did we develop it because we needed a big mistake to take care of a lot of little ways we needed a big danger to create peace so we did that there and what did we go a continuing danger that will continue and place in the hands of Anarchy means of controlling human destiny but the powers of things are not going to permit this there is bound to be that the reckoning nature cannot be deceived the rent and the nature cannot be stopped its own realities must involve the correction of things which are contrary to nature's wish so what do we do we start out to build a new kind of civilization over garbage heaps are they fall in every a lot of trouble we are try to get rid of the bugs so we spray the food and die of the spray everything works in the same way because no one needs different Department is working for solution they're working to how to maintain the thing as it is how to prevent the bugs from eating it but not necessarily living anything to change the patterns upon which the from which these things are built and I remember very definitely when I was talking with Luther Burbank he pointed out he said if the plant is healthy there be no bugs it must first be stick and when it is thick it is weak and when it is weak the carnivores came in the insects come in here and the fungus comes in but it doesn't come into a healthy animal or a healthy plant the problems we have socially do not come into a healthy hero they do not come into a healthy nation or healthy level of life the reason why things go wrong is because we destroy the integrity which prevents them from going wrong we do not realize what we are doing we are all trying to have the plants on either – and we watch and we see what happens we watch the plagues break out there is every reason to assume that most of the problems that we face today are the direct results of the vibratory patterns which we are setting out by mass thinking we are all working on certain problems but millions of people are working on only one or two from how to get rich how to stay beautiful how to get well all these things correcting our corrupting our way of life our idea of getting healthy is to take care of the body but not preserve another problem I talked a lady was quite authority on the subject why do we way the girls want to be beautiful and he pointed out that there are two ways of being beautiful wanted to have it on the outside and in a few years it's gone and the other is to have it on the inside and it will last as long as you live and carry you into a better life beyond everything was dead at the sausage we need a better level of thinking we've got to take the facts and make truths out of them we've got to take the knowledge that we have and redeem it to save it from the corruptions of the selfish and the unscrupulous there is no way that we can have a better world unless we become better people and that is a problem that I think they're all working with very seriously at this time they think need the knee of the regeneration the alchemy of transforming selfishness into charity transforming self-centeredness into soul centeredness and allowing the realities to lead the way rather than to drift if possible somewhere in the background we have so many things to work with so many opportunities are so many privileges but we notice something is happening if these privileges are slowly diminishing these solutions that we have a slowly becoming insufficient little by little we see the continual corruption of the very vital forces upon which we depend and this corruption is simply demisch ooze perversion the recognition of this is important every individual who goes to school should be taught that every it dishonest person is sick that there is no such a thing as a successful individual who is not essentially a person of integrity everything else falls apart we want free after treaty among nations fall apart we see the present mess throughout the world we realize the tremendous struggle our big nernst to control manicotti here we are in the 20th century and following rules were decadent and obsolete at 2,000 years ago there are always some who will do it wrong but we have never had in modern time so many do it doing it wrong at the same time as we have at the present moment and that is because we are becoming more powerful that we have greater advantages greater skills now we have to have greater integrity or our own achievements will destroy us so I think it's very important and then all of us try to think about these guys as babies and just for the little sort of appendix on the end of this I'd like to see this is what we are trying to do here I think that there is a job here it will be a small job but I think it is useful I think we should try to create here in this group of people with a nucleus of a people that are dedicated to transforming knowledge into wisdom to gradually develop the powers and skills which will prevent pyramid commit them to have a better life themselves and also passed off a better world of their descendants so everyone that can possibly do so must play a part in the rediscoveries of reality and the rededication of a world that is tried to be a prodigal child and has found it all failing we rehearse other parts of the story of the prodigal son we are all part of something that we went thought to do it our way our way is no good the only one way is the way that was ordained for us in the beginning a way that is honest equitable and ends in glory and if it's pain fades away to the degree that wisdom takes over the ways of life if we can understand these things I think we'll all be better of happier people

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  1. Well said, yes money and beauty never made anyone great your heart does. Look princess Diana, she was famous for her heart not her aristocrat lifestyle ..Her inner beauty made her forever loved by all the people she touched. Thank you, Noella Oneness Canada

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