Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect

TOM: Hello, I’m Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent
of Public Instruction. GREG: And I’m Greg Rose, Director of Children
& Family Services in the California Department of Social Services.
TOM: We are here to discuss a very serious topic, mandated reporting of child abuse and
neglect. In schools and classrooms across California nothing is more important than
the safety of children. Teachers, administrators and other school employees have a duty, by
law, to report suspected abuse and neglect to the appropriate authorities to ensure the
well-being and safety of all our students. GREG: What does it mean to be a mandated reporter?
TOM: That means teachers, administrators and other school employees must report abuse and
neglect. That responsibility includes having the knowledge and tools needed to recognize
and report signs of abuse and neglect in children. GREG: That is why we want to introduce you
to the Mandated Reporter Online Training. This free, self-paced on-line training is
accessible 24-hours a day to educators and school staff across the state.
The California Department of Social Services, Office of Child Abuse Prevention provides
this training to present the legal responsibilities of mandated reporters and provide specifics
on how to report. After this training, you will be better able
to recognize suspected abuse and neglect, and understand the procedures required for
reporting to the proper authorities. Keep in mind that our goal is to increase
educators’ awareness of the signs of suspected abuse and neglect, as well as how to report
those observations. The online training is self-paced and includes
information specifically for education professionals. Be sure to print your certificate once you
have finished the training. TOM: All adults who participate in the education
of California’s students are strongly encouraged to complete this online training.
Child abuse and neglect have a lasting and profound impact on children and their families.
Thank you for the work you’re doing to keep our children safe.
JUSTINE: As parents we are naturally concerned about the health and safety of our children.
We want to provide them with nurturing environments and adults who care for them as we do and
support them as they learn and grow. Unfortunately once in a while there are adults
in our children’s lives who do not have their best interest in mind and hurt children physically,
sexually and emotionally. That’s why it is important for parents, educators,
coaches and other mandatory reporters in children’s lives to learn to spot physical, sexual and
emotional abuse, with the ultimate understanding of the importance of reporting and an understanding
of the reporting process. At California State PTA we are committed to
educating parents and communities on this subject and advocating for laws and policies
which protect our children. Your willingness to be informed, aware and
to take action on this issue will make a critical difference in the lives of many children.
Thank you.

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