Managing higher education on IBM Cloud

– We started with IBM cloud, using all public cloud instances. And as our business grew rather quickly, we've been able to use VMware, and basically create a Jenzabar
cloud on the IBM cloud. We use Vsphere, which
is what's used to do all the server virtualization. We have that deployed across
multiple data centers, which enables us to do
site to site recovery. And that's a big advantage. So our environment is
almost a hundred percent a hybrid environment. With some servers on the campus,
some servers in the cloud. We're closing in on the
four-digit server count, and we're gonna cross that. And again, I quite counting
because the speed is so quick. We have a 99.4% retention
rate for our clients. So after they go to the
cloud, they stay there. We're continuing to move
towards cloud native, towards the cloud as a platform. And that's based on the
positive experience we've had running infrastructure as a cloud on IBM cloud.

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