Managing Chromebooks with the Google Admin Console

[MUSIC PLAYING] If you’ve worked to put
technology in the classroom, you know the painful
process it can be to set up new devices,
image student units, configure them for
the school’s network, purchase and install
antivirus software, and set everything
up on every device. It takes a lot of effort and
costs educators time– time that should be spent teaching. We think there’s a better way. Google’s Admin Console
makes deploying and managing your
school’s Chromebooks a simple task, not a headache. With the Admin Console,
you can remotely manage your
students’ experience. It’s built for the
web, so you can add users, devices,
printers, and network access all from the web. You can even customize
bookmarks and wallpaper for every student, grade
level, or instructor. Chromebooks can be shared
across students and classrooms. If a student says the dog
ate their Chromebook, whoa, it’s no problem. They can log in to
any device and keep working with all of their
apps, bookmarks, and documents right there instantly. The Admin Console
also simplifies setting up digital policies. Enforce over 200 policies
across all of your Chromebooks. Literally go check a box,
and the policy immediately takes effect on all 40,000 of
your district’s Chromebooks. No other platform makes
it that easy for you. Whether it’s researching
the solar system online, collaborating on a
group history project, or speaking a new
language, using Chromebooks means all you have
to manage is the learning.

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