Malala’s DOUBLE STANDARDS On Kashmir And Pakistan

Hello and welcome to The show, thank you for joining me! Malala Yousafzai is an activist that was shot by the taliban for going to school. She has obviously had a terrible ordeal which I wouldn’t wish on anyone. She became a household name internationally when she was recognized by Obama, and given the Nobel peace prize Because of the fame and stardom that she has achieved in recent years, she has become an important voice for womens’ rights in the world. So when she speaks, people listen. But in recent times, there has been a bit of a trend emerging with Malala and her opinions. She is conspicuously quiet on the atrocities that occur in her home country of Pakistan. Maybe it’s the environment that she has grown up in. In liberal circles in the West, this is also a bit of a trend . In the liberal West, you attack India, you attack Hindus, and you stay quiet on Pakistan and its atrocities. This is because the left in the west has made an unholy pact with the Islamists and they ignore and sometimes embrace oppressive practices of Islamic cultures, as we have seen across the west. So it’s quite possible that Malala, having grown up in the west, has imbibed those same values. Everything India does is bad, and be quiet on atrocities on religious minorities in Islamic countries This is also a girl, who is still hated in her country: So malala spoke recently. She claims that she was able to get in contact with some girls from kashmir despite the communications blockout. She must be some James Bond Level Spy that she was able to communicate with people during a communications blackout. Despite the fact that many journalists have reported from Kashmir during this time: And flights are freely moving in and out of Kashmir as well. So first and foremost, on a level I actually agree with her that it is time that the blackout starts being lifted. The government needs to communicate its plan for Kashmir. lack of communication will lead to anger and fake news But what is interesting that 40 days of no internet in Kashmir has broken her heart so deeply. That is the event that prompted Mala to speak. So obviously, Malala has not provided who these girls are their photos, their names, to show that what she has tweeted is legitimately true. And it became even clearer that the story she was telling was a lie, becauseAccording to Malala, one of the three girls missed her exams on August 12. However, August 12 is a notified holiday declared across India on the occasion of Bakr Id or Eid ul-Adha. Even on the Jammu and Kashmir General Administration Department website, 12th August is clearly marked as Eid. Which kashmiri girl is going to give an examination on a holiday? If that’s the cae, then, even I can make up some stuff. I have it on good authority that Rahul gandhi isn’t actually one person, it is actually 3 children stacked on top of each other. I can’t tell you how I know, I just have it on good authority. there are numerous videos of curfews being lifted in Kashmir So why is malala making such broad statements without taking the situation on the ground, into account? Why is she presenting patently false information? But since she spoke, I would like to point some things out to her that she can also post on twitter and raise awareness: Thousands of Hindu and Sikh girls, most of them her age, were being kidnapped, forcibly converted to islam and married to older Muslim menplease speak on that. On the issue of the incredible persecution that the Baloch people have been facing, where people are kidnapped , murdered and thrown across the countryside from helicopters by the army. Also atrocities on Pashtun, Mohajir, Sindhis? Malala say something! Pakistan government has now registered FIR against students and youth in PoK for chanting slogans against the PM during his rally. 11 arrests have been made so far and their homes have been raided by the Pakistani forces . Their free speech is being curbed. Malala say something: Percentage of Shias in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (Gilgit Baltistan) in 1947: 77%. Percentage of Shias in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir(GB) today: 39%. Speak on Shia ethnic cleansing: Lets try something different: Kashmir doesn’t have internet for 40 days: Now she can hear us… So I don’t know why malala is spreading fake news on her twitter account, or who asked her to do it, and why she doesn’t speak on the atrocities committed by her country on minorities. But I guess one lesson that Indians can take is how loyal she is to pakistan. If only indians could be this loyal. Why do you think Malala is silent on atrocities in Pakistan? let me know in the comments! 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100 thoughts on “Malala’s DOUBLE STANDARDS On Kashmir And Pakistan”

  1. The real question is how was she able to talk to Kashmiri girls if there is a communications blackout? Does she have some special powers?

  2. A recent article of the Hindu shows that Some Kashmiris are supporting Extremists against the move of GoI by Keeping their Shops Shut… Now hypocrites are playing foul!

  3. Malala jaise kattarpanti apne hi mulk ke wafadari ka izhaar karti hai, chahe haalat jo bhi ho! So called Nobel Prize winner!

  4. Scam Sharma: do you know what the plan of the Jehadis is?

    There have been hundreds of days of curfews declared by the Indian government or those fighting against it in various states Assam, Punjab, of course J&K etc., which were very bloody.

    You yourself say that the valley is gravitating towards normalcy, are you so stupid to imagine that the government would play with its cards on the table, especially when traitors and the enemy are hell bent on fomenting mayhem!

    I believe the government will wait until winter sets in.

  5. It's obvious that government has kept 'Internet facility' down because terrorists and groups supporting to terrorists can use it against Indian govt. Plus you're saying that govt. should clarify when internet services will start again. It's simple bro. Govt. does not want terrorists to know what are they planning about. If all other states are having internet then why can't Kashmir. Security purposes. As you see Pak is trying its hard to make India give up the Kashmir. Now kashmir has became part of our nation. Nation which is growing rapidly.

  6. We should think about our hindu unity an he is doing right think plz hindu god plz guide all true hindus for better future

  7. We should think about our hindu unity an he is doing right think plz hindu god plz guide all true hindus for better future 1

  8. We should think about our hindu unity an he is doing right think plz hindu god plz guide all true hindus for better future 1

  9. India either is waiting for FATF to blacklist Pakistan or waiting for UNGA to complete so that Pakistan doesn't spread propaganda.

  10. Sir,please do talk about Jammu….everywhere it's just Kashmir…like if jammu doesn't even exist….majority of people in Jammu support scrapping of 377 and also the situation is normal there but still some restrictions prevail…idk why but when we suffer noone cares….all the sympathies for stone pelters?

  11. Giving Malala the nobel peace prize is same as giving nobel prize in literature to the winner of spelling bee champ. Giving speech wont spread peace…. !!!

  12. इस भोसडी की को हिंदंओ से अपनी मरवानी है. पुरी फुडवाकर ही मानेगी !!

  13. she is tweeting the script given by ISI,she is just a accidental activist .if she raises the issues(you mentioned) in pakistan ,no doubt she knows taliban failed but not ISI (has a record of killing their prominent leaders).western liberals (so called)are sponsored by mostly oil rich islamic nations,so they wont speak against them,so exposing their fascist ,nazi faces(disguised as liberal faces)to the world is the only solution to stop their malicious propaganda.

  14. yeh randi hai sali Pakistan Army ko khol ke deti hai roz dalli bhen ki lodi, Pakistan me roz hindu ladkiyon ka kidnap karke rape aur conversion hota hai is randi ko nhi dikhta, Balochistan me roz log marte hain yeh randi chup rehti hai bhosdiwali kutti

  15. Her stand hints toward an another thing that if she doesn't give such statement, the security of her relatives in pakistan get compromised ( i mean their WIFI may be blocked )😎

  16. malala was saved by the west and the pak military allowed to go to UK as part of their fight against terrorism. so she cannot say anything against west or pak military/ administratiomn. she is not an intelligent girl or an activist for any cause. she happened to be an actor for west and got noble prize as part of west fight against terror. donot expect too much. even this statement on kashmir was due to support or direction from pak military

  17. Malala starts all her speech with "Bismillah e Rehman e Rahim". She is a first and foremost a devout Muslim who fervent believes in the tenets of Islam. Obviously see will always look at any issue from Islam vs Others paradigm. Nothing more needs to be said about her motivations and inclinations really.

  18. Shia, Ahmadiya minorities like Hindus, Sikha & Christians are systamatically eliminted, minority community girls are abducted, force married to muslim men, they are raped she cannot see this, she herself was stolen of basic right & shot by people of her own faith & now the same person is all pro Islam & all their ill deeds. She wants western nation a Kafir nation a non believer nation to give her award & protection & still she is pro for what is happening in he Islamic nation pakistan…SHE IS A HYPOCRITE . If she is so concerned she should go back to Pakistan & save her sisters in Pakistan who are suffering like she sufferd there…Hypocrite MALALA Bakwas bandh karo…

  19. हलालl भौजाई को निकाह कर लेना चाहिये ll और 20-30 सुअर पैदा कर ll chuslam को आगे बढ़ाना चाहिए ll

  20. You are spreading fake news through this video there was exam on 12th August of SSC CGL 2018 mains
    So you have to eat your own wordsand you are also in the line of those leftist who spread fake news

  21. Please Sir Stop Complaining About Her. She Is A Staunch Islamist And Its Their Duty To Morally Support Hindu, Sikh Genocides In The Name Of Islam Because We Are KAFIRS!! Even Shoaib Akhtar Raised Concern But She Is Mum.

  22. Sham ,aisa nahi hai ki malala ko kuch pata hai aur wo knowledge based baat Kar Rahi hai,1 word hai perception jo kabhi kabhi bola ya suna jata hai,jyadatar log bias par dhyan dete hain,team up Kar lete hain apne apne fayde ke hisaab se fir usme jameer antaratma ka role khatam ho jata hai,fir do as the master says har taraf wahi chalta hai,ab malala bhi kisi ki dugdugi or naach Rahi hai ,uske naachne se problem nahi hai uske tweets ko retweet karne wale self acclaimed intellectuals ke intellect par hairat hai,Bolo Khul ke Kon Kon malala ko idol manta hai uski akal ki wajah se ,aur subah sheesha(mirror) saaf Kar lena aur kehna apne aap se ki Mai malala se kam samajhdaar hu.Uske saath galat hua ,usko sir Mai goli Mari gayi uske liye Mai to sirf sympathy de sakta hu ,apni akal ka theka nahi.

  23. This islamic thing from pakistan has a claim to fame for being shot – the question that arise is does she stand for human rights ? She's been mollycoddled all over the West { poor little Paki girl blah blah "] does she use her new found status to fight for all oppressed people – Never ! she want's rights for ???? no F**kn Idea ! neither does she ! She'a a moron ! given more limelight than she deserves & is a waste of human life !

  24. Abe takle tujhe kitne paise mil re hai Bjp se… Saale Chinmayanand, Sengar pe tune aaj tak kuch nai bola. Kal bjp office k bahaar minister ne apni biwi k raipat maara. Tab teri awaaz kahaan chali jaati hai… Up mein jo journalist bachocho k roti namak waali video daali uspe fir uspe kyo nai bol raha…?? You are merely a mouth piece of Bjp trying to eke out money from your followers…. You are nothing short of the impostors you go around blaming in your videos…

  25. There was a curfew for more than a month in Hyderabad when Babri so called masjid was demolished does it mean there was no democracy in Hyderabad as Kashmir problem is 100 times more dangerous because of state sponsored terrorism it is better not to open communication as of now we can have communication center's as govt is providing now so we can monitor any anti-national elements try to disturb peace why it's such a big issue when compared with Xingjang and Pakistan and various other countries

  26. तालीबानी गोलली खावो नोबल पावो……अछी ऑफर है….

    यदी ऐसा हो तो, २०००+ अमरिकी जवानोको नोबल प्राईज दे दो…वो भी तालीबानीसे लडकर शांती फैला रहे है.

    वेसे मलाला नही ये ऐक हलाला है.

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