Maksimove avanture 8 – UCIMO SLOVA | Maxim’s Adventures – EPISODE 8 – LEARNING LETTERS

LEARNING LETTERS Toys! Do you want us to drop by and take a look? Yes! They may have those small battery powered toy cars! We’ll see. Good afternoon. – Good afternoon.- How can I help you? Have a look at this, Daddy! Can we take a closer look at this synthesizer? Of course. Hmm… Maxim! Hey, look at this remote control helicopter! Wow, how interesting… I must have this! Is that toy for you or for Maxim? I mean… I wanted to say… For Maxim, of course. See if it’s ok with Maxim. I found the toy cars! This one is for me. This one’s for Mommy. This one for Daddy. And the most beautiful one is for Auntie! Auntie will be delighted! And what kind of toy blocks are these? These are not ordinary toy blocks, these are blocks with letters. They make learning fun. Lots of children have learned their first letters thanks to these blocks. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy Maxim these toy blocks so that he can learn his first letters more easily. What do you think? I think it’s a great idea, isn’t it, Maxim? Maxim!? Yes, Mommy? Daddy and I want to buy you these toy blocks so that you can learn your first letters. But I want these toy cars! And the chopper! Maxim! Do you like that helicopter? Yes! Yes! Then we’ll buy it! Goodbye. – Goodbye! See you again! Maxim! How about we play a little with the letters? I don’t know how to play that game. I’ll explain it to you. For example: I say: ‘I spy with my little eye something beginning with… A’. And you say ‘A’ like an airplane and then I show you the letter ‘A’ on these blocks. Okay? Okay. What starts with ‘A’? YIP (*in Serbian). YIP? Okay! Well done, Maxim! Well done, Masha! Well, all right. This is just a warm-up. Tell me something which begins with ‘B’. With the letter ‘B’? Hmm… I know! VROOM! VROOM! (*in Serbian). That’s what your car says, Daddy! All right, not bad. The letter ‘V’? WOW! (*in Serbian). That’s what I say when I like something a lot! I spy with my little eye… something beginning with the letter… …’G’? GOO GOO! Come on, Maxim, you are not a little baby. With the letter ‘D’? YES!(*in Serbian) Phew! I got tired already… Do you want to take it from here? – Of course. Do you want me to teach you how to write your name? How? Just look. I’m gonna put the first block with the letter ‘M’. Which word begins with ‘M’? Mommy. Now I’m gonna put the block with the letter ‘A’ next to the letter ‘M’. ‘A’ like an apple. AND AN ALLIGATOR. That’s right. Then the letter ‘K’ comes. K is for…? KETCHUP. Excellent! Then comes ‘S’. ‘S’ is for…? – SANDWICH! It seems like someone’s hungry? The letter ‘I’ comes after ‘S’. ‘I’ is for…? ICK! Jeez, Maxim! The letter ‘M’ comes after the letter ‘I’. And there it is: ‘MAKSIM’! Can you do this all over again by yourself? Yes! Let’s read together now: ‘MASKIM’. I think the ‘K’ is misplaced. We’re gonna do this together. There you go! You are ‘MAKSIM’ again. I got tired. Let’s see what Daddy’s doing. OOPS! Something’s cracked? Oh, you are here! Learning’s done yet? I thought you’d bought that chopper for Maxim? I did. I just wanted to see if it worked. Today Maxim’s learned to write his name. Thats a good start! Well done, Maxim! Now we have to teach you how to write: MOMMY DADDY, MASHA, AUNTIE… …AND A CAR! – Of course, ‘CAR’ as well! Mommy, which other letters are there? Here, Daddy will explain it to you. We have ‘D’ like in ‘DADDY’, but not just any Daddy… but the best Daddy in the world! ‘F’ is for ‘face’. the most beautiful face I’m looking at right now. Your face, Maxim. ‘O’ like your Mommy’s OUTFIT. And which letter is this? That’s ‘Z’. Like ‘ZEBRA’ at the ‘ZOO’. I want to write something for you! To write? – UH-HUH! Here is your paper and pen. What have you just written, Maxim? – That’s what I’ve been asking myself? Well, how can you not know? It says here Mommy and Daddy! That’s the best thing you could write, Maxim! English translation: Ana Petrovic / Pinjate Paracin

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