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  1. Karley visits Sinthetics, one of the most acclaimed sex doll makers in the industry. Oh and they’re also known for their invention of “the vajankle,” a silicon foot with a vagina built into the ankle, which went viral for obvious reasons.

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  2. This shit is disgusting and stupid. Same goes for female dolls. Doesn’t matter what gender it is, sex dolls are wrong and objectifying. Whoever makes this dehumanizing crap should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. I googled the website and found out that I live 5 minute walking distance from the headquarters. I drive by literally every day

  4. Minnesota! Lol yeah i can see it.
    Thanks now I'm gonna be looking at ppl like 🤔'Do u have a doll'?🤨

    Side note: 16:48
    Did she have to get drunk before or did she have to get drunk after🤔🤔🤔???! The world may never know………..

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  11. democrats buy these sick grotesque dolls because they have no souls like the people who created a foot pussy and these ugly dolls

  12. It is really creepy to see how lifelike these dolls are. It amazing how they made them so human like. I want one just to have setting in the living room…

  13. What else would we expect from a lefty show, it’s their ultimate fantasy after all. This looks like feminism gone insane, well more insane. At at time when issues surrounding relationships or lack there of are huge, and men are being marginalised and cockled by aggressive women now some would replace us with inanimate models. Go for it ladies, just remember he won’t bring you flowers or tell you how special you are and beautiful.

  14. Ah to be able to chose a big pole instead of a tiny toy! I hate small dicks it's about time us girls now have some HOT fun!!

  15. La sensación de acariciar lo sensual, de besar apasionadamente, de sentir cada parte de tu cuerpo arder en un deseo creciente para llegar al todo , de amar, AMAR con todo el contexto que implica esta palabra.
    Solo las personas egoístas podrían privar a otros de sentir lo que somo capaz de ofrecerles , pero cuando no tenemos nada que dar…………..entonces……….viva el muñeco, EXCELENTE MANERA DE PEDIR TODO SIN DAR NADA.

  16. Its like you sex with a dead thing !😅the doll dont have feeling for you cant respond to you i will be scared evry night to see this thing in bed i prefer to use my hands

  17. Most women will never buy a sex doll. They can get layed most anytime they want and not have to spend a dime. Many times they will even make a few dimes. What's in it for the women? Nothing! Not only would they have to purchase one but also maintain and clean it. Until these dolls can provide an income, build a house etc. Dolls for women won't flourish. It's only designed to make men jealous so they will chase the women.

  18. I think its funny that not 1 person is bitching about there being no fattys . I mean obese dolls.

    Yea that's right. NO ONE wants obese ass fatty whales. If they did thered be obese fatty ass dolls. An all these dolls every last 1 is being crafted in an alpha state.

    I just find this hilarious .

    Bunch of beta fattys dont want to face the facts an change there bum ass lives. An if u call someone a fatty ass whale u get censored or banned or whatever the tyrannical overlords do to u at shit stain YouTube ect .


  19. This wouldn't work for me ..he would be way to boring for me! I'd also feel like he was always ignoring me. The cons would definately outweigh the pros with this ..for me. Then again he may be my only chance at getting married one day lol ..I'd take wedding pics with him lol

  20. Well… All the women that want one clearly are happy tucking the laziest guys out there! 😂. Silicone can't bend you over and finger your ass at the same time can't it… Or go down on you… Has absolutely 0 spontaneity… SO, if all you ladies want is a guy that does nothing all day and who's only purpose is to get as hard as silicone, hit like and comment and let's get married 😘

  21. I'm a very open-minded person who's not afraid to let my freak flag fly proudly and I sorta got turned on watching her riding the man doll, It's not something that would turn me on per say, but I just look at it like a very expensive and realistic sex toy for masturbation. I can see where someone could possibly find these life like sex dolls appealing because they feel socially and sexually awkward. Personally I need to hear the pleasure and the movement of the person who I'm trying to please to turn me on, so I can't see myself getting it on with a silicone doll. However I say to each their own.

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