Making Stormbreaker Scene – Groot Lifts Thor’s Hammer – Avengers Infinity War (2018) Movie CLIP HD

All-Fathers, give me strength. You understand boy… …you’re about to take the full force of a star. It’ll kill you. Only if I die. Yes. That’s what k– –killing you, means. Hold it! Hold it, Thor! Woah! Thor! Say something, come on. Thor, you okay? I think he’s dying. He needs the axe! Where’s the handle? Tree! Help me find the handle!

100 thoughts on “Making Stormbreaker Scene – Groot Lifts Thor’s Hammer – Avengers Infinity War (2018) Movie CLIP HD”

  1. So why is this stormbraker connected to Thor? Original Mjolnir was enchanted by some runs, super-magic of Odin or something like that. But this is just an axe that is immediately enchanted to empower Thor? Is this special Thor-exclusive material it is made of? Or special Thor-exclusive star? And btw, why is this Dwarf is so precious? He literally just turned the wheel and that's it. He didn't even think that "Hm, I might need a handle for the axe… Nah, let's think about this later"

    Also I finally get what Odin meant in Ragnarok
    -What are you, a god of hammers?
    Everyone thought that he meant that Thor is badass and he is god of thunder and lightning, mighty and all that stuff. But actually he meant that he is a god of axes! Not hammers! Because he couldn't do shit without his hammeraxe

  2. Can I point out that groot as a typical edgy teenager cut his arm in a time of desperation. Perspective is an interesting thing my friends

  3. Comment who else you think is worthy to lift Mjolnir
    I think Tony Stark (endgame) Black Panther and Groot (guardians of the galaxy) are probably worthy

  4. All this build up for 10 minutes of comic-book level Thor teasing, only for the writers to make both him and the weapon pathetically useless in Endgame.

  5. It's just a movie u morons , no body in this entire universe can fly like thor there is no asgard in real so just enjoy it there is no hulk …I can kill thanos just send him to me pls stop thinking about these fake theories about film….producers directors actors are no fools they r smarter than everyone who is commenting here,…. how he take 6 suns,, why hulk scream ,,,why Tony stark don't scream …yaar Tony dies hulk dont death as compared to a scream is nothing …some talk pain by scream some cannot scream like tony but they die……tony doesn't snap easily but he dies he didn't survive like hulk#### but what u guys want to see is tony screaming for 2 minutes straight and thor nd captain holding his hands hulk and cap americaholding his legs his wife smooching him so that he does not feel pain and tony is screaming like someone is fucking him bcz he is no stronger than hulk…than u guys will feel good …..fucking IDIOTS MORONS wasting time on a movie in which nothing is real which is just for entairtainment… if u want to fight fight on real theories or real life things …fight on how to plant trees how to save water how to save environment on real things … films enjoy them for 3 hours than leave them in theaters ….bcz these things r silly to discuss for example I can also ask why ANT man doesnot enter in the nose of thanos and plant a bomb there or why he doesnot enters into thanos ass and than became bigger from inside the ass that will surely kill thanos and his ass will be teared into pieces 😂🤣 and we can also see the shit here and their of thanos that would be a brutal kill for thanos with the very ease..stop commenting pls on fake things

  6. "You're about to take the full force of a star"

    me: nuuuu chris hemsworth will get all tanned and sunburned D:

    atleast all his hair is still intact

  7. DC had never ONCE been able to make moments like these. Not in Dark Knight triology, not In the DCEU not in watchmen. Never

  8. Yknow Groot at the start of the movie is kinda dumb but once he realizes people really need him he comes through for Thor and sacrifices his own arm to make the handle so that he can live

  9. This inspired me I couldn’t do 10 lifts with 80 pounds with my left hand and after I watched this I was able to 🙉💪😭👏🔥

  10. Lol you just steal movie clips and put them on YouTube and you get million of views and subs what a world XD literally you do nothing and get money for it

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