Making Education Accessible to Deaf Children | Nyle DiMarco | TEDxKlagenfurt

23 thoughts on “Making Education Accessible to Deaf Children | Nyle DiMarco | TEDxKlagenfurt”

  1. A small advice to all Deaf speakers, including DiMarco himself: avoid use of the phrase describing your inability to hear "I CAN'T HEAR". Use instead: "I DON'T HEAR". Reason: the word "can" and "can't" followed by whatever verb imply that everyone ought to be able to do this verb, like "hear", to be wholly human, and its inability a defect in need of removal, whereas using "not" with a verb does not carry this implication.

  2. Really cool that hearing school friends could sign even though the nearest deaf people lived far away. Presumably members of this strong deaf family taught them, or taught him how to teach them! Brilliant.

  3. The fact that he is a deaf activist signing to a crowd and half the time you cant even see the signs is ridiculous

  4. He's Lying. Everyone wishes to change something about themselves, at one time in their lives. Usually when they are a child or through adolescence. But people believe that to admit that means that your not happy with yourselves when it reality it just means that you are Human.

  5. There were parts where the translator was making noises like swallowing saliva and made cringe idk why 😐

  6. He is amazing. Honestly, he is very great inside and outside. He knows how to live in a luxury and how to live minimally. God, you have made such great creation.

  7. Thank you for pushing the message that disabled kids are vulnerable but if you try to harm them by pretending that you're pushing too keep disabled children safe. It's not new. Don't pretend to be the shepherd otherwise the actual Shepherds going to come over and hang you by the tree as a warning

  8. Thought he was just a deaf model, then the more I learn about him the more amazed I am…and motivated and inspired:) What a beautiful human being

  9. No captions, the angels are awful, and the interpretation misses a lot of what he signs… not changing the meaning necessarily but just minutes in a see a lot missing. I love Nyle!

  10. Nyle Dimarco really busy with travels . Nyle D. love deaf people as friends. He is amazing and perfect and best.

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