what okay just run along even you have to pick your house yes what are you doing with my bikini I know who do they come now yeah good evening have you he's out of town what it's like you guys are having fun you're out oh my goodness Wow please was dress cap you ain't going back home okay where's my angel okay baby how are you oh I miss you too yeah I can see you're having fun with all cool all right bye darling bye yeah heavy hello anyhow fucking awesome I just want to lose my dream anyway good news for you I won't just watch good now I'll come back so why are you I want to cook aromatic income but I'm a charity boss said you should bring that when he returns from his trip comedy whoever media suggests I don't know it's the make I tell my while making bacon come here the post called you phone no no no I called okay I call him now so if they make I tell my wife making you bring in my big income but you might be can tell them I have a wife whatever now do not make music I just wrote you that combo game anyway you have to talk very fine before madam comparable we work now you know how she reacts when she does not see you at the gate will come back you know we may not know what do you man the woman said besides look at your dress I again what happened you know why that one was a difficult mission from now before I prepare my thinking go anywhere when everywhere so you mean you didn't even make America hate me flare must you think about mission failure and it might begin great anyway I won't go yes you should you should she has the right to look this is the same reason why or guys and good madam right now I just stood then you wait to buy something from the outside and thank you paym the list of the holidays so I can't I just can't please what would be booted her goat out of the house with a lets me know talking about rest from work whereas James on that she deserves respect I already told evening to drop homeless and scheduled for hawk I also told that she needs to pay more attention to our studies she's not doing well let's see that see I'm title of this argument please call Frank and tell Frank to put my daughter in the next available flight I need her back in this house please hello as now you do that if you say that is the gotta keep people pleased if you drove all done by now and now we would prefer support I pass that and the nai stopping it better for you now now said when I spoon and hey it will be smooth and when I miss food what I need I thought wrote for meat everything it's just first you need to see dr. now now I see DVDs of this book you need some medication and keys I hope you got some of this rubbish in front of Olga by degrees because it doesn't like scene it's methodical and easy J what's going on here J how many times have I warned you not to be watching a doctor movies so you insist by yourself what you want to watch after I warned you again now get your things see you're grounded from now onwards you have to remain in your room on testing otherwise do you understand me you stay your room you read in your room you eat in your room you do everything you have to do in your room unless you're ready to go to school am i clear good now give Mara modes give it in words now go to your room yes I like them James Creek not self wasting Oh upstairs you what honey do you have it's okay all right I told not to sell genuine arrow even you can go see Jane is grounded all right come on I need us relax let's eat please gently something when I granted No because she disappeared at won't Jensen Valley not to watch movies with Dibley jeans that's not the point as probably shirt or head the issue is that absurd a question she is to see it's over Alexis also helps out Oh Ellucian chuckling are you oh my god hits doesn't mean that does not mean we all need because you must have done something wrong if you watched one last time yes in cell phones we should anticipate your daddy in the first place don't remember your daddy with some quality punishments and you'll be free very okay so check and be a good girl let's go get some breakfast hey to stop smoking now I don't know now your coffee recovery would you say that let me look over your coffin because the secret are it will not be a respiratory system – god forbid this thing is just supposed to be for your own needs my advice for you stop smoking anyway do you want to take your food no bill maybe now I see they do with us in a prayer know what energy you we've added North Korea but it just no okay how are you did you ask Jay trusses in the living room if you are we placed on their punishments that is not your business it is my business ah she's like really she's a daughter so I bliss Jane under punishment and pursue this I can't suffer because she has been in definitional for all time if it's a child it's a letter each other Rosita right on how it goes see great forensic plot gee I hope you understand the impressions you just created because this is the first time I hope you do no it's this okay all right this one needs to know all right yes that one who's retired how's this Jenna very very fancy date Nancy and I'm sure she's argued with some other day Jane I can't believe your attitude has come this bad I couldn't yell at me how sorry for yourself because from today onwards you are branded in this house I don't see you anywhere close to my room in this room this room the guest room and the kitchen is that clear well city have you had something to work Jane Wow geo that you don't you want me to say okay what did I do and it's not a problem how you knew I found data yet you allowed that to come into the living you pick it up because you want to get to know and feel that like others doesn't matter anymore in the house don't tell me that is making you feel bad because I have grounded James several times I can serve my orders you became a few you'd love him more than I do I never consider I was only against your timeframe see that is now I'm style all right you have you understand the truth is there's nothing we can do to discipline Jen if we are divided you need to back me lock when I give our orders and I need to back you up when you give orders that's the only rule can instill discipline on this child if not our child just like as any way to walk after you said all this I just hope you understand what she started it it's okay the thing is that we need to learn how to handle shoes oh it's the fat pads we have a young curve is the level cap this is forgive me I am disobeyed you please can you find a place to connect with us money see you when it's all it's all about me do you want a sound sleep right now today's talking about swords and Lance's that's lately my height in the guest room making phone calls right do you want know see actually um the woman is my girlfriend I sleep Oh obviously you you everything has come about me you are wrong with me tomorrow sorry like let alone please and this year we please can you open it for me understand something just with you when organs from work you can one ask them yourself alright now open this gate for me because I need to get is notes and I have something a prayer you know what loopy ladies didn't know anything can never get now hey hon I will take care now okay I'm surprised you can even keep your wife no surprise no what do you get okay something let me know if you try up before in life no player in the middle please return the phone away or don't okay Hardison the limits vitality sadly have you seen it Misha – they must watch over you put my design – I'm talking for you no I promise you no I want to talk about your previous phone conversation see let me tell the truth I'm trying my best not to get involved in this rubbish it started because of my daughter because I don't want other faces anymore and you had the cause of it normally she blame yourself because if you are wise enough you will know that your daughter is not supposed to be involved in this rubbish you've started a game I did not have any rubbish just let me be no no no no you tell me who is that lady be talking to on the phone lately because I've got to serve are they talking to someone on the phone so you say that once I'm on the phone with someone that's automatically becomes a woman talk about it that woman was tell me who she is thank you we just it's all about you this family it's all about Smith strong never till a strong it's all about you it's all about I do I do nice on disc Russia so nice become Dooku smoke and I like then you coulda can be Billy Graham awaiting weight is B if you see that my picking you them a it's possible to speak the Billy Graham already I'll go there I'm a pure happy now or the P big-money wait on Superboy I'll go dragon ago happy me gusta be speaking a little ducotel now Luke will tend in everything is try nice hey have you seen G have you seen G but uh she is not in sight she hasn't come yet today nobody's you know the skit is not woman why is this kid not supposed to be locked at all time please huh stay by the kids do not lick this gatepost again thank you J get married the boys are getting RV and we present emotion outside these you know this is a case they've actually they have stopped taking Commission why'd you do that okay hmm sequel to your keys Oh animal tissue presents okay Oh I don't know no one can steer it by the clarity you have anyone in mind yes who's there okay mental image daughter yeah did you you may ma do me well the books online school yeah right now it's in our Nathan magnet again but you go starts to move in on Monday I hope she's a good girl everything will be provided of me and of you know about now how did you know I told you my is older students it's not supposed to be honest I'm okay with only that's the headmaster drive and prepare for a spiritualist trip and I meet with all this okay see talk to you about it again alright I'll make all the necessary arrangements only making you happy is my responsibility I'm tired alright professional so I can take okay fine so don't worry okay also that good yeah see you later on see ya that is tired oh my goodness Jay fortune electric sockets so oh why not dream as an electrician I are you an electrician and one of the Moose says don't burn a little sauce no matter what happens later that touches I'm right I see when to touch it see Jane is dangerous very dangerous way to touch magnetic sauce please it's not good enough for you to risk your life over an interesting program see the sockets is bones all right let's go to New York about your program don't you ever come near an electric sauce it's dangerous did you hear me am I glad watch this everything available nobody open now he's young he sees easy baby idea one new like if you say yeah yes I don't have a memory I don't believe what I wrote is it to work just escaping I believe I tomorrow be strong again but thanks for kidding me you are constantly hurts today is that what I do it's about the key and we want to put the rules aside and allow them to enjoy their holiday nothing stops them from enjoying the holiday report the rules still stand udemy to be joining homeland and slightly let's allow her to enjoy the rest of our holiday here see the kids we enjoy themselves but they have to play by the horse all right hey hey happy to see you okay no cameraman in the prison you come back will you bring me but I will conquer it myself I know why I know why yes to do we're done with yeah anyway come on sit down even I can go – yeah now you're happy surely I will notice the little agenda sleep habits of anything teaching but Sheila weeks virtually everything these days not only that she's getting to judge these things need to look at a laundry basket to understand what I mean yeah I've never seen her fluids as better answers and I'm going to Buster's we need to stop it as soon as you can give me give me I was like you said John was my number one responsibility have you been doing that model wafer we went beyond expectations but if you ask me I'm serious a manageable Sanjay is psychologist yes sir how come it unnoticed James change of behavior oh my god not just it that we've done about it my English is a growing child and whatever you're noticing now he's meant to happen my daughter looks so dead these days and she plays a lot here you are telling me that you are good but can be cut to change our habits yes no Josh you see oh how are you today you did go to school today thanks not today yesterday Saturday Jim does something good work right let me see no come on everything and you see come on I even write that you're hiding this part of your school where do you copy this me let's stop them hey genius supposed to be reading your books not copying down – stop all of our exercise movement wants to discipline again am i clay that's right this looks little come on stand up no Jamie have a stripper you don't leave you just stand up I didn't do it to make you but I did it because your mum and dad anything I wish i I know Jane yes she was a schoolís money she actually came to find out if you have noticed that chain placement so much these days yes noises see Jane plays so much that have whom is always some tiny clothes all is muddy please I need help I needed stops it's the richer you don't have to worry yourself ok this is a change that she will suddenly get messy because she's a child we can't force us to be an adult please I see I know all these things but James own is the common accesing this is growing kids how do you keep batteries more I'm really worried about this is not to join you I don't want her to grow this bad habit I think this is the right time stopping things is right for seeing is I won't forget about spending your money on your kids so just that I enjoy yourself a way to clean up their sleep time besides clean as them affected academics anyway she's read very well in school I will say that with one of the best it's all about you as family this will be crazy Maddow now is more picky like eating caddy you've been one of this can be never come open the gate for me know and we demo I'm saying that because you got them against a blue come up a walk yes that's exactly what you should because you're just oh well you never listen just come out when you get from your green up yes my name is not room and she's watching you right now yes she's very talented too so I wanted to allow that child to grow feeling that she can contribute something to the world you don't have to be too strict on half just give her a chance to express herself do you go them most kids like your daughter happy notes on salads wow you actually make a lot of sense here and then after about in this way I'm glad to inform you that your daughter is very sanitary in so many ways she acts very well she sings well she's talking about class and she likes to chat fellow students I'm surprised I saying this you see Jane has turned her exercise books it's another's she writes lots of stories then she can as a teddy bears act like she's a teacher and they are students as Jane does a lot of crazy stuff very crazy things I can even understand she's me bringing out what she has inside of my house just let me take advantage of that encourage ah I have seized the storybooks and the toys it's all I promise you I will return them as soon as I get home please do Jane is a wonderful child I'm so proud of that has oxygen thank you so much for the kind words appreciated better please try oh you can't make him happy from this moment she's been so Moody it hasn't she resumed school I don't want anything to affect our academic performance here do my best thank you so much we know we Samuel to your wife we want to dance thank you it's all about the strong Everton a strong it's all about you it's all about me can you remember the ancestors did exam okay let me find today's good so these are today's questions you know what our gets you a piece of paper so that give me the answers cross-checking right can be it's all about Smee at all all the buildings I raised on the island just collapsed how did you get the news how but try it called you oh you mean the only deputy hey this is seniors this is my good news how did he happen you remember I told you I saw the contracts to some other engineer contractor like that yeah so after then are you fully talk I felt they knew what they were doing you get until my client codes informal like I've been devastated completely uninterested it's okay let's go to this company that is accusing me of of selling the contract soon wrong engineer I had done the job myself will not happen the Wonder kills me the most right there mom it's me no yes it's surprising I'm sorry I live here let's take James Rosen friends house it's a tall order to be less than sommelier right I have a feeling that the police will be coming to arrest me anytime from tomorrow I say that mrs. Christopher's house just make sure it's very early in the morning as early as possible please okay only worried about the truth is I wasn't the contractor ham Linda job I saw the contract to another construction company the other was liable for ever has happened honey that's the truth you and I know we don't know what the please have in mind see I'll be vindicated I have evidence but whatever you see but don't worry about me I'm looking worried about myself my issue here is jail I want to make sure that she has nothing to do with this I don't even want her to have any idea the slightest of ideas about what is going on I said I wanted to weigh her down it's okay I'll take care of that see I don't want the situation yeah do you still remember what I told you in the house before we got to this money which are very tentacle rulings and the letter for my checkup I go now I'll see here will take you to your room and help them see you they should tie those little bits of my son all the way I'm just winging option G hope join me here for few days and she'll be fine it's wise for you to define deductive on what happens when found yes because they dream how close she is with her father I think it is the best option all right we should find out what has happened to her father she break down no comment Melissa my daughter crying trip down it's okay I'm just wondering this is a question please what you suggest that's why I wish once this is my house tomorrow good feeling with this nice because three Nancy Julia's house take it to your Monday let's go Marissa ten to Giuliana what can I do against my colleague we are here to invite you to a station we need to go question over the mistakes collapse the island okay just one phone call to me that's fine come here Go Go – oh hello and semester I needed to meet you at the station well so what's the shape from here please yes concerned a collapsed building do you keep the battling over sir thank you so much cheresa here obvious and trapezium can't miss that yes Sylvester will give you updates on what's going on life a stimulus with a list a nice to think about the house no I don't about trial seeking okay okay let me go say that off to her all right well is that your girly went out with his visitors is it going to come back today definitely he is coming back that is nobody here be back by tomorrow morning okay what did he go – he went on a business meeting don't worry I thought he would be back soon Oh at those people that took daddy this morning I did not take your daddy he went out with them just relax oh wait did you ask too many questions Jane vodka like Britta Kagen ISM amid our watch okay yeah I love them he made me sleep like this it's all about you it's all about me that's true everything is true it's all about you it's all about me when I draw everything stronger when you draw your knives you will not step on toes cut the bonus trunk we must leave us this time and what are you hiding it's it last I saw you comfortable just now that's true so you collected your salary of course you take a little serious sample then I would I kill my society sharp asses for money pass editing anything I hope if I know what we're buying get the body now and number the bottom in my alley and I say okay this one yes now I say look at which is a nameless mood whatever mood and I okay okay remember none of the money you didn't mess ammonia open our money I said no no no that money now noble not my money give them this money it's time me so you have started again so you mean you just like to your web that you've got collected celerity Smuts huh you know what you better find money from anywhere and sent to you like this much if not I'll be forced to tell the boss about it you know at least I will not be tidy I will have money James wears shoes what is it don't you always need answers security don't see like this even in school what is it getting ready for work and even know how to be time to wear shoes for you Oh Jane Jane Jane this song or fellowship many countries the pork how we access choose a bus they use a hash table who knows for how long this is presently one day or another huge masses because that's what people often ask about the task accomplished see not well the worst suppose along with origin walks to Eliza and opened up a new window mechanisms because they won't handle Venga Venga Venga Venga Venga Merriman good for the business but they were looking to the window vengo vengo vengo vengo now be careful hey you don't see violet uh b-but I say no 2000s edition hey you need to tell me now yes my wife and Namibia husband in a my duty to they said you crazy play the money you think you can deceive me no no no to be me not that one now and minutes that your phone is ringing you wait for me to garlic oil aroma not only request also piggies hello hey no big money now yeah mark I say no baby marriages moon you know bed Mario down hey no money you save me I can't believe you at this crafty so you me actually pretended to be unequally our own getaway notes I know I know oh yes alright this is the very small thing possible for them now you see whenever police commissioner whatever whatever well I put one is you for watching alright ready to watch oh alright you can go upstairs on what keeps you so busy I'm funny you what's the matter Alex I want to watch with you is that I want to try all becomes a possibility – my general approach towards issues with the change see what Jim is right now is patience yes yeah so now you daily tip the monitor when I don't tell my wife my ready for your information I don't send them money America remains heavy hey hey you don't you sit there a story of money avi I think we think that now it went very small one yeah Adam you hear them I mean you still won't go get em – okay Navi its timing what are you saying went to your family you're nuts it is for your own good I said that is not a reason why I'm here I know why you come right I'm here to call you to come and get your breakfast and so coming back to the kitchen III come Tembo say that because of you let you come home it's all about you as family it's all about sleep wake up on the strong Everton a strong it's all about what I know what happened Hospital how cool gee Jesus okay okay about this Oh i watch yes yes yes yes yeah gee she told us of homelessness she should be communist was awesome gnostic is shielded and no cheating he's just he said the mother is still in coma like it's very serious see the works that signature does not write to the supply chain in absence any Chinese oh come on that's all I'm saying we know how close ght yes you're supposed all right I know we Jane's mother is of your time I'm sorry okay yes miss understand me right now let's not forget what the issue is when everything turns on the Stantons attitude since every job suddenly she loves edna models customers come on she when I asked them why even be talking she said because she wasn't hungry she was even very solitary she came back from school oh no we're gonna go right she's missing her friend so it doesn't matter anymore because she's missing a me see if both of them are very close you know it's that very very close so it's normal so she'll come around children are like that Jim nowadays even in French it's serious told you she'll come around kids are like that it's no big deal right what about that the diploma have is the fact that she's going to she would find yeah sure yeah I just so badly she doesn't have myself I need sleep tight I committed by Irish and careful oh I'm so sorry I did it for me if I came up with a plan also really happy because Germans get some booty because they didn't travel so I had no choice but to come up with your range makes you didn't act naturally so this isn't you know it's mrs. crystal has me hostage so we hit so ignorant tournaments okay so she was staying in this room is right now it's okay I just hope she's a good girl because I don't need anybody else RJ it's okay special and careful and it's bad yeah I need a yarmulke ready one when you're 90 Susan come follow nasty the alien come back yo mama I don't understand who brought you here as an item Amana another year a small girl because it is gonna get expensive show you something you never know you mean the lady bells yes mom okay she has a sister she will stay with us until in named Simon English listen Jay I think it's still too early additional time and adapts to her besides she's not innocent evening Cosmo exactly she's probably impossible any thoughts of the saturates and when I told her she was a little troublesome hope your madam has told you what and what they're supposed to do yes good you see Jane is a midterm break and that's all brought your out we don't want her to be alone while we're at work so you need to keep an eye on her no I'm sorry Susan we don't allow broken English in this house that means is true what Jenna said of her that she speaks broken English to her please you have to reduce the weight speak broken English especially when talking with my daughter I microwaves miss food yeah that's his lunch and as for Jamie do not swallow Baha okay she doesn't like someone else to teach her food except yes thank you don't stab yourself then you know sorry beats passing I talked to my dad eos-1d she stopped speaking broken English not even after no I suppose with my business go come on upstream now watch another Yemen in order for your room distracting you I was watching I don't know to say Nogueira spits I would tell my daddy I'll turn all the things that we do to me come on fire but what what he look at is what oh yeah I mean you can easily put if your body just makes me need onion done you dare Chris hope you're made for this house why you can't be gold forgive your papa oh my my daddy could you please come on shut up that goes for you finish no no no see the hell no way I'm okay man a surprise no just more get slapped me Jamie stabbed you is it not named a Buy button now but you know dear I did before now you did already and maybe redeploy them I yeah okay okay Suzanne is that anything is that was real yes click it fuck they're down here who's that Oh why do you dislike them is it not what's wrong with you Jay all you will do ladies complain complain complain I see he absolutely staying here for a while just a touch God please just could you I just want I don't get angry what's your ring just nothing to say ocean is singing at least say Suzanne agree that ghost has no points you I'm good no please I want you to tell me exactly what happened yesterday well just search week next what happened I should repeat myself geez Jesus said you were bred when everything happens today yes so happen Masseria now Jesus lots of head me off like that yes No haha I don't want just to be the expansion let me learn all that so never you so all right Siegfried and some extras she's a bit C and moving down everyday plane yes what did you do that makes us finish it because I told her she should stop watching naked woman my dad see she don't yes when I complete she beats you up I'm using four hours I didn't just express myself I am going to talk to mommy oh it wasn't ok I will talk to them and thank you so much and I'm sunlight along and I must say that every child of Donald his or her right of this virtue you must not be taken away Jane complain to me about Washington's been passing through it in the hands of young knew it she told you that see this is fierce Jane has been going feel nothing she just hates Susan that's all you may be wrong mr. Richard yes by the way why will you even believe what a total stranger sale more than don't want your poor little innocent daughter safe mother decision from the very first time she set her eyes on Susan she expressed her hatred to us she hates her as a truth you know them children are like spirits they see beyond the ordinary there must be a reason for that you tell me is family it's all about you is family it's all about me would you not so hard before the gates oh you've warned Isabel that's about it because shoots because shows we may have the world man at gate find out who is at the gate for you with us Vic analysis out and get for me you cannot ask me a question you're very stupid to address my son in that manner sorry mom what happened nothing much just mucking up our house she said make it come off thank you thank you can you hear me I just saw Susan Oh everything's okay what do you mean what do you mean yes it's fine I'll see you tomorrow it's almost 11:00 I got dying when you found my way people yeah are we going out so like please make sure your tray then how about good you know tell your mommy anytime she didn't want me this morning have you not forget so much evil naughty good like this your kids I think the momentum don't I say you get out don't WRO man oh yeah all right Thank You Victor I'll just go again what was I shouldn't be doing each time I'm away not me so the nurse to me she wasn't beating no it not seen her steal anything from this house no you sure I put you out there for something very important popping on your mother yes me and I want to remind you as a mother it is my responsibility to provide for you and protect you from any danger so tell me everything that has been going on in this house each time on the way I am sorry if I've not been listening to you from the onsets we are trying to report activities to me but this time around I am ready to listen is that clay yes mom I'm sure she are stressing you not to tell anyone but as your mother I am assuring you that I will not let anyone close come close to you as long as I'm living yes you saw media mass and I thought you started a little Caracas it does for muffins see I'm a go-go car you she's putting the pin lock did she beat you no mom says she just sort alerts me okay go into your room I'm coming it's all about you it's true everything is true it's all about you I don't know what's useful and if you get eaten up with me cause I know say yes only officially focused so do it Oh did you know that sending will enter this is terrible a little you've been here I keep noticing missing just in one minute 8,000 an hour disappeared from my path Apollo fathers hope so you know no society so picking one hope you didn't tell our boss did you tell I know it's in Washington who draws that I know they remind you it yes anyway a little wrinkles and also it puts swells and results Oh well let me say this is a mistake mostly rates me and then that creates time it's moment any kind of relationship that you build keeps that means it's obvious right but I mean we all makes these things we don't stop to allow them to speak out when necessary we to sleep in a cave this is how additional conspiracy the switch it's all about you as family it's all about Smith my strong heritage try it's all about you it's all about me when destroy everything is true it's all about you as family

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