*Major* Injuries I had as a Kid: Day 17

So, my twin sister, when she was two years old, was sitting on a swing with my older brother, who was only a slightly bigger child at the time, and he was trying to get the swing
going and fell off on top of my sister. Her top teeth dug into her chin when
she fell and had to get stitches, and now she is forever cursed
with a faint line on her chin. Fast forward a couple of years, and she was on the trampoline with me, my brother, and some other friends, and we were just going at it, and Faith said “Guys you’re bouncing me too high! I’m gonna–” *crack* She was in a wheelchair the next couple of months and became the most popular girl in school overnight …until she was all better. But all those injuries are kind of understandable. Mine however, wasn’t. So I had a hamster once, and one day I was cleaning its glass cage outside and I had it flipped upside down. and I thought, “I wonder if I can stand on that?” *glass breaks* *screaming* There was blood everywhere. The hamster had to live in an old cage and it was all my fault. But hey, I didn’t need stitches,
and I have a scar on my foot forever.

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  1. I stood on a plastic chair and….it ended badly……like James standing on the hamster cage 😂😂😂 yes I still have the scar

  2. james: hm i wonder if i can stand on that……. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    me: oh my god…. this is amazing! XD <3 <3

  3. 0:51 I'm like you but What happened to me was 5 years ago (I think)
    I was want to play with my neighbor and my mom want me to go for a bath(sory If I whrited it whrong)
    And she have closed the door to keep me inside the house until I bath(sory If whrited it again)
    But I was beating the window because I was want to go play with my neighbor And then…..
    The window was broken and my hand was cut and I saw through it my flesh and blood and then my father came and went to the hospital

  4. Well youre lucky the two fights I've had with fishtanks ended with stitches lol. My 2nd story is roughly the same just add some anger.

  5. I have a round scar forever it happened in a water park when I was little I ran in the water park then I fell next my mum my mum did not fell with me cuz i was three feet from her i did not see the scar and i continue running a 5minutes later I saw my scar and I freaked out the end but my scar doesn't hurt me cuz that was alot of years ago the scar is gone but the mark of the scar is still on my feet

  6. My minor injuries were the worst! Once, I was cleaning my bird's cage, and she accidentally bit me. Then she flew on my hand and hit her head on my hand. I was hurting so bad, but my bird said to me, "I am so sorry for hurting you, Master Anna. Please forgive me!" What times did you guys get hurt? Tell me in the replies! I'd love to hear your stories!

  7. one time my cousin told me to push one of those tire swings, but I couldn't push it hard enough after a few pushes and it hit my lips, causing my teeth to dig into my tongue.
    I was bleeding from my mouth for the next minute and I looked like a vampire.

  8. Tell your sister this “someone at my old school fell off a tree and at first I thought he was just showing off but after he got up there was blood EVERYWHERE and I mean everywhere and he got stitches too so its sorta a coincidence”

  9. I've had:
    Fractured arm (preschool)
    Sprained knee (2nd grade)
    Sprained (SAME) knee (3rd grade)
    Fractured foot (now, 5th grade)
    I am literally sitting in bed with it hurting 😒

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