Major in Education at TU Northeastern Maryland

Hi I’m Tony Guidi I’m the program
coordinator for two undergraduate education programs at Towson University in Northeastern Maryland One component of the programs
here that I’m especially proud of is how well I get to know each and every student every day I know I come to work and I am working with a group of
students who are dedicated to teaching others how to learn without this campus many of my students would not be able to participate in higher education the education programs on campus and the education programs here at Towson University in Northeastern Maryland are identical the rigor is the same we have almost a hundred percent hiring rate of our graduates We have established a
deep and collaborative relationship with the Harford County public school system they are eager to place our students as interns and then they are eager to hire
them as they graduate I hope to see many of you in my class one day and I hope my love for education will motivate you to hopefully pursue the noble profession of teaching

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