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Magnetism. A magnet is an object or device that produces a magnetic field. Magnet attracts objects made of nickel, iron and cobalt. A magnet has 2 poles, the North Pole and the South Pole. Attack. Opposite poles of two magnets always attract each other. Repel. Like poles of two magnets always repel each other. Repel. Big Brother. The Earth also behaves like a magnet. South pole of the Earth’s magnet is in the geographical North. North Pole of the Earth’s magnet is in the geographical South. What? A freely suspended magnet always rests in the North South direction. This is because opposite poles attract each other. The End.

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  2. Hai, my teammates and I are assigned to create a video for kids about magnetism. i find that your video is quite intereting to show to them. may i ask your permission to include your video to our video presentation? i will give credit to you.

  3. Yes sleep on a beach its not like water is going to pull you into the seas current and drown u

  4. Can. U believe thay gave ipus nonworking to watch this video and write notes on why u learnt 😟😭

  5. U make some wierd vids :/ -_- literally is it bad to HOLD OUR URINE AND THE ANS IS YES But only fo some time… or else u pee in ure pants C: C: C: C:C : C: C:

  6. It is for homerwork but I still think that the animation is a little for kids but I still liked it πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


  7. I remember that this was the second one of smart learning for all’s that I saw

    Smart learning for all

  8. The upper part of the magnet has no magnetic field ,so there are no magnetic force on the upper magnet of horshoe

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