Madonna’s kids 2019: Everything you need to know about them

Sure, Madonna has had plenty of roles in her
life, but it’s her role as a mother that she takes the most seriously. After all, with
six children it’s safe to say that she’s got her hands full at all times. But at the
same time, she does her best to give everyone the individual attention that they need while
also making sure that they are safe, sound, healthy and happy. What’s more, Madonna
knows the value of a good, quality education. She also has strict rules and guidelines that
her kids are expected to obey at all times. Learn more about the children of Madonna. Lourdes Leon.
Lourdes Leon was born to Madonna and her then boyfriend Carlos Leon in 1996. When Madonna
announced that she was pregnant with a baby, the world went into frenzy as she was arguably
‘the most famous woman in the whole world’ at that time in the mid 90s.
One year after her birth, Madonna broke up with her boyfriend Carlos and started raising
her as a single mother. In late 1998, Madonna got her daughter’s
first pictures published in the Vanity Fair magazine and the entire world became obsessed
by little Lourdes. Madonna knew the drawbacks of a celebrity
lifestyle and hence, she wanted her daughter to stay away from the limelight and look for
a career in either law or accountancy. But Lourdes’ interest lied in everything her
mother was famous for, especially acting and fashion. As a kid, she accompanied Madonna
to several events which further brought her into more limelight as she grew up.
Madonna started a relationship with ace English film director Guy Ritchie and got married
to him in 2000. After marriage, she moved to London with her daughter Lourdes and Lourdes
got a step-brother in form of Rocco. There, Lourdes started attending a French school
along with her brother and became fluent in the language.
She exhibited all the traces of being a very intelligent kid ever since she was little.
Despite her image as an open-minded artist, Madonna herself claimed that she was a very
strict mother. Lourdes was not allowed to go out on her own before she turned 18 and
neither was she allowed to have any boyfriend. This strict parenthood resulted in Lourdes
growing up to be a well disciplined and hard working young woman.
From time to time, rumours popped up that her children were not very happy with her
strict disciplinary measures and hence they preferred to be with their father more.
Lourdes showed traces of immense talent ever since she was six years old. Her mother came
up with a popular English book series called ‘The English Roses’, which became highly
popular. Post the success of the series Madonna claimed that her daughter had been her biggest
critic and provided some key creative elements which were included in the book.
By the time she was 13 years old, Lourdes had grown an impeccable fashion sense. As
told by Madonna herself, Lourdes was always nitpicking on her mother’s dressing style
whenever she attended an event. Seeing her interest in fashion and beauty, Madonna took
her help while she was designing clothes for her brand called Material Girl. The line inspired
by 80’s chic fashion sense became highly popular and it became very evident that Lourdes
was growing up to be a talented fashion designer. Around the same time, she got the offer to
star in a Harry Potter film but Madonna did not let her appear on-screen before she finished
her high school at-least. As she entered her teen years, she started singing as well. She
provided background vocals for her mother during a concert in 2012 on the song ‘Superstar.’
Ironically, the single titled ‘Superstar’ was recorded by Madonna back in 1998 and was
dedicated to a young Lourdes. Apart from that, Lourdes has appeared in two of the teaser
videos during the launch of Best of Madonna collection ‘Celebration’ and contributed
her vocals to her mother’s ‘MDNA’ album. Despite being multi-talented, Lourdes wants
to forge a very serious career in acting and has graduated from the La Guardia School of
Performing Arts back in 2014. Presently, she is pursuing her majors in performing arts
from the University of Michigan, which Madonna attended as well.
As a 19 years old teen, she made her modelling debut with Stella McCartney ad campaign for
her perfume ‘Pop.’ It was the first perfume Stella came out with in four years and Lourdes
joined hands with models Kenya Kinski-Jones, Amandla Stenberg and Grimes for the campaign.
Lourdes Leon has been very vocal about her relationships and one of her most talked about
relationships was with actor Timothee Chalamet, the ‘Homeland’ actor. She met him during
her time at the La Guardia High School. The couple went public about their relationship
in 2013, but it did not last long. They broke up a year later when Timothee was photographed
kissing another girl. Lourdes does not like to be in the spotlight
as much as her mother. For that reason, she refrains talking about her mother in front
of her friends who does not know her mother is Madonna.
Due to her uncanny similarities to Madonna, she is referred to as ‘mini-me’ by her
mother. In March 2018, Lourdes was spotted smoking
in a public place and making out with an unknown young man. The rumours are ripe yet again
about her being in a relationship. Rocco Ritchie.
Rocco Ritchie was born in 2000, to Madonna and Guy Ritchie.
Rocco Ritchie was just eight years old when his celebrity parents Madonna and Guy Ritchie
decided to end their marriage. After their separation, his mother and father settled
in New York and London respectively and young Ritchie had to travel back and forth to spend
time with his parents. Ritchie traveled with his mother during her concert tours around
the world. Later, he complained about not getting to spend enough time with his mother
as she was always on the move, fulfilling her professional commitments. Ritchie also
got tired of moving around all the time and yearned for some stability. Madonna, however,
did not take her son’s feelings seriously and retorted that she couldn’t be a “cool
mother to a grownup boy”. Things soon turned ugly between the two and Ritchie moved to
London to live with his father and resumed his studies there. Finally, Guy Ritchie won
Rocco’s custody as well. Things didn’t cool down for a while between
Madonna and her son as Ritchie was seen commenting negatively on one of Madonna’s ice bucket
challenge photos on Instagram. The comment was later deleted but not before it reached
the public. During this period of turmoil, Rocco Ritchie faced intense scrutiny from
the media and was stalked at every moment. He lost all the privacy he craved for in his
life and was regularly mentioned in the tabloids. He was even pictured sipping an alcoholic
beverage before reaching the legal age of drinking. Once his neighbors complained about
him to the police and he was caught with cannabis in his possession. He was rumored to be romantically
linked with each one of his female friends and everything he did was scrutinized by the
media and commented upon. This deeply distressed the young man.
Even though his relationships with his family members were troubled, he eventually found
a kindred spirit in Brooklyn Beckham, the son of former English footballer David Beckham
and former supermodel Victoria Beckham. With Brooklyn’s support, Ritchie is planning
to move to New York to study art and film. Madonna is believed to be very happy with
the decision and is looking forward to spending more time with her son and repair their relationship.
Rocco Ritchie has appeared in some TV shows, including one episode of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres
Show’. He has also appeared in some documentaries like ‘Madonna: Bitch I’m Madonna’, and
‘I’m Going to Tell You a Secret’. Rocco once dated Kim Turnbull. Currently,
he is said to be in a relationship with singer Chantelle Lee. David Banda.
David was born in 2005, in the southeastern African country, Malawi. His biological father,
Yohane, abandoned the newborn in the nursing home after his mother died. Later, the baby
was handed over to the ‘Home of Hope’ orphanage located in the district of ‘Mchinji.’
A month later, when Madonna visited the orphanage while touring for one of her charity programs,
she saw David for the first time. He was not in a good health. Suffering from pneumonia
then, the little David was on the verge of death. Madonna immediately filed for an adoption
and wanted the baby as soon as possible. After the initial official legalities were over,
the baby was finally handed over to Madonna. She named the baby David Banda Mwale Ciccone
Ritchie, which included the names of his birthplace and Madonna’s then-husband, Guy Ritchie.
Even after Madonna got the permission to adopt David, she had to sweat really hard to get
the possession of the baby. At the time of David’s adoption, Maddona’s divorce was
already filed. She was battling for the custody of her biological son with Guy Ritchie. Out
of nowhere, Yohane came into the picture and said that he would withdraw the custody as
Madonna’s controversial lifestyle might affect David’s future. He wanted the celebrity singer
to first resolve her other legal issues. Madonna again had to go through all the procedures
for adoption. The legalities ran for a little longer. Madonna later visited Malawi, along
with David, to have a final settlement with Yohane. That was David’s first visit to
his birthplace after his adoption. David was passionate about football from the
very beginning. He started his training early. He later moved to Lisbon to continue with
his training under the ‘Benfica Academy.’ In 2018, Madonna visited one of the ‘Benfica
Youth’ team’s matches to cheer for her son. David displayed some incredible skills on
the ground. The Portuguese club, ‘Benfica,’ won the league and David was even awarded
as the best performer in the ‘Under-12’ category. Madonna and David have made a couple of public
appearances together. The mother-son duo attended the ‘Rebel Heart Tour’ in 2015 where they
were seen singing ‘Like a Prayer.’ They also walked on the red carpet of the ‘2014
Grammy Awards’ while donning matching black business suits. Madonna, who is highly active
on social media, keeps posting pictures and videos featuring David. She once posted a
video footage showing him singing and dancing. When Madonna adopted David, she was still
married to Guy Ritchie. This officially makes him David’s father. Mercy James.
Mercy James was born in 2006 in Malawi. She was born to her Malawian parents James Kambewa
and Mwandida Kambewa. Her mother Mwandida Kambewa passed away eight days after James’
birth. Madonna talked about Mercy in an interview
saying: “I met Mercy soon after I met my son David…
Mercy was suffering from malaria, and David from pneumonia. And when I held each of them
in my arms, I Whispered in their ears, that I would look after them.”
Madonna had to face a lot of troubles while adopting James. She discussed it in her speech,
“This time, the judge who was oresiding said no. I was recently divorced, and she
informed me, as a divorced woman, I was not fit to raise children and that Mercy James
was better of growing up in an orphanage.” Madonna fought for over three years to win
the right to adopt Mercy James. Madonna took James to her home to start a new life together.
James’ original family was heartbroken and struggled to give their child away.
James’ original family has claimed they have no contact with the child since her adoption.
Madonna, however, said Mercy James has never been kept away from her culture and heritage.
She is taken to Malawi every year to visit her family, friends and to learn about her
roots. However, Mercy’s parents along with her mother’s
best friend are collecting evidence and witnesses to go against the adoption and bringing James
back to her original place. Mercy James is studying to build her future
career. She might have a net worth around $1 million at present, as her mother Madonna
currently shares the net worth of $590 million. Mercy James is currently twelve years old
and is too young to get involved in relationships. Currently, she is studying and enjoying her
time with Madonna along with her siblings. The family is seen spending a vacation to
different destinations, as Madonna shares their moments on social networking sites.
In addition, Madonna has opened the country’s first ever pediatric surgery and intensive
care center, The Mercy James Institution for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care. Twins Stella and Esther.
Twins Stella and Esther were born in 2012. Madonna adopted their from Malawi in 2017
after meeting them in an orphanage two years earlier.
The pop queen began the adoption process more two years ago after being ‘compelled’ to help
the twins when she saw them at the Home of Hope orphanage where they had been left by
their grandmother. The actual application was granted in a fortnight,
whereas critics say it normally takes around three months.
Speaking about the adoption process, Madonna admitted the children are unaware of their
mother’s international status after being whisked away from a life of poverty in Malawi.
‘They don’t have a clue and it’s a good thing. I’m just their mother,’ she explained.
The twins’ mother died five days after giving birth due to complications from a caesarean
section operation in August 2012. An initial report by social workers found
their father Adam Mwale had abandoned the twins when he walked out on his family after
the death of his wife. The girls were left with their grandmother
who did not have the means to care for them as well as their five other siblings aged
from eight to 20. Stella and Esther have become quite the social
media stars since Madonna adopted them from Malawi. She frequently posts pictures of them
in darling outfits and simply just having a good time.

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