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I’m made for more. I am made for more. I am made for more, and I am made for more. Middlesex University launched my career, and I haven’t
even graduated yet. Before coming to Middlesex I didn’t have
much confidence in myself, but now I know who I want to be and where I want to go. Thanks to the enterprise hub I’ve been able to enter some big competitions. I’m touring the US this summer and I’m even getting my book published. I graduated
with a first-class degree, I was voted student of the year, and I got a full-time
job in just a week. I chose Middlesex University for its
world-class facilities and the lecturers are top-notch in their fields. At Middlesex
the lecturers are leaders in their field and they’re really inspiring. They
recently helped me to become a competition finalist. Now I’ve got this
worldwide network of people that I can call upon as I start my career. There is
so much support here, it’s like everyone wants to help me grow as a person and help me be the best person I can be. I’m made for more, Middlesex is
helping me achieve it, now it’s your turn. So if you want more, if you need more, or if you are made for more, you belong at Middlesex University.

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