Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing (NLP) at Elsevier

Our role in content innovation is to
process our content, enrich it as much as possible so we can use it in many ways
downstream to support all of our products. We use the best NLP machine
learning technologies to do this, and we have a team of domain experts as well
on board that help us. it's an era of artificial intelligence, robotics,
machine learning, and Elsevier is having a gold mine of information. Right now, we are leading the way to build the processes or content capabilities so that it can support the next-generation products. I would encourage people to apply because I believe we work in a really friendly environment, yet on very challenging problems. It takes the best of the academic world, which is the ability to do research, and apply new things, but it also combines it with a sense of
'Does it really work?' And this is exactly the – I would say the beauty – of working in such a group, such as
Content & Innovation. Our group is like a mini start-up in itself. We do quick iterations, we're pretty fast that way, and we have room to spread out our ideas. You get to work with real data, you get to solve real problems,
and really hard problems too. We do use state-of-the-art
algorithms and methodologies, and so most of the work that we
actually produce is publishable. So we've had a couple patent applications and about 6 publications
from the group in the last year. You make a contribution to science, and the world, if you like. We all come from different backgrounds and when it all comes together,
it creates an interesting mix. The whole group of the Content & Innovation
has very brilliant people. I find it amazing that every day I have this privilege of interacting
with these people. We are always fooling around. They're all PhDs by the way, but they're still fooling around and they haven't lost their sense of humor. So we're like "Yes, let's do that!" Like, ok well, nice! If you really like research and also
machine learning and NLP, I think that would be really great fit. The timing is perfect.

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