Machine Learning Monday – Drag n' Drop reconfigurable TensorFlow Lite models

okay lady it's Monday it's machine-learning Monday what are you doing today today we're showing how you can change the models for your tensorflow light micro controller project just by dragging and dropping files that's right it's so easy gonna try multiple different models on our PI game or other arcade aboard just by dragging and dropping at TF light file which is pretty cool so this is the device and then it shows up as USB Drive here's all the files on it and then this is de Jason phone so what are we doing first yeah so if you see there's two TF light files there's up/down TF light and yes no TF light and then there's a file called TF light config below and it tells you the name of the model the file name to load and then the category labels what what does the TF light model contain this is super easy then super easy so let's test out this one and it'll display the word that is in that config it's better than recompiling and it's waiting yeah and it's like use yeah it's super easy so start with the yes/no model yes no all right so testing the microphone yes no works but I'm already tired of this I don't want to guys know anymore I want to try the up-down model so all we have to do is rename the TF light config file to something else yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna call it yes now just cover yes now so we have it for later I'm gonna say yes now save that for later and then we name the up/down TF light config file to just TF light config and this is being loaded with arduino Jason so it's just it doesn't you know it Jason's just a really nice format okay and then I have to restart the board to reload the model you know everything went away it comes back up I'll test the microphone for up down up down see see now the model has changed and if we want to try other models we have the disk drive you just drag and drop other TF flight files that are generated direct from tensor flow you set up the config to let the microcontroller know you know for each category what's the word the human readable word that you want to display and then of course what file to load and this one we can really quickly test our models it'll just print out on the screen well-protected yeah next up we have you'll be able to say cat a picture of the cattle show a dog picture of dog shop and of course it'll make sounds so all this will be editable via JSON file and we've abstracted a lot of this stuff out so stay tuned we're ahead we think this is the world first but someone will tell if is tell us if it's not or if it is they'll just kind of ignore us okay configurable tensorflow models on my controller she saw it here first i machine learning Monday

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