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24 thoughts on “Machine Learning Basics | What Is Machine Learning? | Introduction To Machine Learning | Simplilearn”

  1. At 2:04 u want to say that if we check on the basis of the circle drawn and number of dots it containing, will decide that whether he will like it or dislike it right? But what if the circle is drawn such that it contains more number of dots from dislike circle, what I mean is that at what basis is the circle drawn? Please tell..

  2. The recommended videos which we are getting in the YouTube page is one of the examples of machine learning I guess… Is it so?? If not, pls tell me since I'm the very beginner of this subject

  3. Great video. Machine learning can be tough to break into at first but once that lightbulb goes off in your head and you get it you can apply it to many different applications. I only understand reinforcement learning at the moment but it serves my purposes so well I haven't bothered with learning supervised and unsupervised methods. That being said once you understand reinforcement learning understanding supervised and unsupervised becomes much easier.

  4. Great video thanks..
    Ans. 1.supervised
    2. supervised
    3. unsupervised
    Is my answer is right?? Tell me, plzz

  5. excuse me.. sorry for bothering. i'm just starting to learn machine learning and find this video helpful. I like your explanation but i'm just confused in sentiment analysis category.. example the case is about sentiment analysis on a topic from twitter opinion ? is it supervised or unsupervised learning case suited ? if we analyze twitter opinion using corpus (word dictionary that already define some part of classification that could hep us in classifying word in lexicon-based algorithm but hasn't label the input data directly without processing and determining data label manually) is it then called unsupervised learning?. But if we use the supervised learning algorithm for the classification method is it become supervised learning scenario? Which one is best to model that kind of data?

  6. Human predicting the Answers to the given Quiz question
    1. Reinforcement
    2. Unsupervised
    3. Supervised Learning

    on basis of data input given by this video..#ML

  7. Facebook face recognition with tagged data – Supervised learning
    Movie recommendation – Unsupervised
    Fraud detection – Unsupervised

  8. Hello sir can you please tell how you made this video means which software you used to make it. What this type of videos or technique called?

  9. Hi thanks for this understandable video
    Can you send me links for machine learning related videos and other videos related to latest concept and technologies to teach the students?

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