Mace Windu's First Lesson as a Padawan [CANON] – Star Wars Explained

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  1. Such irony and hypocritical of the Jedi, "its fine if we capture children as long as we teach them about the force. But if you're someone else doing then we can''t have that. No no."

  2. Hey everyone this is totally off the topic of the video but do you remember the video he made about Anakin asking for help after he was cut on Mustafar? Well I was watching the Star Wars episode 3 The Chosen One featurette and in one of the behind-the-scenes parts Obi-Wan is yelling at Anakin saying. " don't ask me Anakin you said you would destroy the Sith not join them" I think this brings us further into believing that he was really asking for help in one of the deleted scenes. Thoughts?

  3. The children that Quattako improsoned, became his ultimate fate.
    One of them killed him by suprise. A Child can be deadly even without any proper training from young age to the adult years.
    A suprise element always provails.

  4. So, if Mace had his purple lightsaber since he was a padawan, how do you explain the lightsaber he had in episode I (according to new canon) ?

  5. You said it right, this was his first lesson as a padawan, not a youngling. There is a big difference. Padawans know how to use and control the Force, they have proficiency in all of the basic Jedi skills. The learning of a Padawan, is that of how to hone these to or near perfection, while discovering what each individual Jedi is specialized at. Plus, learning how they will benefit the order, be it through being a Knight, Cousular, or Sentinel.

  6. So this story is pre Phantom Menace? I guess Mace Windu's original blue saber is not canon anymore then. Rip!

  7. We all learn things at different times you yourself know this better than anyone we all learn at different paces jedi and we all are unique and for windu it makes sense he would learn this first he is a very talented jedi!

  8. You should do a "what if Darth Vader died on the death star in a new hope"

  9. ARRRGGGHHH!! WTF People?! Ever since I was a kid I've heard that name. I am enraged by it every time! Let me ask you if a fire fighter fights fire add a crime fighter fights crime what does a freedom fighter flight? Child soldiers are a real problem in this Galaxy people justify by saying what that girl did would you was escorting mace that well now she eats. I can only say about this world that the status quo sucks and business as usual has to change money is changing hands however the people who need it are not in the loop. You think The Waltons need another few billion dollars? That doesn't mean that they will not keep it and treat their employees like garbage and a them starving wages. It's too easy just say it's not my problem. Who's problem is it then?
    In regard to the video it was amazing! I saw it coming and I found myself cheering along a way! Thank you very much for posting it. Keep up the great work.

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  11. Now this makes me want to blame Yoda because of the simple fact there was no compassion and Mace Windu when Anakin hit the scene and what makes it sad is that use later Canon why's he will send Jedi padawans to their deaths to die to die in the Clone Wars furthermore during the Clone Wars he is the Jedi Grand Master and the truth of the matter is that I blame Mace Windu for a lot of Anakin's training under ob1 in every other Jedi he admits that he he failed delete Jedi probably to Yoda but yet Jedi Master ki-adi-mundi still wants him to be the Jedi Grand Master after Yoda you know this story with Mace Windu makes me want to have some compassion on him

  12. The more of this stories I see ,,, Jedi are good people doing Bad things ,,,, and ,,,, Sith are bad people doing Good things 🤔

  13. Great video idea. Thumbs up if you agree for a video for him to do. What would happen if Sidious never killed Plaques. What if he listened to his masters fear of Anakin and they worked together to take down the Jedi?

  14. I will remember this as I will know the force will be with me always as I love Star Wars so much as I can't get enough of it as I will love to go to Dinsey world to only by seeing Star Wars there in my soul, and in my head as I will love Star Wars for what it is.

  15. I agree, I really don't think anyone could consider the Jedi Order morally more acceptable than Otaku's freedom fighters.

  16. I’m not sure if I should give you like or dislike for this video because Mace Windo he hates Anakin Skywalker he doesn’t want him to have a mastery as a Jedi master

    This is the truth about him he doesn’t trust him as a Jedi master he only had tolerance for him every much intolerant of him and he was jealous the only thing that he learns as a Padawan is jealousy

  17. I would makr the general point that children rarely do (or should) choose how they are brought up. As made explicit in Obiwan and Anakin comic, if Jedi choose to leave once they are older, "the Jedi are not jailers…" and would be released.

    Framing initial joining as kidnap or force is a nonsense – it would only be such if the children were taken forcibly from their unwilling / non aquiescing parents. Without that, the children were given to the order, as chosen by their parents.

  18. Hollup mace has the word motherf*cker carved in on his lightsaber your telling me he did this as a kid!!?

  19. I know this is a bit off topic but could you please do Yoda vs Emperor Vitiate?? I’m kinda surprised it hasn’t been done yet and I think it would be awesome, thanks 🙏

  20. I'd imagine younglings are taught to value the iconic weapons at a young age in a manner similar to ancient real world Samurai since this is sorta related to what the Jedi are. Just not warlike but prepared for fighting if they had to be an if Samurai had telekinetic abilities

  21. I am interested in your channel; however, you do not offer subtitles. As a Deaf person, I really need the subtitles, so I can know what you are saying. Would you please enable the auto-generated subtitle option for your videos? Thank you.

  22. I think his first lesson was to use the force to create something for peace, which is his lightsaber in this case

  23. Hey there! Did you do film about Yoda? His history, why is he talking like that, his species and other things?

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