Lying to My Teacher (Ft. SomeThingElseYT)

[SOMETHINGELSE YT]: All right class before we begin I'd like to remind you guys, about the assignment due next week. You've, had months to do it so it should be nearly done by now. [MAAZ]: Oh. [SE]: W-what are you doing? W-wait Maaz, where'd you get ther Knoife? Wait, wait MAAZ NO! No- oh gosh what the fu- HELP! HE'S COMMITTED SUDOKU! (nice censoring lmao) Why'd you do it? [MAAZ]: I'd rather die than do my assignment! aha. [What the funk, man?] Don't you find it weird that with an art style that doesn't use eyes, that I don't really use mouths either? Let's change that. *clickity click* ever since started this channel there's been a worry at the back of my head about how I portray myself in my own videos. In real life I'm just an extroverted dork, who laughs a lot, watches too much anime and compares himself to Bruno Mars WAY too often. [Where's your album?] But now, after telling you guys about when I murdered a duck, cheated on a test, stabbed my brother, lost my love, and how I got WAY to attached to Dancing Tigers, [Wow a lot of stuff.] Wow i've admitted a lot of things i want to be surprised if parents looked at Me with a mixture of fear and disgust as they shuffle, away to keep their children 10 metres, away. [Hi, Dadius.] Well it's either that on my van filled with candy and so what better way, is there to clean my Own image and to regale you with a, story about how I pretended to be drugged up lie to my teacher and submitted my assignment, way later than the due date Yep that's a good idea now Let me give you a quick medical lesson tonsillitis it's when there's an infection of these little pad things called tonsils at the back of your throat and Not to brag or anything but i had massive tonsils and i got infections every Few weeks i remember distinctly the doctors saying that, my tonsils were the largest he'd ever seen like Two, golf balls at the back of my, throat man it was kind of rough having two large bowls deep in my throat What it's a serious medical condition, and i'm not even kidding i was told that i needed to get surgery to remove My, tonsils that's how, bad they were and then the conversation shifted to the date of my Surgery now this is what i started brewing, some tea you see there really, was a chemistry assignment at. Play here our teacher mr. 4chan gave us this big report that Was due in two months and being an absolutely stupid dingo i was it's alright i can Handle this later i've got some minecraft letsplay to watch Seven weeks later and i hadn't started, oh and minecraft wasn't relevant anymore. Oh gosh what have i done [Fortnight?] So as you can, imagine when the doctor Asked me about when to have the surgery it was like a get-out-of-jail-free card for me because i could Purposefully, schedule it around the due date of the assignment and that's exactly what i did like surely they, would understand that i was literally having, surgery right i Wasn't just giving, myself an excuse it was just like, like like an extension you know And it's it's fine it's fine, don't worry, about it Except it wasn't surgery, was earlier on this week and the assignment Was due that friday and guess what i got a cold the next week on the monday afternoon from mr. 4chan good i might who's this perhaps it was due to the recent surgery the pain medication or the idea of my parents absolutely whooping me around the place for skipping an assignment but I put on the deepest voice that i could at the time and went "Yeah, Maaz's dad speaking." But keep in mind that I was 16 at the time and my mouth Was still sore so I was probably like, "Yes, it is I Maaz's father." "Oh?" [Best voice ever.] ah Are you, okay, yes i just i just have a cold, ha you fool you have been duped by My, extraordinary performance idiot, oh? Okay, well i'm not sure if you're aware of this but martha's assignments would do last week you have Any idea, when he'll be able to hand it to me, oh? Really, tired, after the operation, he can't he can't even like play roblox Right, right, well i wish him the best of luck He has been duped! [Oh, beautiful voice, Maaz.] It's only, now that i realized, that mr. 4chan sounded like he, was smiling the entire conversation, and him asking if my dad was okay? Was it's a way of saying how Bad my, excuse was gonna be and look an amateur teacher would have exposed, me right then, and there that my, boy mr. Foote chang was a pro so he knew exactly, what he, was doing because put yourself in mr. 4chan shoes you have this stupid kid on the other side of the phone trying to convince you that he's the father No, matter how. Bs you think it might be you can't just call out a parent on the phone like That because imagine if that really was my, dad he would have been like, "BOI! You, better sit right the freak down with that accusation, crap, don't make me curry in a hurry Down over there and beat the everlasting SH- no no no no no no? [Don't curse on meh Cristian Minecraft Surver.] No, that would be that would be bad don't don't? Do that so mister food chain Played it smart and didn't even react at all not even when i was handing in my assignment a week after the due day he just kind of told me off and told me to go through the proper channels to get extensions next time and Nothing else you know, no punishment not even when i got my assignment back Yes i just lied to my teacher about having surgery pretended to be my own dad handed in my assignment late and i still got an A! and I [No Role Modelz] Genuinely thought i had fooled them as well that is until the very last day of school Almost 18 months after the incident So the final day of high school is almost over and i'm walking to my lockers ready to leave this godforsaken School, for the last time when i coincidentally, bump into mr. 4chan now despite what i've told you he actually was a good bloke so you know We chatted for a bit about graduation And future life and whatever and then he says hey mazz i have a question to, ask. You yeah, what's up Last year for you assignment that was you who picked up the phone, wasn't it? [WASTED] Well what no that, was that was my dad obviously, like, he had the deep voice and everything [Insert Boogie Wit Da Hoodie here] DUPED AGAIN!!!!!!! No, no i didn't i don't know in a way but i didn't tell him the truth either i told him that it really was My dad on the phone Come on do it like there i was you know mr. Fortune completely calling out My, lied two years ago and i ran away like a little worse it's so weird too because when i look back at This entire thing that's, what i regret the most not lying to my teacher about having surgery, not pretending to be my Own dad not even getting cold out just the fact that i wasn't able to own up to it not even after i'd graduated To, be fair i think it was because i was paranoid that he'd ruined? my
University chances somehow but even then Totally should have admitted it because now in my retrospective wisdom i realized that i shouldn't have Done all that in the first place i really was a good student and i don't exactly know? Why i rebelled against this specific assignment. And that's why, i my martians i've decided to send this video to mr. Foote chan directly and clear my guilty conscience once and for all it's been six years now but it's time for me to come clean i Freaking know it what come over here yourself up Maybe i won't do that no, no no i like to give a Major shout-out to lucky the human animation. Studios and the rapid man 101 You, guys indeed our super martians, and will lead the battle in the front lines if you, don't know, what a martian Is with two, ways that's actually the name of our fan base and people don't actually know This, but we're actually the strongest alien race out there And we're all just chilling in my planet you know ready to kind of take over the world actually yeah if you Want to have a chancellor shout out, make sure to subscribe it's a notification about Like the video and comment i have turned on the bell and i am a? Super martian especially the super martian part i like actually control f and then randomize it and if you, do that i'll show Some of you in the next video you know hold on just a sec you might be surprised, about the forty animation That's in place right now but i wanted to take in just a little step up Above the lip-synching that i showed so basically what happened Was that this video that i made it was supposed to be out two weeks ago but then finals came, along and absolutely ruined Any hopes of that happening so Rest in peace my video and i was gonna make a video a short little video that i was gonna delete about how i'm going To, vidcon u.s.. Okay? But it's a bit too late you know it's it's in a few Days and i haven't even uploaded this video so i thought i could merge them together anyway i am going to vidcon u.s. I'm gonna, be there from the 20th to the 24th i'm probably Gonna, be longer than that i will be tending a lot of the panel including the animator meetup which is actually happening on? Crapper direction, no it's good here it's happening at that time And that day i love to meet all of you there and if you see me walking around you know the brown Guy, with, any kind of button-up shirt or whatever you'll see me walking out with a bunch of my other animated friends say Hello, me, say hi and especially if you, have the mayo proof merchandise Buy my merch on a. Cell phone in vidcon. I actually i'm really looking forward to this america in general with You, guys, drive on the right side of the road or use inches and feet and have like everything Plus-sized already it's Weird you guys are very fat very very fat all right now shoot they'll be it from 4d animation mars i took a lot of effort to animate this roll the end cards or the fan art my love you Alright i hope you enjoy that i've really try to step it up a few notches with, this video and let Me tell you guys lip, synching takes a crap ton of work, and i'd like to give a, major Major, thanks to a dini tortellini for helping, me out with, the lips and actually giving, me some of the frames To, help me out a little bit and not gonna lie i actually observed his animation to kind of improve my own animation if you Like, my videos make sure to check him out very very good, visual, style i'm sure, you'll like it as Well alright thanks for watching everybody, stay amazi, and stay hydrated

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  1. I got my tonsils removed because I would stop breathing while I sleep often and my grandma would stay awake listening to make sure I started breathing again
    I had no idea this was happening until she told me before the surgery

  2. So you're saying all you have to do is comment that you turned on the bell and that you're a supermaaartion, and you will feature ppl in a video?
    How did I not know this 😹 I turned on the bell a long time ago
    I like you're video where you killed the two ducks, it was funny but probably sad for you.
    I think it's cool how there's a possibility that Maaz read this.
    Mind blown
    How do you even have time to read everyone's comments?
    I think your art style looks good without eyes
    Your videos are so funny and feels like a story a friend would be telling a friend in person. Instead of something that has been written down and had drafts before it.
    Ur videos are awesome my little brother likes your videos and laughs a lot when watching them.
    I turned on the notification bell and I am a supermaaartion!
    Omg curry in a hurry just popped in my head and I remembered curry has 2 T's 😹
    👋 bye

  3. Yea it feel so bad when you have 2 Balla on your throat i Havre that too and my mom said do you want to go to surgery

  4. Adam: HE COMMITED DOKU! My mind: doki doki literature club? Also comments: 90% doki doki literature club 10% normal comments

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