(Luna singing) [Reezy] Can you hear the microphone?
[Luna] Yeah. [Reezy] Sound great?
[Luna] Yeah. [Reezy] Sing some songs for
everyone and then we’ll open the… (Luna singing) [Reezy] Look at the
camera, it’s over here. (continues singing) [Reezy] Sing a song. Do
you know any other songs? [Luna] No. [Reezy] Do you know the troll
song ‘everybody…’ Do that one. [Luna] I don’t want to do that.
[Reezy] You don’t want to? [Luna] Nooo. I just want
to talk and talk and talk. [Reezy] Well they can’t talk
back to you, only in comments. So since you can’t read, you’re going
to have a problem with that right. So just sing them one more song real
quick and then we’ll open your toys. [Luna] Okay (sighs).
(sings Lion King song) [Reezy] That’s it?
[Luna] Yeah. [Reezy] Alright, let’s
open up your toys now. Daddy got you some new toys
because Alexis told me that you might like these toys
and so we got some for you. [Luna] Ready guys? [Reezy] Yeah let’s open it. Guess
where these came from guys because we buy stuff from Amazon right. [Luna] Yeah. [Reezy] Alright let’s
see it, open it up. [Luna] This is going to be
harder than I thought it was. [Reezy] Oh you got it. Let me help you
out. See this one, it says pull this. Oh messed up. Oh here goes, got
some little string in there look. What do you think it’s going to be? [Luna] I don’t know but I
heard it might be marbles. [Reezy] It might be marbles?
That’s crazy. Show the camera right here. Whoa let’s
show everyone what it looks like on the packaging here, Osmo Pizza Co. So this game guys, from what
I’ve read about the reviews. Well this whole Osmo thing, they
use the iPad and it has a mirror so that the iPad camera is used
to see what your kid is doing outside of the iPad so they’re
going to use the iPad anyways. Let’s do some education. I think this
one Luna is about owning your own pizza company and making
pizzas for your customers and then you have to make change
for them so you learn about money. And then you have to save money to
order like a new pizza oven and stuff. [Luna] I want to see
what it looks like. [Reezy] You want to open it
up and see what’s in there? [Luna] Yeah. [Reezy] Let’s do that later.
Let’s open the other box first. [Luna] Okay. That’s one present,
a new Osmo game for the iPad. [Reezy] Look over here and tell them. [Luna] That’s one present for
the iPad for the Osmo game. [Reezy] Osmo game looks pretty fun huh. [Luna] Dad, I need your
help to open this one. [Reezy] Alright, let’s open it up.
And tell them not to forget about the giveaway we’re going to do
after you’re done opening the toys. [Luna] Yeeeep! Gary V book.
[Reezy] Right here tell them. [Luna] Yeeeep! Gary V book.
[Reezy] It’s coming. What’s it called? [Luna] I don’t know. Ask Gary Vee book. [Reezy] It’s from the
Ask Gary Vee Shooow. [Luna] Yeah.
[Reezy] Tell them about the show. [Luna] From the Ask Gary Vee Show.
[Reezy] You’re so funny. [Luna] More Osmo games!
A new Osmo game. [Reezy] So we got. The
cameras over here. You keep forgetting, you
want to look at the screen. So this is Osmo, it’s super
bright on the camera. Let me see if I can turn the light
off, let’s see if we get a better… No, definitely don’t want to
turn the light off, maybe down? Anyways, so this is the
starter pack for the Osmo which we can’t get the
auto-brightness to calm down. But this is the starter pack,
you’re going to need that. It’s got like four different
things inside of it. Let’s pour these out and see
which ones come with it. So in the starter pack you got…
We got, Luna, we got tangrams. [Luna] Yeah. [Reezy] Tangrams, you get the
tangram set in the starter pack. You also get the Osmo base
that just to play the games and then we got Osmo words. What
does it sound like good? Good deal? [Luna] Yeah. [Reezy] Alright. Then
show them that one. That one is Osmo game coding with
Auggie so there’s little puzzles that the dude has to navigate through
and you have to use the pieces like programming like walk left twice
then go right then turn then jump and then the last one
to execute the command. So you’re teaching your kid coding
and I urge you guys to invest in your children’s education
with educational games specifically for the iPad. They’re going to be using touch
screens in the future guys. It’s in your best interest to make
sure that they use them and are not you know that they’re getting an
enriching educational experience. So you need to check out creative stuff
like this for your kids education. [Luna] Let’s open it. [Reezy] No not that one. Let’s open
the pizza one or the basic one. [Luna] I’m opening the pizza one. [Reezy] Okay and it all
take the coding one and I’ll put it away to
the side with basic kit. [Luna] We’re opening. [Reezy] Don’t make a big mess of it.
Keep the box nice. What do you think about it so far? [Luna] Everything… [Reezy] Woah, looks like you made a
mess. Let’s not lose any other pieces. Inside the box, you got
show the camera over here. It’s way too bright for
us we got a pizza. I’ll figure out the saturation
on the next video guys but we got the pizza game board
that the camera looks at and then it comes with a bunch
of money and different toppings and then that’s how you play. The iPad
can see the pieces on the surface and your kids learning and they don’t
even know that they’re learning. You want to play it?
[Luna] Yeah right now. [Reezy] Right now?
[Luna] I can’t wait. [Reezy] Let’s see if
the iPads charged yet. Tell them what you think
about the game, Luna. [Luna] The game is super fun. You need
to follow Luna instagram, Luna Reezy. You go there and then start doing
that stuff. Okay guys. Bye. [Reezy] You want to turn off the
broadcast so you can play your game? [Luna] No. [Reezy] You want to go
play in the kitchen, have Mum help you set it up so
I can finish the broadcast? [Luna] Daddy you can help me. [Reezy] Right here or what?
Because we’re supposed to do the Gary Vee book giveaway remember. [Luna] But I want you
to help me set up. I want to play the game
while you do that. [Reezy] Let’s do the
giveaway real quick. So this is what we’re going to do. You hold the book up and you
look at the camera over here so they can see the book and hold it
back here because it’s all shiny. Hold it like that next
your head right there and what I want you guys to do
is screenshot this right here. Luna look at the camera. Screenshot this picture of Luna
right here holding the Gary V book and then post it on your instagram and
tagged Gary and me and @LunaReezy and the first person that I see
that has that in my notifications, you’re going to be receiving
this Gary V book. I’ll mail it out to you tomorrow.
Sound like a deal Luna? [Luna] Yep that’s a pinky promise! [Reezy] Pinky promise guys,
you’re getting a Gary V book as long as you do those three things. [Luna] As long as you’ve been
a good girl for Christmas. [Reezy] (laughs) You got to look
over here when you tell them. [Luna] As long as you’ve been
a good girl for Christmas. [Reezy] You’re too funny. Let’s
clean this up so you can go play in the kitchen with Mum and then I’ll
finish… or you can hang out with me while I finish ask a couple
questions with people. Okay? Let’s just move this to
the side real quick. I’ll answer a couple questions
and then we’ll be done okay. [Luna] This is a cool set. [Reezy] You love it? Well I mean
you didn’t really play with it yet but I think it’s going to be
fun, should be pretty fun. Tell Alexis thank you for suggesting. [Luna] Alexis thanks for…
[Reezy] Suggesting this. [Luna] Suggesting this. [Reezy] Don’t force it close. Let’s
go over to the comments on YouTube and see if anyone has anything to say. No we’re going to the comments.
We’re going to go talk to people. Let’s go see. (singing) We’re
going to the comments. We’re going to go to the video. (normal) Let’s go see who’s in the
comments. Comments. Comments are going. No that’s not the right video. Let’s see, here we go guys.
Okay, now I’m in the comments. Finally guys so, do you
guys have any questions? You got a trick them into learning. Yeah
man they’re going to be on the iPad right so you might as well put
some educational on there and beam it right into their brain. Hey Chicago Crown
Hustler, what’s up man? I haven’t fully got my broadcast
setup figured out yet, what is the quality looking like guys? Yeah, yeah the iPad is not going to fit.
Going to have to take it out which is kind of a bummer because we
have a lifeproof case for the iPad. Luna actually peed on the iPad once
and the lifeproof case held it down so that’s pretty awesome. [Luna] I hate it when
I pee on the iPad. [Reezy] I know, me too right.
That’s funny. Good. Video and sound is good, no lag? I’m pretty sure you were two
when you peed on the iPad. [Luna] Two is a silly little girl. [Reezy] Yeah two is a
really silly little girl. My laptop’s off to the side because
I wanted to have more space to use the desk here. This is
actually my cocktail arcade that I’m sitting at lately… to do
the… to open the games and stuff. So my laptop’s off to the side
and I want to grab my laptop and put it right here so that I can
read the comments and face the camera but I’m afraid if I pick my
laptop up, the USB c-hub adapter is going to freak out and the videos
going to drop so I’d rather not do that. Let’s just look over there no lag.
No lag? Hell yeah. I’m stoked the broadcast
finally coming through good. Anyways guys, I am going to get
off the the old broadcast. I hope you guys enjoyed
watching Luna open those educational Osmo mobile toys for iPad.
This is not a paid promotion. I bought these. [Luna] I love these! [Reezy] I’m sure she will. I bought
these for full price off Amazon and I think it’s going to be
a good investment we’ll see. I’ll let you know shortly if Luna
has a great time playing with them but it’s worth checking
these things out. I was suggested to them by a friend. [Luna] I liked it when I
pee peed on the iPad. [Reezy] And Luna liked it when she
pee peed on the iPad. (laughs) Alright, I hope you
guys have a good night. [Luna] I pee peed on the iPad. (laughs) [Reezy] You’re so silly. We’ll see
you tomorrow alright. Tell everyone… [Luna] Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.
(laughs) [Reezy] You want to sing everyone
one more song real quick? [Luna] No, no, no, don’t put those… [Reezy] Let’s sing together.
Let’s sing trolls. (singing) Everybody move your
hair and shake your… feel united. How does it go? [Luna] I don’t want to. [Reezy] Come sing it. That’s
what you’ve been singing lately. [Luna] No, no, no. [Reezy] They’d love to hear your voice.
One more time? Here, they’d love to
hear your voice, go. Let’s see and Luna says she loves it when she puts the headphones
on and can sing huh. (Luna singing) You’re being so shy right now. (Luna singing) Any other songs that you know?
You know any song? (Luna singing) Mum, what songs does she know?
That’s it? Do you know any Disney
songs that you can sing? [Luna] No. [Reezy] Do you know, I’m just
a lovely bunch coconuts? [Luna] No. [Reezy] Do you know small world?
You know that one. (Luna singing) Look over here.
(Luna singing) (Luna singing) Isn’t there more? [Luna] I know there’s some Disney
songs in it’s a Small world after all but sometimes… different…
different words. [Reezy] Mmm. What’s your favourite
thing about Disneyland? [Luna] My favourite
thing about Disneyland. [Reezy] Tell the camera right there. [Luna] My favourite thing ride in
Disneyland is the aerial riding main character have their
signature, signature. [Reezy] What kind of characters
have you met before? [Luna] I haven’t met Doc McStuffin
but other kids met her, she’s at Disneyland now. [Reezy] Wow that sounds crazy
but who else who did you meet, who have you met? [Luna] I don’t know.
[Reezy] Did you meet Spider-man? [Luna] Yeah I met him. Captain America.
[Reezy] Did you meet Mr. Incredible? [Luna] Yeah.
[Reezy] Did we meet Frozone? [Luna] Who’s Frozone? [Reezy] Frozone’s the
dude that does the ice. [Luna] Yep.
[Reezy] Did we meet Monsters Inc? [Luna] Yep. [Reezy] Did we meet Mike Wazowski?
[Luna] Yep. [Reezy] Did we do… did you meet
Jack and Sally during Halloween? [Luna] Yep. [Reeyz] Did you do a private
meet and greet with Alice? [Luna] Yep. [Reezy] She took you over to
the Mad Hatter shop, remember? [Luna] Yep. [Reezy] That video is pretty cool.
That video’s on my YouTube channel. Luna did a private meet and greet
with Alice that’s pretty awesome. [Luna] I told her that there was
a building inside of that house. The house she was at. [Reezy] Yep. What else? What’s some of
your favourite things about Disneyland? [Luna] My favourite
things about Disneyland is just leading characters
and riding rides. [Reezy] Right. When we went to the
princess fairytale hall last time, who did we see? I don’t remember. I don’t remember
but when we’re on the teacup ride… the parade was going and I
saw from the teacup ride. [Reezy] Oh wow. [Luna] And they were going
past the teacup ride. [Reezy] Remember who we saw
that was really special that we don’t usually see? [Luna] No. Aladdin.
[Reezy] That was so cool. [Luna] He used to be where Moana is but
Moana took his spot and now he’s at the… [Reezy] Look over there and tell them.
[Luna] And now he’s at the… [Reezy] He’s over by
the fairy tale hall. [Luna] Yep, he’s over by
the fairy tale hall now. And then tell him about… you said
Moana, did you get to meet Moana? [Luna] Yep, I got to meet her too.
She was good. I’m like why did you leave the
piggy at your islands and she said because he was sleepy. [Reezy] (laughs) That’s so
funny wasn’t it kind of cold and she didn’t have a jacket huh? [Luna] She said remember every
time when took the coconut off hey hey’s head? (makes bird caw sound)
(laugh) [Reezy] You’re the best. We love
you Luna. You’re so awesome. You want to go play with this toy now?
[Luna] Yeah. [Reezy] Alright tell everyone bye.
Thanks for tuning in. Tell them peace out.
[Luna] Peace out. [Reezy] Okay, I’ll end the broadcast
we can play this game now. [Luna] Daddy?
[Reezy] Yeah. [Luna] How do we do this one?
[Reezy] We’re going to do it hold on.

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