Luke Education Questions – 9/9/19

(Speaker: Pollard!) Thank you Mr. Speaker. Pupils with
SEND account for nearly half of the 41 pupils excluded from schools
every day and that’s contributing to the increase in the number of pupils being
homeschooled can I ask the minister what support is being given to pupils being
homeschooled that have SEND. Thank you Mr. Speaker, this is something that we
are going to be looking at as part of a review into special educational needs
and disabilities and I refer the Honourable member to the written
ministerial statement which we’ve laid today (Speaker: Luke Pollard!) Will the Secretary of State send a message to every young LGBT child in our schools up and down the country that
they’re loved and valued and they will be taught about their existence in
school lessons in an age-appropriate way? I can absolutely assure the honorable
gentleman there that is very much the case it’s very important that we teach
children about the Britain that we live in today

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