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hey guys welcome back to my channel today we're gonna look at the learnings of kids learning too so there are a lot of videos about them first let's look at mmm Kenya what 47 no sudden that's where I live that's Sweden you see the top wood of it on this Sweden and that's where I live but I'm not really into Ian right now but I was born there so yeah well that Norway is really close to soon starting swim but its capital Ian country sandwiched between the north end okay okay that was the end what wasn't it Brazil come okay but whatever we're not gonna watch that he's watching about our lats I haven't even watched her maybe it's my mom and I watched because she loves to watch sabres Northern Ireland's like [Applause] the Sabres Northern Ireland that's right we're touching I am austere I'm in the north in Ireland I have three counties to tell you about this is where they've been let's tape it are you kidding me just only had [Applause] this neighbors Northern Ireland that's right I told you I told you that counties with us we're all listening country island who's the sabres Northern Ireland that's right we're touching ok I hope you enjoyed this video I'll make a second part but I'm not but I'll make it later but it will be today so see you next time

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