Lt Case Study | University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

This profession is amazing
because I wake up every day and I do things that
I’m passionate about. My name’s Andy Subudhi. I’m the Department Chair and Professor
of Human Physiology and Nutrition at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. We grew from a very small university to a
medium-sized university very quickly and so we needed some sort of platform
that would help scale. We were excited to look at what Lt
might be able to offer for us. Because the content was already
there and preexisting we were able to implement that
very quickly for our students. Trying to set up a lab without
the online platform that Lt offers would have been much more challenging
and much more time consuming for us. We all have so many things going on and we
need to set up labs quickly and get them going and so now a lot of the administrative
end of setting up a lab and managing the lab has been
taken off of our shoulders. Using Lt software has freed up so much time
on our part on the instructional team. It allows us to be flexible with our face
to face time with different groups of students. It is out of the box and ready to use but
it also gives you enough flexibility to make minor changes that you need for whatever you
want to tailor to your class. My favorite feature of Lt
is the capacity to customize. It’s the capacity that we have
to edit the labs and also help better support our students
with that edit function that we have. I absolutely think that the Lt software has
helped with the engagement of students because they can see the
desired response in real time. Students love Lt because of the ability
to get hands-on with the equipment in a lab setting and collect data. It’s not like I make them do something
and then I do all the work and show it to them up on the board. They’re doing this, so they kind of have a
little bit of ownership into it. For me success is not just delivering
the lab content but developing a skill set that may help them
in their future profession. They really enjoy being able to administer
a perturbation to one of their fellow students and see how the physiology is altered. They’re really happy when they
finally get good data and then they understand
what good data is and how important that is
to the scientific process. I think what stands out to me about Lt
is just that hands-on interaction. For kinetic learners that’s incredibly important. Students do access Lt
before they come to the lab. That’s really useful and the students
have found that to be beneficial because it means when they actually do arrive
they’re better prepared. I think students appreciate that it’s available
at any point in time. These students, they’re not all traditional. We have a lot of non-traditional students
and that means that they have stuff at home they need to do, working schedules, so that
just gives a lot of flexibility for them. So Lt is fundamentally in our 3060 labs because
it creates consistency between the different instructors. The hand-on day-to-day stuff is standardized. That’s huge because now I know what they get
in class A is the same and in B and C. It’s so streamlined that I’m actually able
to be more consistent with how I grade with each question. I think if you’re looking for something to
implement right away, you could go with Lt and be up and running
in the first semester. Students struggle all the time and we’re here
to actually get them to that point where they get it and they can take that knowledge
and go do amazing things with it.

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