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it's Friday night in central London I'm Hannah Kramer and I'm at the Saha village Lebanese restaurant along with 50 other MPA students for one of our famous food London has just about every kind of food you can imagine so these are regular but tweek there was a pup quit that Wednesday we have this food crawl which is in a series of many food crawls we can have the opportunity to go to enjoy all of them as a group going out have dinner going out to a cafe don't see a movie we can call us a family because we are going to spend two years in London we usually hang out on Sundays and just spend time together as friends yeah I decided to do NPA at LSE because it's the best program for student from everywhere do you have the chance to study at one of the best academic institutions in the world and LLC's reputation is one of the main factors for me deciding to do that LSE is fantastic because they take you from the beginning and really build up your skills in those those poor principles you know data analysis but also interpretation they're very good with quantitative data analysis kind of techniques but then you also have qualitative analysis and then they teach you how to actually use those skills for real-world situations this is a best way to go to find a good job and that's why I decided to to come to London and study at Ellison the MPA program at the LSE is the best public policy program in the world as far as I'm concerned it takes people who have public service ethic they want to save the world that extremely motivated they're extremely driven they're very bright when average they have had about training half years of work experience they think sometimes come to us very high-level positions but they feel like they just weren't able to do what they set out to do because they lack the tools the MPA is a two-year program with a big emphasis on real world experience you end up leaving a one-year program as a as a kind of consumer of these different techniques whereas in two years we can teach you how not just to understand econometrics or understand serious political science policy analysis but how to do it so you're a producer when you leave here not a consumer what differentiates NPA from the other one-year master's is the applied nature of the program and I think because of that applied nature it probably requires to be a two year program one of the biggest advantage of this course is that balancing between economic and practical parts you have this amazing opportunity in your final year to do this project for a real company you get to use all the skills that you've learned in the first year and you get to actually apply it to a real project each year we offer about 20 capstone so these are projects in which students collaborate with external organizations I'm working this year with UNICEF with UNESCO our students work on a real-life problem the problems that they assign our students are ones that they would be working on themselves if they could afford to and if they go to afford the time there's an intensity to it it's very exciting and while they're doing that they're also refining the theoretical tools that they started getting in the first year police in practice seminars are another layer our NPA training so every week we invite a policy practitioner or an academic who is on top of their game someone who's dispensing policy advice these are the movers and shakers it's not a talk it's a dialogue they allow students to engage with what is in makers and to actually test some of it the ideas with people who are actually being implementing them or experiencing them in their professional environments it's really casual and formal and it's a very intimate and unique way to get to know interesting keep you know in the fields that were interested in the program has a reputation for creating lifelong friends it's not just that people are from all sorts of different places but they come from very different backgrounds like my colleagues have been in banking consulting nga were government work like people have done all sorts of different things in fact so many of our alumni wanted to join our 10th anniversary celebration that we had to find a larger venue at the last minute currently I'm working for trade association for aerospace defence security and space companies in the UK I'm the chief economist and director of policy and I look after public affairs and media work for them as well we do pro bono work for governments who want to have better performance metrics in what they do so I'm working out of the Illinois the MPA kindly set me off on a career track working in Westminster working in politics and lobbying that allows me to do kind of take a bit of evidence base and get politicians to listen to basically everything that we talked about in the MPA I cover in my job which is great I'm a huge fan of the MPA in general I wanted to focus much more on politics economics so it helped me just with employers they see that I have this degree that's a great thing this was really interesting balance of academic rigor with practical application that the MPA particularly offers I think is an incredible opportunity the people really make the program you're not alone in this bubble just reading by yourself trying to get through the day you're sitting with classmates discussing problem is figuring out how to solve it together and they encourage that LLC and my classmates have been so open and kind that it's very very collaborative I really do feel like this experience has pushed me to produce my best work so I couldn't be more proud it's been a quite challenging but equally is rewarding and a huge huge integer you

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