Love Gov: An Education in Debt (Ep. 1 of 5)

[EPISODE 1: An Education in Debt] Are you spying on that lady? No, I’m protecting her. From who? Herself. Sure looks like you’re spying on her. Shouldn’t be in school or something? I’m homeschooled. Argh… Of course you are. Wear a helmet. My mom says I don’t have to. Well, your mom sounds like a real idiot. Anything I can do? I am such an idiot! You’re not an idiot, Alexis. You’re trusting. It just so happens you
trusted someone it was… idiotic to trust. He seemed like such a sweet guy at first. So sorry. I will buy you all new books. That seems wasteful. But, you
could help me pick them up. Of course. Thanks. Gov. Gov? Govinski, Scott Govinski.
But everybody calls me Gov. I’m Alexis. Alexis… Nice to meet you. So, do you work here? Unofficially. What does that mean? Well, they don’t really pay
me or ask me to come. I just like to come down here
for a couple hours everyday. Just to throw in my two cents. It seems like everybody needs
to be told what to do. Now, officially I’m a student.
I’m a 6th year senior. What are you studying? Poli Sci, engineering, economics,
education, and nursing. Wow, that’s incredible! What are you gonna do with all of that? Everything. I mean I really want to make
the world a better place. Well, just not Iran. Ready Lexi? Hey! Can I have those back? Student withdrawal form…
Are you dropping out? No. I don’t know. Maybe. I’m already fifteen grand in debt, and I still have two more years to go. Plus, I kind of have a business now. Alexis is an amazing artist. Last summer I taught myself
how to build a website for her. Now she’s kicking butt
selling her shirts and bags online. I’m making real money;
not made up Internet money or something. It just seems like a better idea to focus on
that rather than going deeper into debt, getting a degree that won’t
even help us get a job. Look, I made a chart
of cost versus benefits. I like charts. Who is that? She’s my friend, Libby. Education is priceless. I think it’s pretty crass to bring up money when we are talking about your future. We’re getting an amazing deal here. The facilities, the faculty,
a world-class administration. My dorm has an Olympic size pool! With all the easy money handed out to students, the University has no incentive to cut costs. And every year they spend more. You can see about it here. Don’t let information
get in the way of learning. Have you thought of studying abroad? Definitely not. Aren’t those programs like twice as expensive
as a regular semester? And twice as fun. Seriously, Where do you want to go? I know people in every country. Though, take it
with a grain of salt what they say about me. Well. I would love to go to Italy. Right. The food, the art… … I’m a total Michelangelo fangirl. The artist, not the ninja turtle. Well, both. There is a summer semester in Florence. Do it, do it, do it. Alexis, you don’t have the money for this. That’s what loans are for… When you don’t have
the money for it… It sounds like somebody
needs an education. Florence… Look, I know some people. If I vouch for you, then they can definitely
get you the money that you need. Maybe even a little extra. You can do that? Look, I know we just met Alexis, but I care deeply about you, maybe more than you care
about yourself. And I don’t want anything
to come between you and the education that you desire. I would love go to Florence. You deserve to go. But, you already have
so much debt to pay. How would going to Italy
help with that? You can have a lifetime
to pay off out debt. A lifetime. But your education opportunities are right now. There’s nothing more important
than your education. Except maybe corn farmers.

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  1. So basically, fuck you, you don't deserve an education for free because we need to spend that tax money to bail out greedy corporations who make bad decisions and for the military industrial complex who is the only reason our service men and women are dying in multiple countries.

  2. I graduated from Penn State in l953. The tuition was $123.45 a semester (easy to remember). There were no government student loans. College was so inexpensive you didn't need them. Standards were high. They made you work and sweat and F's were more common than A's. It was shape up or ship out. But the profs were great and I got a good education. Then I went to grad school in Maryland. I was able to support myself by working part time. The state sales tax was 3% and there was no state income tax. The social security tax was around 1% but you didn't have to pay it if you worked part time. I can't help but think it was better in those days than it is now.

  3. i think education is good ,busines and money are important. at the same time this video is humorous from the starting..funny … the problem is people easily take other views..the makers of this video need to do more videos… nice thinking , screenplay, dialogues..please send this link to john stossel…. he gonna love this tremendously…

  4. What a scary video. Do you really think the "gov" ernment seduces you into taking out loans? Not everyone needs a college education to make money, lead a fulfilling life and work. How about a basic finance course in High School so you can make intelligent life decisions.

  5. I've heard there are some pretty good on-line colleges these days.

    If the leftist want to give away free college educations, why not convert all the NSA data centers into 'free' college education websites?

    In a few more years, the massive NSA Utah Data Center will be obsolete* and that site could provide education server service for the USA, Mexico and Canada..
    *(Once the NSA is ordered not to spy on the whole population).

    I've heard, that people attending Harvard night courses do a lot of their work online..

    Just think of all the kids that wouldn't get drunk and fall off dorm roofs every year!!
    Let the youngsters get educated at home on the PC.. How far can you fall in your basement?

    To make it more like UMass, just buy the kid one of those Beer Hats and some Coronas
    Or keep a keg next to the PC (College Education Work Station)..
    Don't need no fancy waterpark at college, get the kid a Slip-n-slide, set it up in the backyard. 😉 I'm talking summer college! So you can make some bucks in the winter doing snow removal..

    Smart kids could get a 4 year degree in 1 year.. (Who wants all that basement Radon in your lungs)?

    Think of all the energy we would save! No need to heat a million campus buildings to 89deg F anymore! No more heating swimming pools! We could reduce the carbon footprint of the USA by 27% ! We could stop global warming! No more cars jamming up Boston every winter!

    Going to classes should be reserved for those who want to gain skills using their hands, like how-to use power tools, lathes, milling machines, or repair a car engine , HDTV, bicycle, or perform a tooth extraction..

    Sitting around in basket weaving classes is just adding to the carbon footprint..
    Which can only end with a disastrous polar vortex that wipes out all wildlife (Ladies, I'm talking about all the cute little baby rabbits)..

    We are living in the feakin Computer Age! Let's put this nerd gear to work!

  6. Seems like a good show. Though too bad they throw in some of the more ridiculous libertarian stances, like mocking the view that Iran is a terrorist state that shouldn't be helped under the current regime. When he says he wants to make the world a better place aside from Iran, basically the liberty loving anti-government libertarians say that they fully trust Obama's big government funding Iran to make it a better place, and dislike the evil republicans who believe that the US should not sponsor Islamic Jihad. It's one line, but it ruins it and it males the libertarians seem like Obamabot statists.

  7. How right Ronald Reagan was when he was quoted saying this:
    The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, I'm from the government and I'm here to help"

    Make more of these videos please!

  8. This is great! Hope you get a huge audience…I see you've already reached & educated nearly 700K… When I was in my 20s I remember 'grokking' this truth: You're a Democrat…until you have 3 kids and a mortgage! One obstacle: people hate to be told they're wrong; pity, 'cause that means they're unwilling to be educated. You have the power to change that. Good luck.

  9. I learned about this series by watching John Stossel… It is quite funny & accurate… So glad im not in any debt. I am educated to work on cars & computers and it still difficult to find a job that lasts that will allow me to buy a house & retire someday in this economy.

  10. Love it!! So many productive, fertile years us Westerners waste in the education racket. I can't wait for that bubble to burst and liberate millions of young people from its clutches.

  11. Awesome this is out there. From a production standpoint, this is well produced, witty and obviously, straight dead on. Kudos! Do I need to remind anyone-the government is never, ever your friend.

  12. Yes let's encourage people to drop out of college (with degree holders making an average of $1 million more over their lifetime than non-degree holders, not to mention the benefits of being an educated member of society) to instead focus on their ETSY account… Real good stuff here.

  13. the gov doesn't hate weed, it is suppose to reflect and enact the wishes of the american people, but what people fail to realize is that the government is made of mostly 2 parties, democrats and republicans

    democrats – protect the american people from harm, abuse, being taken advantage of, and protect their rights as americans, and as humans

    republican party – use religion, fears and hate for the youth to control or lead the older americans to protect a select group of special interest groups, tabacco, alcohol, for profit hospitals, corporations, the wealthy, and other groups who just want to make a profit at any cost, or literally hurt, destroy or keep down the majority of americans

    this is american politics 101 you can learn all this watching 30 minutes of political news, or one debate

  14. course the democrats are weak, turn out for elections is low ( this is in tune with their core values, freedom of choice, liberties)

    while the republicans are violently passionate for lack of a better term, to the point of the spychotic, you would be beaten like a dog or kicked out of your home if you don't vote republican once you turn voting age, unless they drill hate for democrats and their ideals from the moment you are born,

    some may say what im saying is too extreme to be real,

    world war 2 happened, the dark ages happened, 9/11 happened, school shootings continue to happen, nothing is too extreme, and i will not lie, i will tell you the truth no matter what it is, that is my moral obligation.

    anyways: the republican party has mostly billionaires and select special interests, some are good, some are bad, the ones in the republican party are bad, know your facts.

    point is, democrats are honest, they know we deserve honesty and good leaders,

    republicans don't give a fuck about anyone but literally themselves, and their bottom-line

  15. so good, lol. To everyone out there drowning in debt, you can't turn back time but it IS possible to pay it off. My wife and I paid off $71k and are now debt free and never going back. Love him or hate him we did it with Dave Ramsey's info from Total Money Makeover book. Took a long time and a lot of sacrifice but well worth it, there's hope, don't give up! (and don't borrow any more)

  16. Thanks for making this series, guys! I can really relate to it! Gov is such a cutie! I'm definitely voting for someone like him this presidential season. 🙂

  17. Many people fear change and will immediately claim a this system cannot work. Yet if you look at our current system it has been not working for a long time aka the always rising debt. I think we should change our global focus to rising the standard of living for every human living now and who will be born into this world. Think of how much crime and how many wars we could stop if everyone had clean water food and shelter. We are totally capable of creating that. We need to stop the greed. Allowing individuals to have access to more resources because they have more wealth. We teach our children to share, why are adults different? I understand you worked hard to gain such wealth. But no one person understands how everything works that keeps our society running smoothly. And if we took the power cooperations have and used it for the greater good of everyone (instead of the greater good of a few) we all would have a better quality of life. It is being said technology will take over many of the jobs we have now. the real question is do we want a few benefiting off that? or would we rather the entire human race benefit from such events? We could all live our lives as we please (sure some will waste the best time in human history as there are plenty doing so now. but others won't be held back by money and will be motivated by the feeling of accomplishment. I believe with technology working for everyone and a little community service from everyone we could keep society running for everyone. I know I live in a pipe dream. but before you can live beyond your wildest dreams you must dream them first.

  18. Wait until college is "free", the cost will skyrocket. Colleges will say they need higher tuition to cover the extra faculty, bigger classrooms, more staff etc etc etc. Gov will pay up.

  19. This series is great. Yes the arguments are simple, but that is exactly the way to start a discussion. I only hope it gets people to start thinking for themselves and not just argue with those of a different opinion. If you want that, just watch TV.

  20. Education for education's sake is a fine thing: which is why for most people a library card and an Internet connection are both way more useful than an expensive degree. If you're wondering whether or not to go to college, simply ask yourself what is you want to do with your life. If you're not sure, don't go to college. If you are sure, ask yourself if a degree is really necessary for you to succeed in that field. If the answer is no, then don't go.

  21. This should be required viewing for all the Clinton and Sanders shills who think we can improve America by "investing" our money.

  22. There's nothing more important than your education…except maybe corn farmers hahahahhahahahaha
    I was just explaining to a coworker why all candidates fall in love with corn right before they head to Iowa.

  23. This is propaganda.

    Kid in first scene "homeschooled" is an idiot. Wow if only they saw most of my teachers in school who worked for $$$.

  24. Folly given the fact jobs are ever harder to find without a degree: college is the new high school. Subsidies are stupid yes, but we should definitely make college affordable for all and govt. is the only way to do that

  25. "You are going to have a lifetime to pay off debt. A lifetime".

    So true. Your lifetime and the next generation of tax payer's lifetime.

  26. Uh, this is pretty bad… As in completely contrived and forced… Although I liked the homeschool jokes near the top!

  27. She could also:

    Start going for an art major, which would be useful to her since she has already kickstarted her career in art. This would allow her to get better and continue her business and she could use a portion of the profit she gets from her presumably successful business to pay off her debt. Problem fucking solved.

    Edit: Also, that kid should be wearing a helmet, just to be safe. It’s called precautions.

  28. becuz if your in debt and you cant aford to pay your monthly debt the bank will take EVRYTHING!!!!! FROM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. This is laughable. The "Gov" doesn't make anyone go to collage or get a loan. This is just to make people who made a poor decision feel better about themselves. The big problem with society now is there is no personal responsibility.

  30. I think you have the idea but it was WOMEN who wanted the free STUFF and help. So perhaps it should be the lady spying on the "Gov" not the other way around.

  31. This is excellent. It is so true what has been going on with American youth and perpetrated by university power brokers and those who love to imply that debt and defaulting on it are no big deal, maybe even a "right" when it comes to formal education. This is going on all over America and other nations. I am a former professor and stay in the education world all the time in my work. Teens and those in their 20s are taught and forced into the myth that formal education and student loans (i.e., taking their neighbors' tax dollars via force of government, and doing it through the government college loan system that is far less accountable and more foolish than private lenders) are the necessary ticket to social and financial success far more than are real work and the pay-as-you go mentality (i.e., not being a borrower who is the slave to the lender). Furthermore, read Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt and you will see exactly the logical fallacies foisted upon and accepted by so many unwary American young folks (and others):

  32. I never trusted that man from the moment i saw him
    And i have to say, i think the woman was pretty stupid to follow and listen to him for even that long,
    I woulda left after he said that stupid thing about edgucation.

  33. But it’s republican point of views that view big government as bad, so why is she named Libby, I know it’s more artsy but her belief is kind of the opposite of liberal beliefs rn. I’ve only watched the first episode but still think she should be named ruby or something with an R if her name is supposedly a nod to her “liberal” stand point

  34. Make the banks that hold all these loans release them.. this will stimulate the economy by freeing up a trillion dollars in student debt.. these people will in turn buy products.. cars homes furniture And paying taxes on all that stuff.. the economy will thrive with the infusion of money and taxes… Didn't see much trickle-down effect from Trump's 1.5 trillion dollar tax stimulus package to Wall Street and Banks..

  35. I'm confused; what is the focus of this piece, including but not limited to the following videos?

    Is it that, debt is less important than education; or vice versa?

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